FIFA has long been the most popular football game for PlayStation and Xbox, if not one of the most popular games ever. It invokes a fierce sense of competition among us, regardless if we’re playing against siblings, partners or strangers online – there’s a high possibility of smashing your controller through your recently purchased flat screen.

So how do you enjoy the benefits of FIFA while keeping your beloved television safe? You play it on mobile of course. FIFA 19 latest version for Android is surprisingly chock-full of features and gameplay has dramatically been improved upon over the years.

So if you’re looking to fill up your commute time with a bit of one-two and some dirty slide tackles, downloading FIFA 19 APK for Android has got you covered. We not only provide the APKs, but we also provide the most comprehensive reviews. So read on to discover the features FIFA for mobile has to offer.

FIFA 19 features

Real-time PVP

This feature lets you play football in real-time with other aggressive hooligans around the globe. It was a long-anticipated feature and it’s finally here. You can even work on your skills with an A.I trainer.

Build a team

Chemistry allows you to finally build the ultimate team of all-star players for your starting 11. Make sure you tweak tactics before games and bulk up your roster with a wide selection of players from 550 real teams. Just don’t forget, it will take brainpower and a bit of wit to create the ultimate team.

Thrilling matches

Attack Mode lets you dominate the leaderboards and kick your game into high gear in 90-second matches. Earn rewards and put them towards developing your team even further.

Minor downsides

We always try to be fair and comprehensive in our reviews, and no game is without its flaws. One minor drawback is its data consumption. Even if you’re not playing online, FIFA for Android will require data at all times, so make sure you’re connected to WiFi or have unlimited data on your device to avoid being charged.

There is also the issue of in-game ads popping up from time to time, but considering it’s free, this is to be expected. Developers need to make their money somehow. The game in its entirety is free, but the option for in-app purchases can enhance gameplay, letting you access features quicker. We found that it’s not necessary to enjoy the game, however.

The bottom line

Somehow FIFA has managed to jam a tonne of features into a mobile game by simplifying certain areas that could be allowed. EA Sports have a habit of improving their games year after year, so expect considerable updates to the mobile version of this game as time goes on. At the end of the day, if you enjoy FIFA on any other console, you’ll likely love taking it with you on the go with FIFA 19 latest version for Android. Go ahead and click download and make good use of your precious procrastination time by attempting to out balls in nets against virtual keepers. It beats going outside.