Fake GPS does what it says on the tin. It allows you to change your location on your GPS  – not just on the map, but in the brains of your apps too. This is a great way to unlock features or apps that are country specific.

You can also play pranks on your friends by sharing your fake location with them and making them go and meet you places where you’re not present. Kind of cruel, but it’s also pretty funny.

Download the latest version of Fake GPS now to experience all of its uses. You can configure this app into your OS so that apps will think you’re somewhere you’re not. Android actually allows you to do this (surprisingly), so that you can use apps without restrictions.

It must be noted that fake GPS is not a VPN, although it does work somewhat similar to one. It doesn’t encrypt your data, however, so don’t assume that you can browse securely when you’re using it.

Best Features of Fake GPS apk – latest version

FOOL YOUR PHONE: You can choose to be wherever you want in the world. Your location will appear here – although it’s important that you turn off WiFi if you really want to keep up the act, otherwise it will track your location and relay this to any apps you use, blowing your cover in the process.

FOOL YOUR APPS: You’re here, you’re there. You’re anywhere you want to be, so long as it unlocks all the best features of a particular app. A good example is Netflix. You can set your GPS to the US to get access to their substantially higher quality Netflix library.

FOOL YOUR FRIENDS: Live share you location from the Amazon while you’re actually sat on your sofa. Or share it to their front door so they come to let you in… while you’re actually sat on your sofa. Or use it to get them to meet you in a cafe in town, while you’re actually… you get the picture.

Download the Latest Version of Fake GPS Now, Free

As you might have imagined, this great free app isn’t on the Google Play Store (that seems to be a common trend with the most fun apps for Android!). That being said, Google isn’t all rigid and rules-based. They tend to leave the back door ajar. In this case, you can simply go to Settings, then go to Security, then check “Allow Unknown Sources.”

This allows you to install apps that don’t appear on the Play Store, for whatever reason. Once you’ve got the app on your device, you can go back into the Settings to set it as your default fake GPS (yes, that’s actually a thing in the Settings).

This is what really makes Android stand apart from iOS (minus the cheaper products), they allow you a lot more freedom when it comes to playing around with the phone you just paid for, whereas iOS devices like iPhones force you to use their closed software. That being said, this benefit of Android also makes it less secure, so be careful out there!