Join BK the racoon and his trusted hole. Yes, hole not mole (that’s no typing error). BK is a racoon that for some reason wants to use his hole to swallow up anything he can set his sight on. Some say he’s indexing anything that fits down his hole into a book titled “Things that go down holes”. We don’t know to be quite honest, this was just some speculation. The only way to find out why a racoon would do such a ridiculous thing is to play the game and try to figure it out yourself.


The player steps into the shoes of BK the racoon (or the hole, I’m still confused about this) who don’t give a flying trash can what the idiotic humans have to say about him. BK wants to swallow up anything and everything with his hole. Run around town and move the hole to claim things that don’t belong to you. Some things will try to avoid the dreaded hole, but nothing can avoid the hole forever! Run around Los Angeles shifting the hole to create chaos.

Not everything that goes into the hole stays there, sometimes you need to use collected items to solve puzzles in order to swallow more things. Did I mention every time you suck something into the hole, the hole gets bigger. Again, I have no idea how to explain this in a logical manner. This is a video game and video games that have an irrational story and lack of logic have proven to be some of the most fun to play.

All of the items in the game can be consumed by the hole. In the later stages of the game, you can use a catapult to shoot certain trash objects in order to complete puzzles.

What makes Donut County fun?

The storyline is one of the game’s aspects that keep you playing. The sheer ridiculousness of the story keeps the players entertained and hooked. Being an all-powerful hole is something that contributes to the player’s interest in the game. As human beings we, for some unknown reason, love destroying stuff. The fact that you’re in control of a giant hole, that doesn’t even allow buildings to smirk at it, is an empowering feeling. If you’re one for puzzle games, Donut County is exactly that with a bit senseless fun as an added extra.

Wrap up

Donut County is something more than your conventional puzzle game. The far-fetched, entertaining story is truly creative and unseen in this game genre. Controlling the hole and sucking in anything that can fit, makes the game very fun and acts as somewhat of a mental break between puzzles. The game is great for relaxing on those lazy days. It’s a shame that the game isn’t free. It’ll cost you $4.99 on play store (I guess we can’t have everything we want for free). But hey, how much fun can you have with five bucks elsewhere? Download Donut County latest version and become one of the most powerful beings in the world. A hole in the ground.