The downsides of a slow mobile phone might not seem like much at first, but what if you need to call 911 and the phone is stuck on the lock screen. Is it still just a minor inconvenience or has it suddenly become a bit more important? We all reach that point where we feel like our phones have passed their point of usefulness. We tend to think our mobile devices become slow as a result of age. Instead, these problems can be fixed by a good cleaning application like this one. Clean Master specializes in speeding up your mobile device and has some extra useful features that assist with device maintenance.

What is this Clean Master I speak of?

Clean Master is an application that assists users with mobile device maintenance. The application has a variety of features that do multiple things. These features help users with things like viruses and game optimization.

Speeding up your device & protecting files

The app will ask for your permission to access certain files like cache files, text message files and call logs. the app will only access them after you have granted it permission. The app finds unnecessary files that take up space on your device and removes them. It’s also able to remove messages that it identifies as junk. These files stack up over time without us noticing it. The app keeps your device clean and up to speed in these aspects.

With the photo- and app lock you can set a pin on certain sensitive applications and photos that you don’t want other people to see. The application will make sure only users that have the pin can access these files and applications adding value to your personal privacy.

Antivirus & game optimization

The application has an added antivirus feature that has stacked up some great reviews on Google Play. Protection against unsafe wifi networks is just another great extra that can be found in the application. Malware and security threats have become an increasingly large issue today. Not all wifi networks are as secure as we would like to think. Some dishonourable people set up wifi connections in order to attract innocent victims that are just looking for free internet connection.

When connected the users’ personal information on their device can come under attack. Users are also becoming more likely to install applications from unwanted sources. These applications are sometimes the vessels of dangerous viruses. Clean Master has you covered when it comes to the problems.

The application has added a feature to cater for the increasingly large number of mobile gamers we encounter today. since some popular games like PUBG have arrived on mobile, more and more gamers turn to this platform for casual fun when away from their consoles and PCs. What the app does is it allocates more RAM and data from other applications that run in the background to make the processing time faster on the one your playing. This makes gameplay faster and smoother.

 Download the latest version above

Just by clicking the green download button you will be able to enjoy the above-mentioned features and feel more at ease when it comes to your mobile device’s security and performance.