Looking for a date? Want to build a relationship, or go in for a cheeky hookup? Or do you want to find friends in a new city? Or maybe you’re looking to do a bit of professional networking? If any of the above appeals to you then you should consider downloading the latest version of Bumble apk for Android.

The Bumble dating app was founded by former Tinder staff and has since become a sensation with it’s “women make the first move strategy.” More than 30 million people have now downloaded the app and the number is increasing by the day.

Why download Bumble apk?

Bumble’s interface is similar to that of Tinder – you still have the basic premise of Tinder where you swipe left or right to indicate whether you like or dislike someone. If you both like each other, then you’ll match and then you can begin talking to each other – but wait, on Bumble, the woman is the only one who can send the first message. She has 24 hours to do so, otherwise, the match will disappear forever. This means that when it works, it works and you can guarantee a much better result than you would get from other dating apps that just throw people together and let them send a message to each other six months later.

Your profile on Bumble is also similar to that of Tinder. You get a few photos and a brief bio where you can introduce yourself, and that’s where you can sell yourself to your audience.

Making a good Bumble profile

It’s important to get this right because people will make their decisions based on this. For example, make sure that all your pictures are attractive but honest, and make sure you’re smiling (bonus if you have a dog or equally fluffy animal). People will judge you based on your least attractive photo, not your most attractive one, so keep that in mind when uploading them. Also, keep the group photo to a single entry – this shows you’ve got the social skills to make at least a few friends.

Now for the bio: don’t try too hard to be funny – people that try to be funny and fail are terrible. Keep it positive too, don’t just list things that you don’t like or you’ll sound negative and bitter. Highlight some things that you do, but don’t highlight too many ‘interests’ otherwise, you’ll come across as lame – keep it to things you actually do. Also, food isn’t an interest, it’s something that we all need to survive, so don’t mention that you like food… so does every other living thing on this planet.

Download the latest version of Bumble APK

If you’re sold on using Bumble to meet dates, friends and professional connections, then download the latest version of Bumble apk now for free. Simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store to get it for free. Once you’ve opened the app you can get into the action meeting new people in your city. Enjoy!