most of us strive not to become that old drunken man that spends his days in the pub, drinking and playing pool. Hopefully, none of you reading this aren’t aspiring to become alcoholics and dedicated barflies. This application brings us the great game of pool also known as billiards. Now, the game is in the palm of your hand and no longer in the Devil’s corner where players are tempted and poisoned by a damaging substance. Stay out of the bars and play Billiards City on your mobile device.

What is Billiards?

The game’s rules are fairly easy to remember but hard to play in real life. This is another great aspect of the game. It’s much less effort to move your finger instead of a wooden stick. The normal rules are as follows: The players choose who start the game, doing something like a coin flip. The player who starts the game will break the triangular packed balls. There are sixteen balls in total that the players use to play the game. One ball is white and is used to shoot the other balls into the pockets of the table with the cue (the stick). After breaking the triangle of balls and sending them in all directions with one shot, the players must take turns and try to sink a ball.

Once the first ball is sunk the players will know what to aim for. The first ball that is sunk will determine the player’s designated half of the balls. This can either be solids (the balls that are one solid colour) or stripes (the white balls with one large colour stripe). Through the rest of the game the players must sink all of their balls and when none are left on the table, they are allowed to try and sink the black 8-ball. If the black ball is sunk by a player before they have cleared the table of all their balls, they automatically lose the match.

Why use the mobile game?

Like mentioned above, the game is better for your health because it keeps you out of bars. The game also requires very little skill. This makes people who lack hand-eye coordination feel better about themselves. Besides from being a deterrent to alcohol craving and a confidence booster, the game is actually fun. When controlling the cue a white line will be drawn on where the white ball will hit the other one and what direction that ball will take afterwards.

The game sadly has no multiplayer, so you can’t challenge other healthy talentless players or friends. However, the AI in the game is programmed to not take any of your shit. If you think the game is too easy, just push up the difficulty and you’ll be greeted with some frustration. The AI in the game is really good on a harder difficulty. Did I mention the game is free on Android? Save even more money this way. The game along with accompanying drinks stack up a hefty bill at the end of a long night.

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