There are tonnes of ways to spruce up photos and make them more lively, but only one way to make yourself look more beautiful than you truly are. Beauty editing apps. These are designed to take your boring old face and brighten up those selfies into Insta-worthy nuggets of gold. In particular, BeautyPlus latest version lets you make use of filters, stickers and many other facial reshaping features to make yourself stand out from the slew of bog-standard selfies out there.

There are, of course, an equal amount of selfie apps out there, all designed to make you more confident in uploading photos of your noggin’. But, there may be a few reasons for you to choose BeautyPlus over the rest. Let’s look at some of the features that make it great.


Editing tools

With a bunch of tools to edit your face including skin smoothing, facial reshaping, hair color, eye enlarging and more, you can essentially create someone that looks somewhat like you but could be easily mistaken for your more attractive younger sibling. So whether you’re having a bad hair day or you’re experiencing another bout of teenage acne, BeautyPlus has you covered. You’ll be red carpet ready in no time.


Filters are all the rage now, with Instagram blasting them into popularity. Rather than aiding your efforts to look better, filters help the photo itself look better overall, setting the tone and feeling that you want to convey. Go vintage with a retro filter or opt for more vibrancy causing colors to pop out from the screen. You can also increase the brightness and mess with shadows for the ultimate exposure and level of detailing across your best images.

Share it

Nobody takes selfies without the intention of sharing it with the world. BeautyPlus latest version has sharing options built in to let you easily share your best selfies across multiple social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Sharing is caring folks.

Live edits

This function allows you to see how your photo will look before you even take it, with real-time effects taking place while the camera is open.  This saves a lot of time having to take pics and delete them when you’re not happy with them, and the integration of this feature makes a whole lot of sense.

Is it worth it?

Look, there truly is a silly amount of selfie apps out there on the market, each with their own unique selling points. So how does BeautyPlus fare against the rest? Well, the app certainly comes with a vast array of features, but we’re inclined to say considering it has a 3.5 star rating on Google Play, it’s average at best. But bear in mind this rating comes from a whopping 300 million monthly users, which is a testament in itself.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth downloading, however. It just means you shouldn’t expect too much from it as far as beautification apps go. But then again, who does? Happy snapping folks!