When it comes to photo editing apps, there is an endless choice. So many in fact that we often end up downloading and deleting several before we find the right one. It’s all about finding an app that suits our needs. That need might be a simple function like adding text, cool filters or erasing the background from an image. If it’s the latter, there’s only one app you need to consider – Background Eraser latest version for Android.

You don’t need to invest in Photoshop or other advanced software to perform a simple task like this. Android app technology is developing exponentially and this can now be done form your device with a few simple clicks. Because there isn’t a long list of features associated with Background Eraser (it literally just erases backgrounds), we’re going to instead show you some ways you can use the app for maximum benefit.

How to use Background Eraser

Crop your head

It’s never been easier to remove your head from the equation and stick it onto another image. For example, we strongly advise rather than hitting the gym for that summer bod, simply find a suitable image of a fitness model, cut out your head and superimpose it on top of your dream physique.

Remove your ex

When you’ve taken one of your best photos to date, it’s not ok for an ex to spoil it by being in the equation. The relationship is over, and you look too damn good to let the photo go to waste. Consider them part of the background and use this app to remove them, then superimpose yourself on a beach in Honolulu with a young coconut in hand.

Climb Everest

This goes without saying that one shouldn’t blindly follow Sherpas on a life-threatening journey to the world’s highest peak. Simply cut and paste yourself onto a stock image of Everest from Google and await the applause from your most gullible friends.

Nicholas Cage

Whoever told you the Nicholas Cage meme is dead is a negative swine. The mans face is eternal, and Background Eraser latest version lets you place his face on anything you please.

Is it worthwhile?

It is, in fact, the best app for removing backgrounds that we’ve seen. When developers take the time to focus on one function of an app, we expect the results to be promising. And Background Eraser delivers on its promise. Whether you’re making your wildest dreams come true or creating simple logos using a transparent background, this will be your app of choice.

Background Eraser does have a few neat features that make erasing backgrounds a breeze. The position of the eraser sits about 1cm above your actual finger, so your view isn’t obstructed, allowing for a super accurate cut. You can also use the snap feature, which works similar to the lasso tool on Photoshop and automatically snaps to the edges of the image you want to remove/erase.

Go ahead and download Background Eraser apk right now and get to work! Endless photoshopping possibilities await you.