If you’re looking for a way to get around online censorship, then Ultrasurf APK for Android is the ultimate free VPN solution for you. The app is one of the most popular forms of bypassing censorship online and is used by millions of people around the world, with particular high usage in China and Iran.

Ultrasurf was made by former Silicon Valley tech wizzes with the specific purpose of helping Chinese internet users bypass government-imposed censorship of popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter. The service has since gained popularity around the world as a way to hide users IP addresses and have a more open and free internet. Recently, so many new users from Iran began using the service that it crashed the servers!

Why Use a VPN?

In today’s age, it’s becoming increasingly popular for governments and internet service providers (ISPs) to monitor our online behaviour and block us from accessing certain websites. This often takes the form of news and social media websites being blocked, which causes issues for activists, journalists, and everyday internet users. In order to get around this repressive behaviour, users often install a VPN onto their device which masks their true IP address and makes their ISP think that they’re in a different country. This means that they can access content from around the world and no one online will ever be able to figure out their true identity.

VPNs can also encrypt your data while it’s being sent from one device to another, which means that even if someone managed to intercept your messages or your online activity, they wouldn’t be able to read it or see who it was coming from. This ups your privacy and security to a whole new level and ensures that you’re secure on any WiFi network, even public ones.

What’s more, a good VPN doesn’t even slow down your traffic much – inevitably it will slow it down a little because it’s rerouting all your data through the VPN server, but ideally, this slowing down won’t be noticeable.

Is Ultrasurf Good?

Considering what a VPN is meant to do, the fact that Ultrasurf APK is free is actually quite surprising. The proxy service works in much the same way as a VPN and offers very fast speeds as well as masks your IP address – and it does it all without making you spend a penny.

The software isn’t exactly the same as a ‘proper’ VPN – it’s free, which obviously begs the question: how is the company making its money? That being said, whereas many other free VPNs are based in countries like China where VPNs have to be approved by the state, and many of them don’t have any public information about their parent companies, Ultrasurf is actually pretty transparent in comparison. The company is based in the US and while it doesn’t allow third parties to look into its business much, it doesn’t seem to be up to anything shady.

The company does log your information, meaning it could in theory hand your online activity and your identity over to the authorities – although there don’t seem to have been any noticeable cases of this happening. Having said that, if you’re looking for a solid VPN that you can guarantee will protect your privacy no matter what the odds, then Ultrasurf isn’t the one to choose – you’d be better off going with one of the paid services that won’t store any of your information.

If you’re just looking for a free and effective way to circumvent online censorship and mask your IP address from trackers, then Ultrasurf APK is one of the best options currently available. It acts as a proxy and will make sure that online trackers can’t use your browsing history and information against you.

Best Features of Ultrasurf VPN for Android

Now that you know a bit more about Ultrasurf VPN for Android, let’s take a closer look at some of its best features and see if it lives up to its reputation under the hood.


The latest version of Ultrasurf APK allows you to get around censorship online by using a proxy server to reroute your internet traffic through. This means that you have free and open access to the internet wherever you are in the world. This is particularly useful for people living in countries like China and Iran where the government routinely blocks access to social media, news, and other websites considered threatening to the state. Having an open internet is increasingly considered a fundamental human right by activist groups and international organisations alike and Android apps like Ultrasurf VPN are leading the fight in making this a reality.


Ultrasurf VPN for Android will also encrypt your data and messages so that you can guarantee a secure line regardless of whether you’re using a vulnerable public WiFi network or your home internet connection. This is a great way to secure yourself against hackers and data thieves.


While most other free VPNs reduce your connection speed dramatically, Ultrasurf VPN for Android makes no noticeable difference. This is a very strong plus point of the company that makes it stand out from the alternatives and become a truly worthwhile free VPN service to use.

Areas for Improvement

The VPN could easily be improved by the company not storing your data. They use your data to check the functionality of the service and make improvements, although they have been criticized in the past for potentially hanging it over to government agencies without any fuss.

One more area for improvement is that the VPN blocks access to certain sites, even though the foundation of the service is to do the total opposite. This is mainly with regard to adult sites, although in principle a VPN shouldn’t block access to anything.

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Download Ultrasurf VPN for Android Free

To unlock your internet and have a more private and secure browsing session, simply press the download button at the top of this page. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install it for free.