With the advent of Instagram, there are tons of camera apps that provide editing features and present filters to make your shots look better than they actually are. But how do you know which is the best to choose? To be frank, many of these apse specific, with filters that are based around the tastes of different user groups. For example, some apps focus on a more vintage style, while others opt for bright and modern filters. Many of them can help you photoshop your pictures, while others do this but specifically for selfies.

Download Ulike Camera App for Android Free

Ulike is one of the latter. Its features are geared towards making selfies appear as great as they possibly can by providing beautification features and face editing tools. This makes the app great for those taking selfies when they have acne, or other unwanted facial stuff.

It’s worth pointing out that these apps are great for editing some temporary facial features and bringing out more colour and vigor in your shots, and they’re also great for a bit of fun, or for experimenting with different styles (hair colour, etc), but it’s got to be said that if you’re relying on this app for your self confidence, then that’s a bad move. Ultimately, how you look is how you look, and that can be improved in the real world, not just through a camera. If you’re concerned about the shape of your face or some other facial feature, then you’d be better off resolving that in real time rather than trying to fool everyone with a beautified photo.

That being said, these apps have their place, and if you want to learn more about the Ulike app, including why it’s good, its features and how to download it, then read on.

What is Ulike?

Ulike is a selfie camera app that has many beautification tools. Using this app you can make your photos appear to be much more vibrant and you can even modify your face to make it more appealing to you before posting your selfies on social media. The app is very popular with Instagram users, as the Instagram app only allows you to make minor edits to a photo’s overall appearance, while Ulike allows you to make detailed modifications as well as macro-edits.

The app features several preset filters including trendy, indie, artsy, retro and more. With these filters you can make your photos look way more unique seeing as they differ from the usual preset filters on other camera and photo apps. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd on social media and get some more attention your way.

The app features some unique abilities such as being able to edit photos right after you’ve shot them, thus saving you from having to go back and do post-editing afterwards. This makes it quick and easy to get the best photos on the go when you really need them.

Best Features of Ulike Camera App for Android

There are a few criteria that users tend to expect when downloading a camera beautification app – these include the range of filters and editing tools, the ease of use, the ease of sharing to social media sites and the ability to make the photos fun with stickers and emojis. Let’s have a closer look at Ulike and see how it stands up against the rest in these fields.

Editing Tools

To use the editing tools provided by Ulike is to have your photoshop studio in the palm of your hand. You can change the shape of your face, change your skin tone, the size of your eyes, the colour of your hair and make your skin look smoother and fresher. This is to name but a few of the features of the app – there are tons more that you can discover in Ulike so get to it now.

Present Filters

When comparing to other apps like VSCO or Instagram, the preset filters in Ulike might not be as comprehensive, but they make up for this by being unique and very well together. They look natural and bring your photos to life in a way that is rare to find on other apps in the market. Try them out alongside the editing tools and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can put together.

Ease of Use

Like we mentioned above, ease of use is a big factor in determining if a camera editing app is good or not. A thousand different editing tools don’t mean much if accessing them is a total pain in the ass. So, it’s always worth noting how the app is laid out and how easy it is to make your photos look better. With Ulike, things are simple, you can easily navigate the editing tools and filters and your shots are made to look great in no time.

Free to Use

Not only is the app free to use, but it contains no ads or in-app purchases.This is a refreshing break from apps like VSCO that only allow you to access a small amount of content before making you pay a premium. The absence of ads is another real plus for the app.

Great Results

Your social media accounts will come alive with the photos you edit on Ulike. If you’ve never tried it before then now’s the time to get involved!

How to Download Ulike for Android

To get this beauty photo editor app on your Android for free, simply press the download button at the top of this page to be taken to the Google Play Store where you just have to press “install” – the app will then be on your device.

Once it’s on your device, simply open it up, take your selfie and begin to experiment with the editing features and filters. Then, once your photos are done, export them to Facebook, Instagram, your camera roll, or wherever else you want them to go. We give this app top marks for its convenience and tools. Try it out for free today!