Hungry? The Uber Eats app has got you covered. Launched in 2014, this clever little app takes the same premise as its brother Uber, only it replaces you with a cheeseburger and has more potential for tipping. Wherever you are – at home, in the office, in a park – simply pick a restaurant, order your food, and have it delivered straight to you. No hassle, no hunger.

The food delivery program was launched in America and later found its way to more than 150 cities around the world in corners of the globe as far flung as Thailand, the UAE, Singapore, Belgium, the UK, and Brazil. Now anyone in these cities can go onto the app and have a magic owl (Uber driver) fly (drive) to their location with bundles of tasty food.

The idea is one that’s been catching on around the world in recent years, with companies like Deliveroo taking a similar approach. It was only a matter of time before one of the major ridesharing companies jumped on board with this idea – Uber has the advantage of having enough money to spread the operation around the world via it’s existing drivers.

Why use Uber Eats?

In short, it’s the lazy man’s way to get a decent bite to eat without having to remove your backside from your sofa (save for a brief interval when paying the driver). Whether you’re relaxing at home, sitting in the office at lunchtime, or sat on a bench overlooking a pond having just fed your lunch to a duck, Uber Eats will come to you.

The app’s set up is very easy-to-use and clearly outlines all the eating options in your area, separating those that are open from those that are closed. You can search for restaurants based on cuisine, or price bracket, or distance. Obviously, the further the distance, the more you’ll have to pay the driver when they arrive.

Restaurants are laid out on a map or in a list and you can browse through them to get an idea of what to eat. Pick a restaurant and the menu will appear, then you can browse through and choose your calories, once you’ve made a well-informed decision on whether to have a burrito or a panini, you can place your order. The fee will be charged to the debit/credit card that you have attached to the Uber account.

Once your order is processed you’ll be able to track the driver and the progress of your delivery. This is a great way to drool all over your phone while staring at a small blip on a map as it slowly makes its way towards the other blip that represents you. Try not to eat your own cat in anticipation.

Here are some common situations which would make you consider using Uber Eats:

Widespread rioting

Why risk your life walking to a local restaurant during times of civil disobedience when you can just pay someone else to do that for you? Uber Eats is the premier food delivery service during times of violent revolutionary uproar and societal breakdown.

Natural disasters

Earthquake? Flooding? You don’t want to get your shoes wet / die, so again, it’s better to pay an Uber Eats driver to deliver your food to you. Avoid starvation during natures bad days.


With today’s obesity epidemic, it’s increasingly likely that you’re fat and lazy. Reward yourself by having young athletic people bring you food.


Now that marijuana is legal in various US states and Canada, it’s likely that you’re reading this on your sofa stoned out of your mind, hungry and way too lazy to get up and look for something to eat.

Kitchen phobia

Suck at cooking? There are people who can do that for you, and now you don’t even have to pay the service charge in the restaurant! You just have to pay the driver…

Apart from Uber Eats, you can explore and download Zomato apk for Android to find out the best place to eat good food.

Best Features of Uber Eats

Now that we’ve covered some common situations in which you might consider using the Uber Eats app, let’s get under the hood and check out some of the more detailed features that make the thing tick.


You’re not going to struggle to use Uber Eats. It’s very user-friendly and if you do encounter any issues your hunger will propel you through them like a giant human slingshot. The interface is simply laid out with restaurants easy to navigate and menus prepped and waiting for you. In short, you’d have to be pretty dim to not figure it out.


Being able to get restaurant quality food without having to leave the house is a great plus – while tons of restaurants do delivery, often their drivers are busy and waiting times are long, plus their rates for delivery can ramp up pretty high. On top of this, a lot of places simply don’t do delivery. Now you don’t have to worry about any of that.


Uber Eats have ditched their original $4.99 per delivery, and instead taken a distance-based approach to delivery fees. Prices now range from around $2.00 – $8.00. This is a fair rate for the driver and for you.


Don’t worry about paying some exorbitant fee to get the app. It’s free to download and doesn’t take up much room on your device. Okay so it’s not like you’re going to get the food for free, but hey, you can’t complain about a free app, right?


With the app’s rising popularity, local restaurants are quickly realizing that they’re missing out on some solid business if they don’t use the service. This means that the choice of restaurants is generally massive.

Download Uber Eats free for Android

If you’re sold and hungry, then download Uber Eats free on Android now by pressing the download button at the top of this page. You’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to have some dude with a neckbeard deliver you food like a prince. Enjoy. Your life is now complete. You’re welcome.