From Donald Trump to Katy Perry, Cristiano Ronaldo to CNN News to YouTube to Justin Bieber to your nan… everyone is on Twitter nowadays (unless your nan is dead, in which case, we apologize and accept that she’s probably not on Twitter).

Twitter was born out of a wonderfully original idea – take social media; put it in a newsworthy interface, and restrict the number of characters people can write to no longer than the average Google meta description. These are called ‘tweets’ – they used to be restricted to 140 characters per post, although this has since been doubled to 280 characters.

The result? 355 million users, including most celebrities, and now even most politicians, “tweeting” their thoughts away, making news and sharing new ideas. Twitter was the biggest platform of news about the 2016 U.S. presidential election, with more than 40 million tweets about it shared by the end of election day.

Tweet Tweet

Twitter has been described as the SMS of the internet. The social media and messaging app is one that has created waves across the world and changed the landscape of how public figures interact with wider society.

The fact that so many politicians and companies have an active Twitter page is something that gives these people and institutions more of a chance to connect with the people they represent or want to reach. This gives people more access to see what these people are actually doing for them, and thus makes it that little bit easier for the public to hold them to account where necessary.

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but the fact that the first thing he does every morning is tweet to his 55 million followers is something that sets him apart from any previous president. No previous leader has appeared ranting on your social media feed every morning. Is that a good thing? That’s a matter up for debate…

Twitter is more aimed at sharing people’s thoughts, rather than photos of their kids and what they ate for lunch – although, you’re always going to have that one friend…

How to Make a Twitter Account

Sold? If you’re still reading then you’re either considering downloading the Twitter apk, or just really don’t want to get back to what you’re supposed to be doing right now. We’ll have you either way.

Once you’ve installed Twitter (you can download by following the link at the top of this article), you’ll have to make an account where Twitter will ask for your name and some personal details – the same as Facebook or any other social media site.

What differs with Twitter is that you won’t have to make a full ‘about me’ bio, upload tons of pictures or the rest of the things social media profiles usually require. With Twitter, you pretty much just need to make a username and set a profile pic. Simples.

Once you’ve finished your sign up for Twitter, you’ll need some followers. To do this, you can import some contacts from email to begin with. After this, the best way is to post decent content, engage with other users, retweet great content, and use hashtags (we’ll get to how hashtags caused the downfall of contemporary society). If you’re wondering how to get verified accounts to follow you on Twitter, then this is pretty much the recipe.

If you decide you hate the Twitter apk and want to know how to deactivate a Twitter account, then simply go to your settings and find the deactivate account button. This won’t delete your account – to do that you’ll have to go through some extra “are you sures”.

The Juicy Bits

So now you understand a bit about Twitter – we won’t beg you to download it, rather, we’ll just give you some of our favourite features and let you make your own mind up.

News and Politics

Twitter is often where news is broken these days. The amount of politicians, public figures and news outlets, as well as independent citizen reporters, active on the site makes it a formidable source of keeping up-to-date.

Keeping in Touch

As with any social media platform, Twitter provides a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family around the world.

Keep it Brief

No need to hear someone’s life story. Twitter keeps posts to under 280 characters – perfect for quick, sharp mind bullets firing around the web.

Follow Public Figures

Musicians, politicians, chefs, actors, organisations, news anchors and more. Most public figures now have a Twitter account.


Why would you want to pay for something that could potentially still force you to look at your friends lunch photography.

Ease of Use

Seriously, you have to be a neanderthal not to be able to figure Twitter out. Technophobes can rejoice for this one.

The Downsides

As usual at TOP1APK, we don’t just give you the pros – we also tell you what sucks most about every app we introduce. Twitter apk has its lovers, and it also has those who’d happily see it sucked into another dimension like Jodie Foster in Contact, only they’d prefer if it didn’t reenter a second later…

A lot of this has to do with #hashtags. This is a feature of Twitter that even the developers have voiced their disdain for.

Example: “Just had lunch with Jill at Macy’s. #lunch #Jill #Macy’s #bestlunch #fish #potato #everyotherbloodyingredient #saturday #bestpals #yougetthepicture…

Hashtags spread to every social networking site on the web, and we all still blame Twitter for unleashing them. Thanks, Twitter…

The Best Tweets of All Time

Out of more than 200 billion Tweets a year, some just stand out more than others: Here are some of the dumbest, funniest and most savage Tweets to have been shared.

@Cohen is Alive: The most cutting thing you can say to someone is “Who’s this clown” because it implies that they’re a) e a clown and b) not even one of the better-known clowns.

@Brent: *Shipwrecked diary* Day 1: Alone, doing well. Mentally sound. Met a crab. Day 2: I have married the crab. Day 3: I have eaten my wife.

@Ed Balls: Ed Balls.

@GuyEndore-Kaiser: If you live to be 100, you should make up some fake reason why, just to fuck with people… like claim you ate a pinecone every single day

@Andy.H: The Roomba vacuum cleaner just beat me to a piece of popcorn I dropped on the floor & this is how the war against the machines begins.

Wrapping Up

So, if you want to see more tweets like this, the U.S. president ranting about how people walk about him on TV, your friend’s psychopathic thoughts at 3am, and politicians sharing their own name because they have no idea how to use technology, then download Twitter apk now at the top of this article. Happy Tweeting.