Streaming With KissAnime – Everything You Need To Know

Is KissAnime safe? In fact, KissAnime is one of the top Anime streaming services available today, so we put together this guide to getting the most out of it.

kissanime website
A screenshot from kissanime website

I see you’ve stumbled upon this humble blog as you wander the laneways of the internet, searching for the best Anime streaming services. You have certainly come to the right place. At top1apk, we know Anime. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be covering all things Kiss including important questions like is KissAnime safe? Well don’t stop here weary traveler, read on.

What exactly is Anime?

We’re going in on this one just in case you’ve somehow been blissfully unaware of the magical world of Anime until now. After all, it’s a genre that is only gaining popularity recently due to the introduction of streaming services like Netflix and KissAnime.

Anime is a Japanese form of animation that for the most part are adaptations of Manga, a Japanese form of comic book. Anime, in general, can contain elements of fantasy, adventure, the supernatural, and sci-fi, from the mythical all the way to high school dramas. Anime was originally created as a way to boost sales for Manga and Manga related products. However, as it’s become its own genre and booming industry in its own right, some Anime shows do exist independent of any Manga series.

The link between Anime and Manga can seem peculiar for some, leading to confusion, particularly among western audiences. Because Manga runs for much longer and contains more details, this means Anime series are sometimes adapted and contain diverging storylines and no follow-up seasons.

Anime, in general, usually contains emotionally intelligent, diverse and extremely well thought out plots and storylines. There’s a real indulgence getting lost in a good Anime, and one can easily spend days chaining their favorite show before moving on to the next one. The community associated with Anime is unique and welcoming, transforming the movement into a culture with real-life meet up and dress up events known as Cosplay conventions.

So, now that you’re up to speed, let’s look at KissAnime, one of the best streaming services for Anime that we’ve come across.

Everything KissAnime

KissAnime is an online Anime streaming service that contains a huge catalog of all the latest releases in shows and movies. Their library is updated frequently and they have gained a huge fan base for their quality, consistency, and speed of upload so viewers never miss a beat.

You can stream your favorite Anime in HD for free using KissAnime. Easy navigation and sweet features make sure you never miss your favorite show. Discover Anime by lists including Latest Updated, New & Hot, Recent Additions, Most Popular or simply by searching. This is great for anyone who is waiting for new releases week to week. All new releases can be accessed from the homepage without having to trudge through the site.

There is, of course, a KissAnime real site, as well as a dedicated Android app.

KissAnime App

kissanime app
The Kissanime app has a pretty user-friendly interface

The dedicated Android app displays an equally as impressive amount of content as the online site that’s guaranteed to make you feel overwhelmed (in a good way). The app is free, and the interface is super easy to get along with. You will have to deal with some ads, however, it’s to be expected with any free streaming service.

Overall, we love the KissAnime app for its accessibility, ease of use and the metric ton of available shows for consumption.

Is KissAnime safe?

There were some questions raised a few years back around the validity and safeness of KissAnime as it was hijacked by phishers in an attempt to scam users. However, this has been resolved and KissAnime is safe and continues to be trusted by thousands of users worldwide. The worst thing that will happen to you while streaming from this awesome site is the accidental click on a stray ad.

Anime recommendations

No article is complete without some top class Anime recommendations for you to enjoy.

Tokyo Ghoul

This is a darker Anime that revolves around a young schoolboy named Kaneki who lives in modern Tokyo among humans and undercover ghouls that feast on human flesh to survive. In a rare twist of events, Kaneki becomes a unique hybrid between human and ghoul, giving him abilities beyond the realms of both states of being. The soundtrack animation and character development in this highly acclaimed Anime are guaranteed to blow your mind from start to finish.


A lesser known Anime, Parasyte is an exciting journey of a young man named Shinichi who falls victim to an alien parasite who enters his bosy through his hand. Shinichi manages to tie up his arm, severing the parasites access to his brain. This leads the parasite Migi to grow in his arm, forcing them to co-exist in the same body. The storyline and relationship development between Shinichi and Migi is as epic as it is heartwarming, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on a seemingly infinite emotional rollercoaster. Definitely worth a watch.

Kimi No Nawa

An endearing Japanese tale of love, the animated movie Kimi No Nawa takes place between Tokyo and rural Japan and took the world by storm after it’s release in 2016. Mitsuha and Taki start to experience the strange phenomenon of swapping bodies when they dream at night. When they start to realize what’s happening, they begin communicating by leaving notes for each other during the swap. Naturally, they fall in love, and Taki goes on a journey to try and meet Mitsuha but is met by a dramatic turn of events that deeply impact each other’s lives, weaving them into a fabric held together by fate and circumstance. With a 97 percent review on Rotten Tomatoes and 5 stars on many other forums, this is not one to miss.


As always, thanks for reading. If you haven’t downloaded the KissAnime app for your Android yet, cop the free APK by following the link and start streaming today. The app isn’t available on the Google Play store as of this moment. We hope we put your mind at ease regarding is KissAnime safe, and of course, enjoy the recommendations and escape in worlds filled with magic and adventure.