Ever asked: who viewed my Instagram profile? Well, read on to learn more about apps that claim you can, plus how else to see who interacts with you.

Ever wondered if there is a way to find out who has viewed your Instagram profile? There are lots of apps that claim to give you this information. The short trick: don’t download any of them. Instagram doesn’t give out this information under any circumstances, and they’ve got it on lockdown – it’s not an open source app so there’s no way to get around their block.

If any app or website claims that it can show you this information, then there are four options: It’s either spyware, adware, malware, or a combination of the three. So, to stay safe and keep your data and your Android secure, make sure that you don’t ever download a “See who viewed your profile on Instagram” app – it’s all bollocks, for lack of a better word (pardon my French).

That being said, there are a couple of ways that you can see who’s interested in your Instagram profile. Some of them are obvious, but some you might not have thought of. Whatever reason it is that you want to know this information (I’m assuming that you have a crush on someone and want to know if they’re interested in you, too), try these tips to get a better idea of who is looking at your Instagram.

Tip One: I Like You

You can assume that those who like you are those who care about you

The first one is simple – see who likes your photos. Not that it takes much explanation, but assuming you banged your head on the way out of bed this morning, simply go on your own profile, select a photo, and press “See All” to see everyone who liked said photo. You can also see in the notifications.

Tip Two: Cool Story, Bro

who-viewed-my profile-on-instagram
You can also assume that those who react to your stories are those who care about you

Another easy way to see who’s interested in your profile is to publish stories frequently. This way involves a little effort on your part – you’ll need to produce actual content (heaven forbid) and then post it in a story frequently on your profile. The story lasts 24 hours and you can view who’s seen it by viewing it yourself. This is a great way to check if people are consistently interested in what you post, although it doesn’t actually show you who has visited your profile.

Tip Three: Hey There…

see-who-view-your instagram-profile
Send people a message to find out

A more hands on approach – assuming you’re looking to see if a specific person is interested in you – is to message them. If they reply, then woohoo, if they don’t, then boohoo. If they see it and still don’t reply, too bad for you.

To put it bluntly, if you want to see if someone is interested in your profile, then a better solution is simply to engage in conversation with them and see if they reply. If they don’t then move on and find someone else to talk to. Life throws these obstacles at us sometimes, and so does Instagram by not letting us just see who visits us.

Make Your Profile One Worth Visiting

Make your profile looks cool

More than any other point, the best way to draw people to your Instagram profile is to simply make it a profile worth visiting. Well, simply might not be the right word. Making a profile that stands out from the rest can be tough, but it can also be rewarding, and once you’ve got enough followers, there’s even the chance to make some money out of it.

To make your profile more worth a visit, follow these tips:

Become an Instagram Curator

These are people who focus on a specific subject in their posts, for example, makeup, pottery, motorbikes, or gardening. This allows you to get an active target base that will grow as more people search for the content that you’re providing.

Share your expertise


This takes us to the second tip. Tag your photos. This is the main way that people will be directed to your content. If you have a profile about books, then tag them and people will be able to find you when you’re posting.

Post everyday

People don’t like dormant profiles, they’re pointless – plus, people like to have more followers than following… so they’re send you to the wind if you’re not worth their time.


Post regularly

Engage with followers

It shows them that you’re also interested in them, and makes people more likely to check out your content.

Be honest

Make your profile a reflection of you – no one likes a fake.

Tag in the comments

This is a neat little trick that stops the hashtags from dominating your picture. Write them out, then copy them, delete them, post the picture and then immediately paste the tags in a comment. They’ll still work as if you’d posted them on the picture itself. It’s important to do this straight away as Instagram ranks you photos based on when they were posted, not when the tags were posted. If you don’t want your post to be right down the bottom of the list, then post quickly!


Tag people

Tips for Making Great Stories on Instagram

Bear in mind all you who asked “who viewed my Instagram profile” because as mentioned before, stories are the best option you’ve got for this. But to get people to watch them, you’ll want to make them more interesting than a picture of your dinner. Here’s some tips.

  • Add stickers, emojis, location share, add the weather, and more. There are plenty of stickers for engaging with your audience, for example, you can make a poll and have users answer it.
  • Use Boomerang – this app is an extension of Instagram that allows you to make up to three-second videos on a continual loop – basically a GIF.
  • Tag other accounts and they might be inclined to return the favour later on down the line.
  • Use text, and text fonts to make a point that your audience will engage with.
Always post a good story

And, Finally…

Don’t forget to keep enjoying yourself and not just making content for the sake of satisfying other people who you’ve never met and who don’t care about you. Your Instagram should be a reflection of who you are, or it should be a creative project that gives you a reason to go out of your way to do something meaningful and fulfilling, something that you enjoy. Do your thing, and let others who appreciate it come to you.

So download Instagram right now for great experience.