What does Hulu have that Netflix doesn’t? Find out the difference between Hulu and Netflix in this full review and comparison. Then choose the right one for you.

If you’re living in the US (or Japan), then the decision whether to go for Netflix or Hulu is likely taking up more space in your brain than you want to spare for a TV streaming service. They’re both entertainment giants with massive catalogues of movies and TV shows and they’re both priced reasonably considering the amount of content they supply.

which is better: hulu or netflix
Hulu and Netflix, which is a better service?

If you’re wondering which one to get and which one is better, then you’re not alone. We wondered that too, so we’ve gone about compiling this comparison between the two. Unfortunately, Hulu is only only available in the US – as well as in  Japan, although this is a knock off version – so if you’re reading this elsewhere then the decision has already been made for you. Assuming you’re in the US or Japan, however, this article will help you make the ultimate entertainment decision by outlining the pros and cons of each streaming service, as well as the pricing, the selection of movies and series available on each, and the interface and special features hiding within.

Netflix vs Hulu: Content

The obvious place to start when comparing these two entertainment services is which one has more movies and series for you to watch. There’s no point spending your hard-earned cash on one of them, only to realize that it doesn’t have everything you want.

In a nutshell, Hulu is more aimed at Live TV and TV shows. The service is supported by major TV networks features a fully fledged Live TV account option for $39.99 / month. If you’re sick of the selection offered by cable, then this is a great all-round option that opens up the streaming library on top of daytime TV channels. Hulu does have a lot of movies, too, although it has to be said that their collection isn’t as up-to-date as you might desire.

Hulu comes with many sport channels
Hulu comes with many sport channels

Netflix has a massive library of TV series and movies, including critically acclaimed Netflix Original productions like Orange is the New Black, Lost in Space, and House of Cards, as well as top class original movies like Beast of No Nation and Annihilation. On top of this, it features tons of TV series from other production studios – including Game of Thrones, The Expanse, and Vikings. If you’re into binge-watching entire seasons of top class TV shows, then Netflix has the advantage, although, the service has pulled more than 2,000 movies from it’s library since 2010 and only has 31 of IMDb’s 250 top movies of all time in its collection. While this is a low amount, it’s still actually more than Hulu has of the same list. Furthermore, Netflix’s focus on moving towards being the king of TV shows means that their reduced focus on movies is made up for in the end.

Netflix has almost all the hottest TV shows and movies
Netflix has almost all the hottest TV shows and movies

If we had to choose a winner for the amount of content, then Netflix takes a clear win – although, Hulu’s Live TV option will be preferred by those looking for daytime TV over full series.

Hulu vs Netflix: Pricing

After the amount of content available comes the money you’ll have to spend – after all, a service could have all the movies and TV shows you could ever dream of watching, but if subscribing to it means that you can’t afford to feed your family, then you’re not going to use it. Fortunately, neither Netflix or Hulu will push you over the poverty line seeing as they’re both pretty affordable (especially considering what they open you up to).

A basic Netflix account costs $7.99 / month and this allows you to watch the whole library of TV shows and movies without any ads whatsoever. The downside of this option is that you can only watch it on one device at a time and you’re limited to SD video quality. The next tier up is $10.99 and allows you to view it on two screens simultaneously – what’s more is that you can view everything in HD quality. Finally, you can go for four screens in ultra-HD for $13.99 / month (this is ideal for families).

Hulu’s pricing work’s a little differently (a reflection of their services). For a basic account you’ll only need to shell out $7.99 – the same as a basic Netflix account – BUT you’ll have to view commercials. To get rid of the pesky ads, you’ll need to throw another $4.00 into the equation. To get Hulu’s Live TV option, you’ll need to spend $39.99 – this also gives you the full Hulu library and is the ideal option for anyone looking for daytime TV with something nice on the side.

Overall, Netflix wins the pricing battle as well, seeing as it’s services are ad-free and you can access more devices for the same price as a Hulu account. That being said, you can’t really compare Hulu Live TV with Netflix as the services have no overlap – this option certainly beats cable.

Netflix vs Hulu: Features

On top of the content and the pricing, the two services have their own unique features that are worth consideration when making the final decision. Let’s have a peek.

Netflix Features:

Netflix's interface is pretty user-friendly
Netflix’s interface is pretty user-friendly
  • ORIGINALS: This is one of the coolest features of Netflix – the original productions have had billions spent on them and there’s plenty more in the pipeline. These movies and series have a tendency to be critically acclaimed and feature top actors.
  • GREAT INTERFACE: The service is a pleasure to use, with recommendations based on your previous viewing history neatly laid out on the home page. Everything is simple to navigate and this works in their favour.
  • SECRET GENRES: You can find special codes online and when you type them into the search bar they will reveal hidden genres of movies and TV shows on the app. There are hundreds to choose from and they get very, very specific.

Hulu Features:

With Hulu, you can watch live TV everytime
With Hulu, you can watch live TV every time
  • LIVE TV: It can’t be denied that this is the services main feature – the ability to have a massive library of movies and TV shows alongside Live TV means you’ll never be stuck for something to watch.
  • EXTRA CHANNELS: You can add the entire HBO library for $14.99 / month, the entire Cinemax library for $9.99 / month, and the entire Showtime library for $8.99 / month.
  • South Park and Family Guy: Find the whole backlog of the two great shows on Hulu.


Unless you’re specifically looking for daytime live TV, Netflix is the clear winner. The service has better content and more originals and exclusive releases. It also has an awesome interface and is cheaper.