Minecraft, the epic exploration and crafting game, took the world by storm in 2009 after it was released by Mojang. The company has since sold the game to computer software giant Microsoft for a whopping $2.5 billion.

The game’s creator, Markus Persson, is a celebrity figure to many fans of the game. He’s a pretty public guy, too, and frequently speaks about how his massive wealth has actually made him incredibly lonely. Must be hard trying to spend the GDP of a small country all on your own – but no, really, we sympathise with the guy.

Minecraft is a name known to most people, even if they’re not fans of playing it. In general, it’s something that most people have at least heard of. The game is one of the most popular in the world, and the PC and Android versions have both achieved tens of millions of installs, making it one of the most successful games of all time.

“What is Minecraft?” is a question that, once answered, can lead to a lifelong addiction to the game!

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How to Play Minecraft With Friends

How to Play Minecraft With Friends
Play minecraft with friends

Minecraft is, by nature, a single player game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t invite your friends along for the ride.

When we say single player, we’re not being totally accurate. By making a server or joining a friend’s server, you can enter their world and jam with them. However, seeing as the Minecraft world is so big, it’s actually very possible to lose them, run away, build your own city that spans tens of kilometres, and never even bump into them while doing it. Minecraft is huge. In fact, the map in the game has a surface area of 60,000km by 60,000km – which is larger than the surface area of the planet Neptune… which is four times that of the surface area of Earth. You get the picture…

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on LAN

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on LAN
Play Minecraft with Friends on LAN

The first method of playing online is to go into the game, choose single player and load either one of your existing worlds or a new one. Next, press Esc and click the “Open to LAN” button. You can now select the game-mode from Survival, Creative, and so on.

Once you’ve selected from these options, you can select “Start LAN World” – you’ll get a message notifying you of the operation’s success.

Other players on the same local network can now open Minecraft and select Multiplayer – their device will automatically recognise the LAN game in just a few moments.

Now then can join this game and play with you.

How to Play with Friends in Minecraft on an Online Server

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on an Online Server
Play Minecraft with Friends on an Online Server

Another option is to join an online server, or create your own one and wait for other players to join. To do this, you’ll need to know the IP address of that server. You’ll also need to be running the same version of Minecraft to that server.

Go to the Minecraft website to get the file on making a server – if you want to make your own, that is. Once you’ve made your own server, and established the modes and rules within it, you can begin sharing its IP address to your friends so that they can also join.

To join an existing server, which will probably prove more fun in the short term, do a web search to find thousands of existing IP addresses for servers in a variety of different styles. You can find one that suits your desired playing experience and join it.

How to Play with Friends on Minecraft in Realms

How to Play with Friends on Minecraft in Realms
Play with Friends on Minecraft in Realms

Similar to online servers, Minecraft Realms are a private server that allows you to play exclusively with friends or family, and is not shared with the public.

If you’re just looking to play with friends, then this is probably the best option for you to take, as it involves all the benefits of playing on an online server, but you don’t have to share the space with strangers.

It’s a very secure way of letting your kids play Minecraft, too, as it means there’s no creepy weirdos trying to offer to take them to TGI Fridays. People can be weird, private servers mean that you only have to play with the weirdos your already know and love.

Oh No, My Computer Runs Like a Snail When Running a Server…

This isn’t uncommon. If you’re running a server and the game, then you’d better be doing it on a device that can handle both operations. If your device isn’t powerful enough to run the server, then everyone playing on it will experience lag, and that’s not fun for anyone involved.

So, follow these tips to figure out how to make Minecraft run faster, and avoid having your friends think that you suck for interrupting their gameplay.

First of All: Close any apps or tabs running on your device – also, make sure that nothing is running in the background. These things slow everything down, and you should ensure to carry this out before playing.

Fast Graphics: Go into the game, open the video settings and select “Fast Graphics”. This will optimise the graphics to fit your device. Don’t ever try and run them higher than your device can handle.

How to make Minecraft run faster
How to make minecraft run faster

Lower the Render Distance: This will lower the distance you can see and make a lot of fog, but it will dramatically increase performance.

Turn the Bloody Clouds Off: This will also give you a nice performance boost. After all, who likes cloudy skies, anyway?

Particles: Particle details such as smoke and dust can also slow your game. Turn them off, or just decrease them, and you’ll notice the difference.

Update: Figure out how to update Minecraft to the latest version – and keep it updated!

How to update Minecraft
How to update Minecraft

Buy a Better Computer: Okay, this one is a little brash, but seriously, how much of your life are your spending playing video games, streaming videos, and connecting to the web? If the answer is, as it probably is, a lot, then you might want to consider investing in a finer bit of kit.

That’s All, Folks!

Duhh-duhh-du-duh duhhh duhhhhh!! Thanks for reading (yes, that was our attempt at writing the Looney Toons theme song), if you’re interested in finding out more about Minecraft, or tons of other games or Android apps, then check out the rest of our tutorials for some great hints and user guides. See ya next time!

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