If you’re playing Minecraft, then you’ve no doubt already heard of the Nether. But what exactly is it? And most of all, how do you build the portal to get there?

The Minecraft world isn’t just about making houses and fighting little monsters in dungeons, there’s a lot more under the surface once you do enough exploring – whole other worlds. You can reach them by activating rare portals.

What Are Portals in Minecraft?

a portal in minecraft
Portals in Minecraft

There are three different kinds of portals in Minecraft. And each of them can take you somewhere unique. The first, and more common, is the Nether portal – this takes you to the Nether: a land of lava caves and creatures and blocks that you can’t find in the overworld of Minecraft.

The other is the End Portal. As you might expect, this takes you to a place where you can find the end game. That place is called Ender, and it’s a unique land filled with Endermen, endstone, and the Towers of Obsidian. Here you can also find the game’s end boss – The Ender Dragon. Once you defeat this enemy, you’ll see the Minecraft credits and can then go back to the overground to carry on playing.

The last one is the Aether Portal, which takes you to the opposite of the Nether. It’s a green world where you can find various blocks and creatures unavailable in the other worlds. To access this world you’ll need to install a mod.

How to Make a Portal in Minecraft

To build a portal can take some time – they’re not something you can just throw together in your basement – you can often only find them in certain locations, like fortresses.

Once you’ve located a portal, you’ll have to collect items to complete its construction and thus activate it. Only then can you jump through it into another world.

To make a portal, you’ll need to have the right resources in your inventory. The portals are inactive when you find them, so you’ll need to put in a bit of legwork before using one effectively.

How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

 Nether Portal in Minecraft
Nether Portal in Minecraft

Making a Nether Portal is much easier than making an end portal. You need 14 blocks of obsidian and one flint. Place the obsidian blocks in a rectangle, five blocks up and two connecting them at the top and bottom, then add the flint. It should turn into a glowing purple portal.

Walk through it, and you’re in the Nether. There will be another portal there to take you back to the overworld, so don’t worry about never being able to return or anything like that. Enjoy exploring this vast underworld.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

End Portal in Minecraft
End Portal in Minecraft

In survival mode, you’ll need to find a fortress – which are extremely rare – that contains a pre-existing End Portal. Once you’ve found it, you’ll need to activate it, and this can take some time…

First of all, to find a fortress (which are underground, by the way), you’ll need to select an eye of ender and throw it up in the air. It will move in the direction of a stronghold. Eventually, when it stops moving and hovers in one place, you’ll know that this is where the stronghold is. Dig straight down in this area and you’ll locate the stronghold. In the stronghold will be an end portal.

To activate an End Portal in Minecraft, you’ll need at least 9 eyes of ender to place around the portal and then one to throw inside. All the eyes of ender must be facing into the center of the portal for it to work.

Once it’s active, jump into it. However, be aware that the only two ways out are either to die or to defeat the Ender Dragon. Once you’ve killed the dragon, the credits will role and you’ll be taken back to the overworld.

How to Build an End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

When in creative mode, the rules are a little different. You can make the End Portal yourself – in your basement, if you want. This gives you way more freedom, but also kind of takes a little of the fun out of the adventure.

To build an End Portal yourself, you’ll need 12 eyes of ender and 12 end portal frames. Place the end portal frames in rows of three to make a square and then put eyes of ender in every single one. This will activate the portal. Enjoy!

How to Make an Aether Portal in Minecraft

Aether Portal in Minecraft
Aether Portal in Minecraft

To make an Aether Portal in Minecraft, simply collect 12 blocks of glowstone and make a rectangular frame – the pour water in it (similar to the flint and steel in Nether Portals). This will activate the portal, which you can now use to access the Nether.

You’ll need to add some mod content to use this portal as it is not available in the vanilla version.

Enjoy a Different World of Fun

Travelling through portals in Minecraft is an excellent way to enjoy the game for an extended period of time. You can explore all different things and meet with new monsters and find new resources to make awesome structures.

If you’re looking to add some spice into your gaming experience, then definitely explore these portals and the worlds they lead to.

Mojang (Minecraft’s developer) has added lots of little ‘easter eggs’ in the game like this for your entertainment. You can explore vast and exciting landscapes and see the epic creations and effort that went into making them.

Making the Most of Minecraft

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Stick around for all the best information and tips to improve your gameplay and allow you to build all the coolest things in the world of Minecraft. We hope you enjoy it!