Want to know how to download the Exodus Redux addon for Kodi? Read our review and comprehensive installation guide – anyone can install the addon with this guide.

Exodus Redux is a fantastic addon for Kodi that appears to be a sort of reboot of the original Exodus addon – although made by different developers. The addon allows you to watch tons of movies and TV shows for free with Kodi. The original Exodus remains one of the most popular addons for the media player and there’s good reason why: In its heyday it was a glorious crown price of entertainment, although, it’s been in decline since the developers abandoned the project. Nowadays, it’s not updated and is slowly becoming redundant as a result.

Exodus Redux addon for Kodi
Exodus Redux addon for Kodi

Enter: Exodus Redux. The appropriately named addon take the reins where the original left off and is frequently updated, making for a great source of entertainment – thousands of movies and TV shows are present on the addon. Furthermore, the developers are active and responsive to user feedback – in this way the addon continues to be optimized for maximum performance and the library continues to be updated as new movies and shows are released.

Exodus Redux provides streams in HD and ultra-HD and is super-reliable, meaning you can pretty much guarantee a top viewing experience with minimal bugs and issues. If you’re looking to make Kodi a beast for entertainment, then certainly give this addon a go!

Best Features of Exodus Redux for Kodi

  • Content: When considering any addon for Kodi, the first thing that tends to come to mind is: how much content is present here? Well, with Exodus Redux, the answer is pleasing. The library is extensive and consists of thousands of movies and the latest TV shows kept up-to-date. Whether you’re looking to stream a cheesy horror flick or the latest episode of Vikings, you can be sure to find it here.
Content on Exodus Redux Kodi addon
Content on Exodus Redux Kodi addon
  • Quality: As mentioned above, the quality of streams are great on Redux, which is another paramount concern when considering a Kodi addon. You won’t have to worry about low-res streams that will ruin your Friday night. All the best, none of the rest.
  • Updated: The developers are consistently keeping the addon up-to-date, making sure that all the latest movies and TV shows are featured. You don’t have to worry about being left behind in the wind, you’ll have instant access to all the trending content you could possibly desire, plus all the classics of yesteryear.
Content on Exodus Redux is always up to date
Content on Exodus Redux is always up to date
  • Ease-of-use: Simply browse through all the titles and choose the one you want to watch, you can then choose the quality of the stream and you’re away! Alternatively, you can search through different categories to discover a movie or TV show that suits your tastes. The interface is tidy and easy to navigate, which makes using Exodus Redux on Kodi that much more pleasurable.
Browse easily on Exodus Redux Kodi addon
Browse easily on Exodus Redux Kodi addon

How to Install Exodus Radux on Koki

So, you’ve decided to install the Exodus Redux addon to your Kodi – good choice! But if this is the first time that you’re adding a Kodi addon, then you’re in for a slightly horrible surprise. It’s not exactly the most straightforward process – we’ll be honest about that – it’s a pain in the ass, actually.

But, fear not, this is only the case if you’re trying to do it without the proper instructions. By simply following this guide you’ll be able to have it set in a few minutes with minimal stress. It’s as simple as clicking the right buttons. Let’s get right into it…

  1. First, you need to open Kodi. It’s important to note that the addon isn’t an official Kodi one, so you’ll need to do this the manual way. Go into settings -> System Settings -> Add Ons -> Allow Unknown Sources. This will allow non-Kodi addons to be installed (much the same way that you’d install an apk for Android from outside the Google Play Store). You’ll get a warning message, just press “Yes.”
  2. Go to the Kodi home screen -> select Settings -> Select File Manager. Then select “Add Source.”
  3. A popup will come up on the screen titled ‘Add file source’ – press “None” within this.
  4. A text box will appear. Now type this into the text box: https://i-a-c.github.io/repo/ and then press ‘OK’
  5. You’ll now be back at the ‘Add file source’ text box – you can name the source now (Call it Exodus Redux). Press OK and the tricky part is all done! (That was easy, wasn’t it?)
  6. Go back to the Kodi home page and select ‘Add Ons’ again. From here, open the ‘Package Installer’ by clicking on the open box symbol in the top left corner of the screen.
  7. Now press “Install from zip file”  – you’ll see a list of stuff appear, open the one with the name that you named in Step 5 (Exodus Redux).
  8. Now click repository.exodusredux-0.0.6.zip (the name may differ for you, but press whatever zip file appears – there should only be one).
  9. It should say in the top right of the screen that the add-on has been installed successfully. Yay!
  10. It’s not over yet… Now from the same window you’re on, select ‘Install from repository.’ From within here, select ‘Exodus Redux Repo’
  11. Select ‘Video Add-Ons’ and in here open ‘Exodus Redux’
  12. Press the Install button in the bottom right of the screen. Now wait for a little while for it to install.


Enjoy Streaming Movies with Exodus Redux for Kodi

Now that it’s up and running, you can get about watching all your favorite movies and TV shows. It’s often recommended that you purchase a VPN when watching Kodi – and this is both because someone writing a lot on the web has made their own VPN and is trying to sell it and it’s also because this is a valid suggestion.

Kodi is legal, but streaming for free generally isn’t as it usually involves stepping on some copyright laws, which you should be careful when doing. To minimize the risk, downloading a VPN might not be a bad idea.

It’s worth noting that you should always make sure you’re streaming from a legit source and not breaking any laws. Do your homework and make sure to stream safely!