Wondering how to change your display name on Twitter? Username out of date and getting you down? Or are you worried your account isn’t secure? Read on, tweeter.

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If you’ve been using Twitter for a while now then the chances are you may have thought about changing your username, or even your display name. There are many reasons why you might want to consider doing this. A name means a lot, it’s a first impression, a brand, and a signal to call you – so, having the most appropriate one for your Twitter account is an important step. If you’re running a business and using Twitter as a portal of promotion then this is extra important.

What’s the Difference Between a Username and a Display Name?

It's important to know that Twitter username and Twitter display name are different
It’s important to know that Twitter username and Twitter display name are different

Your username on Twitter is how other users will see you in messages, searches and in your Tweets. This is essentially your key name on Twitter – the one that people will see most of the time and the one you’ll be most well known for. This makes having the most appropriate username an important thing, for example, if you’re a journalist with a Twitter account then you might want to mention your media outlet or your role in your username, alongside your own name so that people can instantly recognize you. Another example would be if you’re a professional photographer – it is helpful for you to have people immediately know this information about you so that if they ever need your services, they know who to call.

Your display name, on the other hand, simply shows up when users visit your profile. This is also important as it shows your real name and gives users more of an impression about who you actually are – for example, if your username is @chefjim then you might want people to also know your actual name, so that they can know a little more about you.

Both are important on Twitter, and logically, both should be accurate representations of who you are. For the display name, it goes without saying that it should just be your name – unless it’s some kind of holiday or special occasion and you want to change it for a laugh (or unless you’re on your friend’s Twitter settings and want to change their display name for a laugh). Your username should also include your name so that people can see who you are – after all, this is the name that they’re going to see most of the time.

How to Change Your Username on Twitter

To change your username on Twitter is very simple – it can be done via the Twitter app on Android and iOS, as well as on the browser version of the social media site on Windows and Mac.

  1. Go to Settings and privacy
  2. Press Account
  3. Tap Username and delete the name currently in this field
  4. Enter your new username (Twitter will let you know if it’s already been taken)
  5. Press Done (or, Save changes on the browser version)
Changing your Twitter username is very easy
Changing your Twitter username is very easy

How to Change Your Display Name on Twitter

To change your display name on Twitter is as simple as changing your username, you just have to open the Twitter app on Android or iOS, or open the browser version on your laptop, and go to Profile, then scroll down to Name and change the name in this field. Then press Save – your profile will be updated immediately and people will see the new name when visiting you.

And so does changing your Twitter display name
And so does changing your Twitter display name

Great Choices for Twitter Usernames

Struggling to find a Twitter username that fits you? Try our name generator for some comic relief. First, choose the initial of your first name, then that of your last, combine then and viola! You have yourself a great Twitter username.

First Name:

A – Abysmal B – Bendy C – Careless D – Derelict E – Eggy         F – Frosty

G – Gateway H – Hairy I – Innocent J – Jealous K – Kalashnikov     L – Luminous

M – Monty N – Nosey O – Orange P – Pungent Q – Quantum      R – Rabid

S – Steamy T – Talentless U – Ugly V – Vavatious W – Watered-down  X – Ex  

Y – Yogurty Z – Zesty

Last Name:

A – Alcoholic B – Bassoon C – Cubicle D – Diazepam   E – Eejit F – Falafel

G – Goblin H – Harpy I – Iguana J – Junkie K – Kangaroo L – Leotard

M – Mongol N – Napkin O – Oddball P – Pervert Q – Queenie R – Racist

S – Slimeball T – Toenail U – Unicorn V – Virgin W – Weasel X – X-Man

Y – Yellow-Belly      Z – Zebra

How to Change Your Password on Twitter

The last thing we’ll cover today is how to change your password on Twitter, as well as the many reasons why you should do so every once in awhile to ensure your privacy and security are kept tight.

To change your password on Twitter, simply do the following:

  1. Press the profile icon on the Twitter app or website
  2. Select Settings and privacy
  3. Choose the password tab
  4. Enter your password
  5. Make a new password – try to make it something that involves numbers and symbols
  6. Press Save changes
  7. Done.

If you’re logged in but you don’t know your password then you will have to contact Twitter for support to get a new one emailed to you – this is a simple process so don’t worry if you’re reading this and wondering what to do next. If you can’t sign in then just press forgot my password and follow the simple instructions prompted to you by Twitter. Always keep your password safe and don’t share it with anyone else – lest that name generator above actually comes to replace your username!

It’s important to change your password every few months at least to ensure that your account is safe from hackers. If you really want to up your password protection (and say goodbye to the days of using one modified password for all your accounts) then download a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to get extremely complex generated passwords that are auto filled every time you sign into your account. These are a very secure way to manage your passwords and are highly recommended by the tech community.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this article useful and that you’ve now got a unique and wonderful Twitter username from our grand selection. Keep your account up-to-date and secure at all times. Happy tweeting!