Want to download the 9Anime app for Android, or just use the browser version to watch all your favorite anime shows and movies. Let’s learn more about it then.

Anime is easily one of the most popular things to watch around the world, with untold millions of fans. The style is distinctly Japanese and while in the country itself it simply refers to any animated film, in the West it’s used specifically for animated productions that originate in Japan. Anime isn’t simply a genre – this is actually a common misconception – it’s a style of animation that features vibrant, fantastical designs that usually feature big eyes (and big boobs) as well as surreal settings and comic-like characters.

anime is a popular style of animation
Anime – an extremely popular style of animation

Anime, the Style

Within anime are as many genres as you’d expect to find in regular movies or shows. There are thousands of shows and movies, ranging from detective stories to fantasy fighting sagas to sports themed and even cooking shows. If you’re looking to expand your entertainment horizons, then this is a great place to start. On top of this, the style is well-known for producing stories that verge on the abstract and take complex concepts with sometimes ill-defined structures and present them in a glorious fashion.

Spirited Away is a successful anime, people have never been stopped watching it
Spirited Away is a successful anime, people have never been stopped watching it

Films like the Studio Ghibli class Spirited Away are a great example of this, you could explain to someone what this film is about – a young girl visits a temple with her family when suddenly she ends up in a ghost world set in a giant bath house run by a witch, she makes friends with a dragon and lets a greedy spirit into the house that proceeds to eat all the other ghosts – but to explain the details and the meaning behind each character, and how to plot twists and turns at seemingly random and beautiful points is something that simply cannot be done. Your audience would just have to watch the movie and then they still wouldn’t understand what had just happened, but they’d be deeply satisfied all the same.

9Anime – One of the Top Anime Streaming Services

9anime is a massive source of great anime
9anime is a massive source of great anime

If you’re looking to find a source of all the best anime series and movies, that is constantly updated and is compatible across multiple devices, then 9Anime is a great place to start. While the browser version works a lot smoother with an ad blocker (would you expect anything less from free streaming?) the app itself is more efficient and clean cut and provides a pleasant viewing experience, even though ads are still present.  Let’s take a closer look at the app’s best features.

  • Massive Library: Whatever it is that you’re looking for, be it Dragon Ball, Death Note, Akame Ga Kill!, One Piece, or a great movie, you can find it on 9Anime. The app has an updated selection of all the top titles, including new releases and golden oldies. One thing that you won’t be complaining about is the selection of things to watch.
  • Interface: With all that content, it’s important that the interface itself is smooth and easy to navigate, otherwise you’ll just be lost in a sea of vibrant, surreal comic looking characters that are all vying for your attention like some weird online dating/hentai app gone wrong. 9Anime nails this, however, with all the content neatly and appropriately categorized where it ought to be. The homepage has featured titles with a poster focussed designed that included the titles underneath. If you’re looking for something specific then you can put it into the search bar, or if you’re looking to explore then you can select a genre and browse through the most popular or most highly rated series by users.
  • Free: There’s nothing quite like getting access to thousands of hours of gorgeously rendered anime completely free of charge. This is what you get with 9Anime – smooth and simple and totally free like a bird. Watch all of your favorite shows and spend the money you would have dropped on DVDs on popcorn and sangria instead.
  • Compatible: With the 9Anime app, you can watch all the best anime shows on your Android smartphone, tablet, PC, and more. Unfortunately, you can’t use the app on iOS – so cancel out iPhones and iPads. That being said, where the app fails to deliver, the browser version quickly steps in and takes its place.
  • Safe: This is always a concern when streaming. Is 9Anime safe? The answer is yes, for the most part, but like with any site of this nature, an antivirus or VPN should be used to guarantee security and privacy.
  • 9Anime on Kodi: You can get a 9Anime add-on for Kodi by searching this process on Google – once complete, you can watch all your favorite shows on your Smart TV instantly.

9Anime – The Browser Version

What was the original and still the most popular version of 9Anime, the browser version is compatible with any device that can load a browser and features all the same great benefits of it’s app-based cousin for Android.

If you’re looking to watch anime on the big screen, then simply connecting your laptop to your TV via a HDMI cable or through casting it is an effective way of getting a cinematic experience right in your living room. You’ll have to put up with more ads on the browser version of 9Anime, but frankly, this is to be expected and if you have an ad blocker like Adblock Plus or a browser with one built in like Brave or Firefox Quantum, then this won’t be an issue.

How to Install the 9Anime App on Android

The first thing you’ll realize when trying to figure out how to download 9Anime on Android is that it isn’t in the Google Play Store. This is because free streaming can violate copyright and Google is very strict on this. But fear not, downloading 9Anime is easy.

  1. Go to Settings on your Android.
  2. Scroll down to Security and check “Unknown Sources.” This will allow you to install apps that aren’t on the Google Play Store.
  3. Go to Top1Apk.com and search 9Anime.
  4. Press Download.
  5. Once the APK file is downloaded, open it to begin the installation.
  6. Once installed open the app and choose an anime to watch!
  7. That’s it. Simples.

To use the browser version, just go to 9anime.to or search it on Google to get the latest address in the event that it has changed since the completion of this article.


9Anime is one of the top rated sites and apps to watch anime series and movies on because it is free, constantly updated with all the latest anime and is easy to use. The streams work most of the time and if they don’t then they’re fixed quickly. We highly recommend using this app for all your anime watching needs. Enjoy!