Turbo VPN is a very popular free VPN from a Chinese company that has several servers and encrypts your data to some degree. The free VPN software is exclusively for Android and iOS and offers no desktop version – a bold move into the future and one that no other VPN company has done yet.

Turbo VPN has a premium version that costs around the same price as other alternatives, although most people opt for the free version seeing as it gives you unlimited usage and allows you to get around internet censorship in your country. If this is what you’re looking for, then Turbo VPN apk is a great choice of download, however, if you’re looking for a more secure VPN that protects your privacy, then you ought to go elsewhere.

There are pros and cons to every VPN software, although some have far fewer cons than other. Turbo VPN apk sits more on the site of untrustworthy for a variety of reasons, although it does still retain some credibility, which can account for the 15 million downloads it had before the Google Play Store removed it from their marketplace.

Turbo VPN – The Good

Using any VPN is going to be better than not using one, as long as you’re not leaking sensitive data. Turbo VPN offers a totally free service that lets you connect to servers in the US, India and other countries, and is great for getting around state-imposed censorship of websites online.

What’s more, the VPN is quick to set up and very easy to use. Even if you’re not familiar with VPN’s, you’ll find connecting to different servers very easy with Turbo VPN. Speed tests vary, with some claiming that Turbo VPN is very fast (all VPNs will slow your connection down due to rerouting all your data through their server and then elsewhere), while others demonstrate that it was shockingly slow. This seems to be a mixed bag and perhaps depends on where you are when you’re using it.

That’s about all for the good, folks.

Turbo VPN – The Bad

The company is based in China, which only allows VPNs to operate when they have been sanctioned by the state. Considering all other ones are illegal and China routinely collects user data on its citizens, the chances that your data isn’t being scooped up by the Chinese government are pretty slim – at least, they certainly retain the right to do so at any time. This means that your data isn’t secure and that the company itself could even be a front to spy on users.

While Turbo VPN is free, and that sounds appealing, it should also be taken into account that this is a company and companies need to make money – so, how is Turbo VPN making money? First of all, you’ll see ads every time you want to connect to a server, which is a logical way of bringing in some income, although annoying for users.

The VPN has been removed from Google Play Store, which is concerning seeing as Google has nothing against VPN apps, meaning Turbo VPN must have violated their policies in some way. There’s very little information about the parent company behind Turbo VPN, and the fact that they’re located in China, banned from the Play Store, and not very public means that the chances of them being an honest company are extremely slim.

The VPN offers nothing that other alternatives cannot match, even with their premium version, and their connection speeds vary from acceptable to awful in reviews from users. Users also point out that you cannot torrent with the VPN.

The Ugly

There are similar free VPNs that have used P2P to operate and claimed to be free – in the meantime, they were using the bandwidth of users without paying and even using their computers to mine Bitcoin and perform attacks.

A VPN has the ability to log all of your personal data if it wants – this includes your web history, the amount of time you spend on sites, your IP address, your billing information, and much more. This is very sensitive information and if a company is only allowed to exist on the terms that it cooperates with one of the world’s most repressive governments when it comes to online freedom, then it’s a pretty obvious move not to trust that company.

Ultimately, Turbo VPN will allow you to access websites in countries where they are banned (this makes it ideal for users in China), but if you’re looking for a VPN to secure your data and mask your location without DNS leaks or falling prey to WebRTC, then Turbo VPN is a laughable option. Simply put, when using a free VPN, you get exactly what you pay for.

Turbo VPN Premium

The premium version offers a little more clout, giving you access to more servers, including a US Netflix server. It also provides faster connection speeds. The service costs US$12 per month or $36 per year. It’s relatively cheap and if all you want to do is stream Netflix then it’s actually not the worst idea – although, there are far better alternatives for the same price.

Alternatives to Turbo VPN

Considering the price of a good VPN, you might be drawn to the free versions, however, if you’re not shelling out a little bit of money for one, then trust us, it’s not worth getting one. We’d recommend you look into ExpressVPN, OpenVPN, or Avast Secureline VPN. These three options vary in price, although all of them are more expensive than a year of Turbo VPN Premium.

Why Use a VPN?

The internet is not a secure place. Your data is constantly being sent back and forth, including your messages, your bank details, your web history and more. A VPN will encrypt this information and it will hide your IP address so websites and agencies can’t identify encrypt you when you’re online. Top VPN companies use AES-256 encryption – the same type that the US government and military uses.

The top VPN companies don’t store your data, meaning even if a government agency issues them with a subpoena, they cannot give them anything on you. On top of this, you can access servers all around the world to get around censorship, and you can usually use them on multiple devices.

If you’ve not got a VPN then your data can be looked at by prying eyes – especially if you’re frequently connected to public WiFi networks at work, in a cafe, or in an airport, for example.

In short, you should get a VPN, but always be wary of free ones. If you just want to access blocked websites, then free VPNs like Turbo VPN apk aren’t a terrible option, but if you want to secure sensitive data, then avoid them at all costs.