Among all the puzzle games on Android, Tune Blast is one of the most fun and diverse. Where other puzzle games challenge you to connect jigsaws, solve riddles, navigate optical illusions, and more, Tune Blast takes a simpler approach, and in their streamlined specification they’ve created something truly awesome.

The game features some wacky cartoon characters who are on an adventure through magical worlds full of fun. The game is simple and easy to play – this alongside the cartoon graphics and fun soundtrack makes it perfect for kids. The central premise is a match-2 puzzle game, which again makes it easier to play than the usual crowd of match-3 puzzle games. As you match the colored cubes together in pairs they explode in a frenzy of animation.

The game lacks the difficulty that would appeal to older players, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a write off for anyone over the age of eight. The game still provides a lot of entertainment with its soundtrack that will take any older player back to the bygone days of their youth.

Where other puzzle games provide challenge and tense time limits, Toon Blast offers a laid-back and user-friendly cube-matching experience. The level of ease will be a breath of fresh air for those not looking to burst a vein in their forehead on their five minute break.

Ideal Puzzle Game for Kids

If you’re going on a long journey or just want your little ones to sit quietly and be engrossed in something fun that you can occasionally have some input in, then this is actually a really worthwhile game. It has to be said that our culture is moving in a questionable direction with so many of us seeming glued to our black mirrors like zombies, and a lot of parents quite rightly approach giving their kids a phone with a level of concern. That being said, a little screen time here and there is unavoidable in today’s day and age, so if they’re going to end up watching a phone screen, then they might as well be playing a game that tests their little brains while not throwing in any threatening or derogatory content.

Toon Blast will have your young ones engrossed in puzzle solving and occasionally they’ll have to ask you for a bit of advice on where to move next, so the game is one that allows for some teamwork here and there – a nice bonus.

Moreover, the characters in the game are soft and likeable. They include some dappered up rubber ducks, a goofy looking bear, and a wolf that frankly looks like the granny in Little Red Riding hood if it wasn’t actually trying to eat the girl and was legitimately just a kind-hearted grandma.

All of this rolled into a none-too-challenging puzzle game with cartoonish graphics and tons of levels to get through – your kids will be all too happy to give it a try. Alternatively, you can play it yourself if you want… no one is going to ID you when you start playing it.

Best Features of Toon Blast APK


The ease of gameplay in Toon Blast is really something that works in its favor. Rather than forcing you to strain your brain and attack your own nervous system just to get the next matching threes, this game allows you to play at a relaxed pace without much worry of losing. That being said, players looking for a real challenge ought to look elsewhere.


The graphics are like a cartoon and there are plenty of vibrant colors. It’s a perfect setup for young players (for those of you who are above the age of 12 and still determined to download this, then hey, colors are nice for everyone, no one’s judging).


The latest update of Toon Blast added 50 new levels to play through, meaning there is no shortage of playability here. You can spend hours upon hours matching and swiping the cubes and you’ll still have tons of content to get through.

Free to play

No such thing as a free lunch? Well, that’s true, actually, but still, Toon Blast is free to play for everyone, although there is a real tendency for the game to offer in-game purchases to unlock new levels and content. Just don’t let your kids get ahold of your Google account and you won’t have to worry about them going on a three-day Toon Blast bender that will render your bank balance about as mobile as a truck that’s just driven over a landmine.


The nostalgic soundtrack will take you back to the glory days of times past, while at the same time it won’t make your kids feel like this isn’t a game for them. It perfectly walks the line between classic and inclusive and sits comfortably in the background of the game, complimenting all the other features.


As mentioned before, the game is very well suited to young players, but not so much to adults looking for something more challenging in a puzzle game. The constant attempts to get you to purchase new content is also a little annoying, and never really goes away, even if you buy the stuff they’re trying to sell to you. In-app purchases are the bane of everyone’s lives these days, but then it has to be pointed out that if you’re not paying to play the game that someone has taken the time to make, then you can expect nothing less. Everyone needs a payday, right?

How to Download Toon Blast Game Free on Android

To download and play Toon Blast free on Android, simply press the button at the top of this page and you’ll be redirected to Google Play. The game is free to install, and once you’re up and running you can jump straight into the action.

If you’re looking for a great game for your kids to lose themselves in, the Toon Blast APK is the one for you. Try it out now, free.