It’s essentially like Instagram for videos and it’s taking over the world’s attention right now. TikTok was founded in China in 2016 – where it’s known as Douyin – and has since gained massive popularity around the world as one of the most effective procrastinating tools ever made. The app now has more than 500 million active users – including 150 million daily users in China – and is one of the fastest growing apps in the world today.

Ever used the video feed feature on Facebook? TikTok looks a lot like that. You swipe up to see the next video, or the current one will replay. Each video is short – just a few seconds, and users are encouraged to be as creative as possible when making them. This makes for some hilarious content.

The video-sharing app is free, and you can connect via Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Once you’re signed up, all you really need to do is follow some people, get some followers yourself and start making some great content.

Tik Tok, TikTok

The TikTok apk interface looks pretty similar to Instagram, especially the profile setup, which is basically an exact copy, with its own twist. It also features a live stream service where users can stream videos to the rest of the app’s users – assuming they’ve not set their profile to private.

TikTok is most commonly used for lip-synching songs, creating 15 second funny or entertaining videos, and for creating music videos with the app’s built-in tools.

The app recently merged with the massive lip synching and singing video app The app had more than 100 million users and is now built into TikTok. People’s accounts were not deleted, nor was their content, it was simply all moved to TikTok.

The app is geared towards teen users to sing, dance and make videos – although it’s currently expanding to appeal more to users of ages.

Creativity to the world

TikTok’s mission, other than to build a successful and profitable app, is to spread creativity throughout the world, and encourage its users to go out and find situations to document that will entertain their peers.

This could be in the form of art, comedy, singing, dance, or even just recording everyday situations from a unique perspective. The possibilities for creative expression are close to limitless on TikTok, and the app’s users know it.

Apps like this have done a lot to change the fabric of society over the years. They’ve brought people closer together and made entertainment more accessible, regardless of where you’re based. Users can access profiles from other users all over the world, follow them, chat to them and even make friends with them and take on joint projects.

This is something that social media apps – especially those with an emphasis on creation and content – don’t often get enough credit for. They can serve as platforms to link people together in the pursuit of creative expression and productive output across all disciplines of art, including comedy, music, and more.

It’s especially worthy of note that this app grew so large in China before spreading to the rest of the world. The country isn’t exactly world-renowned for allowing free expression, and apps like this give users an opportunity to express themselves that they can’t often find elsewhere in their surroundings.

TikTok / is something that gives exactly that to its users, while also providing a social networking platform that based on content creation and creativity, it is certainly one of the most unique and fun social media apps out there today.

Best features of TikTok app

Let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite features of the TikTok app:

Create Content

There are several tools available with the TikTok apk – these include analytics, tech support, and early access to new features. These tools can be useful to manage your account over time.

Creator Collaboration

TikTok runs events to connect creators in order to inspire them to collaborate. This is a great real-time feature of the brand that brings people together for the sole purpose of creating unique projects to better serve the community.


TikTok is in essence a social media app. You can message, comment, like, share and follow other users from all over the world. Connect with your friends and stay updated on all their latest content, meet new people with similar interests to you, and follow inspiring creators.

Creative emphasis

The fact that users are referred to as ‘creators’ more or less sums up the philosophy of TikTok. It’s a great space aimed at promoting creativity and improving your network of people to collaborate on projects with.

Massive user-base

There are 500 million people currently using TikTok, making it one of the most popular apps out there. This makes it a great place to explore millions of videos uploaded everyday. This means that you’ll likely never get bored of looking through all the content available.

Ease of use

TikTok is accessible to all – even your nan could use it. The interface is simple and sleek, and profiles are simple and easy to manage.


Beyond all the flash interface and fancy features, TikTok is just fun to use. Whether you’re using it to sing karaoke, lip-sync, record funny moments or anything else, you can be sure to have some fun while doing it. This is ultimately what makes the video sharing app stand out over other social media apps.


Here at TOP1APK.COM, we like anything that provides top-class entertainment for free, and we assume that you do too.


If there’s a downside to TikTak apk it’s that depending on where you live, there might not be that many members you know on it. While you can guarantee to find people using the app in your area, the chances of all your friends being on it are somewhat slim, so it might take some sharing before you can show all your latest videos to them. This might turn some users off if they’re specifically looking for a replacement to Facebook and other social media apps.


If you’re looking for an alternative social media app to Facebook, or just looking to have a bit of fun, TikTok with is the app for you. Download TikTok apk now by pressing the download button at the top of this article.