In the world of gaming, something always comes along that has you hooked for hours on end as you discover a vast world and build your way to the top. In this case, The Galaxy: Survivor is that game. The sandbox survival game from Invictus Studio puts you on a planet to build your base and scavenge for items – as well as make them yourself – to help you stay alive. You’ll have to fend off monsters and keep evolving your base on this planet to ensure your survival.

The game is still in development so players are supporting an ongoing project by downloading it. The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans pointing out the great concept and the unique style of gameplay, as well as the awesome Android graphics and the design of the red planet.

Your mission in the game is simply to survive and build up your base, upgrading structures as you go and using the plentiful resources on the planet to do so. You’ll have to go out and explore while zapping rocks to get the minerals inside them which can then be used to build new structures with increasingly advanced technology. Imagine if Minecraft fast forwarded a few thousand years, flew into space and crash-landed on a mysterious planet where all the flora and fauna was red – that’s pretty much the foundation of The Galaxy: Survivor game for Android.

What is The Galaxy: Survivor?

Aside from what you’ve read above, it’s worth noting a couple of things about The Galaxy: Survivor game for Android. First of all, it’s not a free game – you’ll have to pay around $1.50 to play it, but rest assured, for what you’re getting this is a very fair price!

The sandbox survival game is a real gem for Android and while it isn’t totally finished yet, it definitely has massive potential. What’s cool about this game is that you can still offer suggestions to the developers and if they think that it’s a good idea then they’ll take your ideas on board and use them in the actual game.

The game tasks you to explore and survive and make your own story as you progress – you will have to get your head around the planet’s ecosystem and the animals that inhabit it if you want to survive. What’s more, in multiplayer mode you can fly to other planets to explore them too – there are five in total and each one is a different color with different monsters to face.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, survival, adventure and crafting things then you’ll love this game. The bases that you can build get gradually bigger and bigger as you upgrade them. You’ll get the feeling of exploring the frontiers of space and colonizing distant planets as you scurry around trying to make the hostile atmosphere a home.

Build Your Home Away From Home

While you’re not busy making your base HQ and living quarters, you can build your own farm to get something to eat on this distant planet. You can also build a drill to mine resources while you’re away doing some other task – the drill will carry on working by itself. Assuming you go insane from loneliness on this isolated and frankly dangerous planet, the drill might become your closest friend. Or maybe one of the lethal giant scorpions trying to kill you will become your future partner in life, who knows?

Living on a distant planet all by yourself can go either way, as Matt Damon demonstrates. It might go smoothly like in The Martian, where his life is a living hell but at least he sort of keeps his sanity – or it might go totally the other direction like in Interstellar where he sabotages the mission of the first people he meets in years and tries to kill them all to secure his own escape back to earth. How long will you stay sane while trying to make potatoes using your own feces as fertilizer? Find out by playing The Galaxy: Survivor on Android.

Best Features of The Galaxy: Survivor Game for Android

So, with all the above considered, we’re assuming you’ve already decided that you definitely want to play The Galaxy: Survivor (that could also be because you’re still reading this article), so let’s take a closer look under the hood and see what really makes this game so special.


For an Android game, The Galaxy: Survivor is really leading the way in terms of what’s possible on a handheld device. The graphics are good enough to match the final generation of PS2 games – and remember, they were good by the end! The environment is where the game really stands out – everything is rendered to look as realistic as it possibly can while maintaining a level of surrealness. The monsters are well designed and while they just sort of vanish when you kill them, they’re still pretty top-notch.


Sandbox gameplay is always interesting, but it doesn’t always work. The lack of missions and direction in the games can sometimes be a bad thing – that is not the case with this game, however, the gameplay is well balanced out by the unique features in the game. Basically, there’s always enough things to do to keep you entertained.


Building your base is a real pleasure in The Galaxy: Survivor for Android. Watching it take up more and more space in the vast in-game world is awesome. You’ll enjoy it a lot!


There are tons of them. You can get new advanced weapons, ores, minerals and more to go towards building your base up to its maximum potential.


Play online with other players from around the world and explore a vast galaxy of five unique planets.

The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an awesome survival game this year then you need to look no further than The Galaxy: Survivor for Android. You’ll have your time cut out for you while playing through the awesome features of this sandbox game.

To get it, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get into the action. The game costs $1.50 at the moment, although the price will likely go up when the full version is released. Get it now and enjoy all that it has to offer!