Don’t let the title fool you, Jake Gyllenhaal won’t be present in this game – sorry ladies. There will, however, be rampant disease, hunger, and the undead as you navigate a post-apocalyptic world, all from your Android device. The Day After Tomorrow is a survival action MMORPG mobile game brought to you by game developer NetEase Games. As a survivor in a world where an unstoppable virus has spread and taken over the Earth, you will have to use tools and strategies to keep yourself alive as the walking dead and dangerous obstacles threaten your existence as one of the few last remaining human survivors in a desolate world.

What’s great about this game is despite it being fantasy, the premise is certainly conceivable as advancements in technology and antibiotic-resistant disease evolve simultaneously. The ever-expanding frontiers of science and technology bring more unknown dangers; more and more convenient means of transportation allow viruses to spread around, bringing them with us across the globe. It’s not farfetched to think that one day we’ll be faced with the possibility of living in a world where human rabies sends the population out of control. A world in which we may have to fight for survival. When the devastating virus sweeps across the country, the order and the contract collapse, and where should you go?

Well, the first step is to download The Day After Tomorrow APK and start getting preparing yourself for the inevitable doomsday. Much like the military now using virtual reality and computer generated games to sharpen their battle tactics, games like The Day After Tomorrow can swiftly equip you with all the knowledge you need to outwit and outlast the threat of future zombies. Ok, maybe not, but it is a whole of fun. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

The Day After Tomorrow – what’s it all about?

The Day After Tomorrow MMO combines action and adventure and offers an unparalleled online experience. Choose your specialty (picker, engineer or fighter) and create your hero so that he or she can endure this relentlessly brutal post-apocalyptic world. It’s about keeping hope and your will to survival. You see, under the ravages of the virus, your familiar world has become a lot stranger. Disease, hunger, cold, rabid zombies and organizations with dark and twisted intentions threaten the lives of survivors, and dangers are everywhere lurking around every corner. This game requires a calm state of mind and the ability to make rational decisions to live another day.

Starting off on your adventure, you will have no equipment. You must use everything at your disposal to ensure survival. There are towns where infected people are rampant, the mines that have been abandoned for a long time, the universities with the broken walls, the cold white trees, and highlands and many more sinister settings.
Explore every corner of the map and collect and use all resources no matter how scarce. Collect, hunt, and cook to fill your stomach, and make medicine and weapons to protect yourself. You will come across more survivors when you go out to scavenge for food and materials (you’re not alone). You can share food, materials, ammunition, and your adventure stories with them. Pair up with a trusted partner, find a peaceful place to camp and build a brick and tile shelter. On a long cold night, gather at the campfire and embrace each other. However, humans in times of turmoil can be dangerous and unpredictable, so don’t assume everyone is your ally.

As the game progresses, your missions will become more diverse than just hunting and collecting resources, which will require you to progress in levels and obtain better equipment for all the zombie killing that’s about to befall you.

Is it any good?

Surprisingly, yes. We often think that there’s only so many times we can reinvent the wheel, but NetEase has done a great job of injecting excitement into yet another zombie survival game. It’s not only about taking up arms and destroying your enemies. It’s about outliving and outlasting, and the diplomatic and tactful nature of the game makes it a lot more interesting than most. Your shelter needs to be built with the right materials to keep the undead out. You’ll need to link up with other survivors to aid each other. You need to forge suitable weapons before entering certain areas to avoid extinction. Overall, these aspects of the game make it diverse and keep the gameplay fresh and fun in its portrayal of just how bleak such a world would be.

Installing it on your device

To install The Day After Tomorrow APK on your device, hit the big green ‘Download’ button at the top or bottom of this article. You may be prompted by your phone’s settings to allow downloading of apps from unknown sources. This is because your phone by default only accepts downloads from Google Play, and because this awesome game isn’t on the Play Store, this is a necessary step to get your hands on it. Once your download is complete, open the APK file and press install.


While this game (or any game for that matter) won’t equip you for survival at the end of days, it will provide you with a lot of entertainment and even let you reflect on how difficult life would be. You may even come to appreciate what you have in reality after putting your hero through virtual hell and unsavory acts just to get through another day. Now you may be thinking “I’m a scared little girl, why would I play this game?”. Stop being a baby. This is a fantastic game for Android, and you most likely have nothing better to do with your life.

So, download The Day After Tomorrow game android, kill disease-riddled zombies, regain your lust for life and ask yourself the question; what would you do in such circumstances? Where would you go?
And if you’re still sitting on the fence; did we mention it’s free?