In the world of social media, instant messaging, the NSA snooping on people’s emails and lizard people ruling the underworld, we have to be increasingly careful about what we share in private emails and SMS texts.

The possibility of your bank details or general personal information and private conversations being pinched by a hacker from a messaging app are actually quite real. See, when you send a message, it’s like you put it on a plane from one country to another, and during the flight people can see it (unless it’s encrypted, like in Whatsapp). For this reason, it’s important to make sure your messages are encrypted with the best possible protection before they leave your device.

On top of this, you want an app that’s fast, private, secure, and allows you to quickly make massive group messages if need be. Enter: Telegram Messenger apk for Android.

This app has taken the world by storm for its features as well as the controversy surrounding it. It’s been banned in some countries for refusing to hand over user data, and has been used by criminals to hide their messages and files from the security services. If you were worried about your affair being discovered, then now’s the time to stop worrying (and probably the affair, too).

Don’t shoot the messenger

Telegram is a free messenger app that allows you to send heavily encrypted messages to people, and it even comes with a feature that allows you to set a timer on messages so that they self-destruct after a limited time.

Telegram was founded in 2013 by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov and claims to currently have more than 200 million users.

The app allows you to send unlimited size files, and is cloud sourced, meaning you can access your data from any device, regardless of where you are.

The app also claims to be the fastest messenger app on the market meaning you can chat without lag or interruption, regardless of where you are.

Its servers are widely distributed around the world, meaning that they are more secure and faster. Finally, the app allows you to build your own tools on its API for free.

In short, if you’re looking for a fast, secure and private messenger, then this is the one for you. Download Telegram Messenger app now to make the most of these awesome features and more.

How does it stand against other SMS apps?

First of all, the interface is very simple. Similar to Whatsapp Messenger, Telegram is made of just three tabs – contacts, chats and settings. The focus is on messaging, and nothing else. This makes it a great app to use if you just want to message people privately and securely, although, if you’re also looking to watch stories, play chess and do your shopping, then you’re better off sticking to Facebook Messenger.

The app doesn’t have the fun extras of Kik Messenger, like preset groups based on interest and chatting with bots, but again, if you’re looking for features other than messaging and sharing files, the Telegram is pretty pointless.

If, however, you’re looking for security and privacy, then this is the SMS app for you. No other major app on the market allows you to self-destruct your messages. And no other app has quite as much encryption and security. Telegram is pretty much impenetrable.

The app is also completely free, and always will be – so no need to worry about cheeky in-app purchases or anything else of that nature.


Nothing this secure can last for long without raising a few eyebrows. In the same way that downloading the Tor Browser often has people asking “What do you need that much privacy for?” – or, in other words, “What are you hiding?”- Telegram has faced some flak for the sheer level of security it offers attracting some less than dandy users.

The app was banned in Russia for refusing to hand over its data to the authorities – a fair stance when your whole unique selling point is privacy and security… The Russian authorities claimed that they needed the data to combat terrorism.

On the note of terrorism, Telegram gained a lot of negative press after it was discovered that the international terrorist group ISIS had been urging members to use it for its security features. The app responding by hunting down and deleting any public groups promoting terrorism, although it refused to look into user messages, claiming that it was a breach of privacy.

The app has also been used by pro-democracy groups and others to organise mass-protests – which has led to it being censored in several countries that are terrified of their own people.

So, international terrorists use Telegram and don’t get caught, which is quite a validation of its privacy features. Hopefully, you won’t use it for that…

Why should you download the Telegram Messenger app?

Hopefully not because you’re a terrorist trying to hide suspicious behaviour. No seriously, don’t be that.

In a nutshell, you should download Telegram to have a messenger that allows you to send sensitive documents or messages, such as bank details, over a secure line that doesn’t store your data alongside decryption keys.

You might also consider using this app if you’re just looking for a simpler messenger and SMS service, that doesn’t bombard you with ads and distracting features.


Telegram is a very secure and private messenger app that is occasionally used by the most notorious terrorist group in the world, isn’t liked by Vladimir Putin, and allows you to send secure messages, documents, and more with a self-destruct timer on them.

The app is considered one of the fastest messengers on the market, is totally free and allows you to build your own tools on it for free with their API. If you’re looking for something fast, simple and secure to send messages with – then this is the thing for you.

To download and install Telegram, simply press the button at the top of this article and it will download on your device – it’s available on ALL devices and can sync between them too. It’s free and easy, so give it a go now.