Looking for a free VPN for Android? Well, SuperVPN Free VPN Client will allow you to use four servers around the world to get around blocked content. It will also mask your IP address and secure you on public WiFi connections. The VPN is free, which does come with a set of concerns attached, but if you’re looking to circumvent online censorship, then this is a good choice of free VPN to do so with.

Developed in China, SuperVPN Free VPN Client has more than 600,000 reviews on the Google Play Store, mostly positive. This now hugely popular free VPN for Android devices provides the basic features you would expect from any VPN service, while not charging you a penny to do so.

That being said, we’re very critical of free VPNs, and for good reason. The Chinese based VPN has a questionable private policy, takes many permissions to install on Android, and is slower than your average VPN. It also features many ads and has been flagged as adware on some sites. All of this may well put you off – we wouldn’t blame you and we certainly don’t recommend using this VPN for improving your online privacy and security. However, if your biggest concern is accessing blocked websites, then SuperVPN Free VPN Client might not be the best choice, but it’ll get the job done all the same, and you won’t have to pay to use it.

What is SuperVPN Free VPN Client?

The free VPN offers four servers around the world – a small amount but understandable considering it’s free. This means that you can get into various websites that might otherwise be geographically blocked in your country. It will also hide your IP address, although it disconnects every 60 minutes and because there isn’t a kill switch your IP address and thus location and identity could be compromised during these cutoffs.

The VPN claims to have servers based in the US and the UK where data is securely stored, although considering there is no information or website for the company that developed it, this information is quite possibly untrue. If it operates within China then it would have to be allowed by the Chinese government, who otherwise ban all VPNs. This means that they would likely hand over all data to the Chinese authorities.

Pros of using SuperVPN Free VPN Client


Websites and trackers won’t be able to see who you are or what you’re doing. This means that you can browse the web in the knowledge that your privacy is being protected. Having said that, the VPN company could store and use your data, so it’s very important that the company is transparent (which this one is not, unfortunately).


SuperVPN Free VPN Client allows you to access content that would otherwise be geographically blocked. This is great for watching certain news sources and entertainment sites – although when tested, Netflix picks up on the VPN and doesn’t allow you to watch anything.


There is no limit to how much time you can spend on the VPN and no limit on how much data you can consume. This is actually pretty rare for a free VPN and is one of the stronger points in its favor.


While you’re going to see a ton of ads and the thing disconnects every 60 minutes, you will never have to actually pay anything to use SuperVPN Free VPN Client. It’s no free lunch, but at least you’ve still got some cash in your wallet.

Downsides of SuperVPN Free VPN Client

As mentioned earlier, this is not a VPN that you should be using if you’re primary concerns are privacy and security. Frankly, SuperVPN Free VPN Client scores low in these categories.


The word ‘private’ doesn’t really have much of a place here. SuperVPN Free VPN Client claims not to store any of your data and then goes on to say that it stores all your data in secure servers in the US and the UK, which is most likely a load of bollocks. If they’re lying and flip-flopping here, then you shouldn’t trust them. Another point worthy of note is that the company behind the VPN has no information about them online, no website and no apparent address. The developer has an address listed in Beijing – the capital of one of the world’s most repressive countries with regard to online freedom and privacy.


Even other free VPNs including VPN Master and Security Master score much higher than SuperVPN Free VPN Client when it comes to how fast the thing works. This one is very slow and this sort of just adds insult to injury considering the point above.


While the VPN says they provide the very best encryption, they fail to actually let you know what that is, which leads us to believe that it’s very, very far from the best encryption and that it’s possible they don’t even bother encrypting your data at all. The lack of transparency here means we have to assume the worst.


SuperVPN Free VPN Client requires that you hand over your device history, your photos, your identity and wifi connection information, and much more. It’s blatantly excessive and totally unnecessary and only calls into question even more whether this VPN is actually a malicious scam.


There are tons of them, every time you connect. The VPN was also flagged as malware (likely adware) by some websites. If you don’t like ads then you’ll bloody well hate this.

Final words about SuperVPN Free VPN Client

If you’re looking for a free VPN, then you can do better than this one. Realistically, any free VPN should be viewed with suspicion – the simple fact is that it costs a lot of money to keep those international servers running and keep developers on hand to keep the VPN up to date and ensure security. This is why most VPNs cost a monthly fee.

If you’re going to download a VPN for accessing blocked content, then SuperVPN Free VPN Client is going to allow you to do that. But if you want to safeguard your privacy and encrypt your data, then consider paying a monthly fee for ExpressVPN, OpenVPN, or Avast Secureline VPN – these options are much more transparent and genuinely secure.