If you’ve ever considered rooting your Android device, the SuperSU is an app that you’ll need to keep things running smoothly after you’ve done it. It’s a superuser management app that allows you to keep control of your rooted Android device. It allows you to unroot your phone too, and temporarily unroot it.

When rooting an Android, you leave yourself open to the threat of installed apps having root access, which means they can do and see anything they want on your phone. SuperSU apk prevents this by giving you full administrative control over your rooted device, meaning that you can manage all your root app and ensure that none of them have too much access to your phone.

Basically, if you’re going to root your Android device, then SuperSU apk should be the first app that you install after you’ve completed the root.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is when you unlock your phone via third-party software. It allows you to have administrator (or, superuser) access to your device, meaning that you can change, delete, or install anything you want – even the operating system.

By rooting your phone, you can download root-only apps that let you do things like overclock the CPU, change the operating system, completely change the way your phone operates, download the latest Android updates before they’re officially released, and more. It’s not condoned by Android and therefore you won’t find apps to root your device on the Google Play Store (although you can find SuperSU there) and if you’ve rooted your device then you will lose your warranty.

One problem with rooting is that while it gives you the keys to administrator access, you still need some other app to actually activate that for you. This is where SuperSU comes into the mix. It gives you the ability to allow apps roots access but also allows you full control over the extent of that access so that apps aren’t just getting unlimited access to your device. Think of it as your secretary and personal assistant for your rooted phone.

What is SuperSU?

As mentioned above, SuperSU is a management app for your rooted device that allows you to grant and remove root permissions, as well as reverse the root on your phone. It lets you open up all the doors to do all those cool things you’ve heard about with a rooted phone.

Without it, your rooted phone is basically just the same as it was before but with more potential. SuperSU gives your phone the education and the tools to go out there and make something amazing happen.

With the app you can allow superuser access, deep process detection, change the theme on your phone, and much more.

Best Features of SuperSU apk for Android

Now that you know a little more about SuperSU apk for Android, let’s throw it up in the air and gaze at it through our special telescope to give you a more detailed look at all its glorious features.


Without an app like SuperSU, you might as well not even bother rooting your Android device because you won’t be able to access any of those awesome features that make it tick. SuperSU apk gives you the keys to open all the doors that Android ever put up in front of you. It’s like that dude in the Matrix Reloaded with the white beard who sits in the chair. That guy – it’s like the Matrix guy, but for a phone, and without a leather chair.


Root access is awesome, but maybe you want to take your phone back and replace it for a different one? Well, good luck doing that if it’s been rooted. This makes it pretty damn convenient to be able to unroot your device. SuperSU gives you the option to do exactly this, with minimal effort.


SuperSU keeps a list of all the apps on your device that you’ve granted root access. This means that you can quickly and easily revoke said access whenever you please. This is useful information to know, especially if you’re worried that an app might have malicious intentions.


The thing about randomly throwing root access around like a second-hand glove is that one wrong move and you can destroy your phone – rendering it an inanimate brick of plastic shi*t that you can’t even attempt to flog off for some mollies. SuperSU allows you to keep track of what’s going on and ensure that this doesn’t happen.


Why root your Android if you’re not even going to bother making it look totally badass? With SuperSU apk for Android, you can choose between various cool themes that totally change the look and feel of your phone.


There’s no chance of things going wrong here – SuperSU even has your back when your phone is in recovery mode, meaning you’ll never lose access to those special superuser keys.


There’s also the option to pay to get SuperSU Pro – although the developers point out that this doesn’t really give you much additional functionality, in fact, it’s totally unnecessary and is more like a donation scheme to help support those who made this awesome app (their words, not ours).

With SuperSU Pro, you will get some cool extra features, but they’re nothing to do with superuser access. For example, you can PIN lock each and every app on your device to ensure that if someone gets hold of it they can’t do anything dodgy.

The pro version of SuperSU apk also allows you to grant root access to an app for a limited period of time, which could essentially be done by just allowing it access then removing it later, but if you’re a busy bee and just want an app to have this for a little while, then it could be a useful feature.

All in all, the pro version of SuperSU is more of a donation scheme and isn’t necessary to get the full benefits of the app.

How to Download SuperSU apk for Android free

To get the SuperSU app on your rooted Android device, simply press the download button at the top of this page to get into the action. We hope you enjoy having a more manageable rooted Android.