There are loads of endless runner games on Android, so whenever a new one comes out, it really needs to be unique. If it’s not got its own flavor, then it’ll likely fail. Subway Surfers apk ticks this box for sure. The arcade game sees you escaping from the clutches of a moody old train inspector and his dog, as well as dodging trains, collecting coins, surfing on clouds, and more.

The original endless runner game that broke the mobile market was Temple Run and most other endless runner games have followed a similar formula. You’re being chased by something and you can never stop running. Along the way, you’ll have to dodge obstacles and work around corners at precise moments to ensure you’re not caught by whatever it is that’s chasing you. In the original Temple Run it was three large chimps, whereas in Subway Surfers, it’s a train inspector and his dog. The chaser changes in different games, but the overriding concept is always the same.

That being said, there’s something uniquely addictive about endless runner games. The simple gameplay ensures that you’re kept entertained for hours. Simply running and running forever with no end-game might sound like a somewhat pointless activity, but then most games are ultimately pointless anyway, so what the hell.

Why Download Subway Surfers APK?

So, if there are so many endless runner games out there, then why should you play Subway Surfers APK for Android? First of all, the unique blend of gameplay and visual action is enough to keep you from being bored in those less productive moments in your day. As you run through the trainyard, leaping out of the way of everything that’s in front of you, you’ll feel a great sense of pleasure.

The game has a bright and colorful design and is certainly kid-friendly. If you have a child who wants to play something easy and fun on the iPad (don’t they all, these days) then this is an ideal game that doesn’t contain any blood or gore and is perfectly crafting for a little one to enjoy.

Don’t go thinking that this is just a game for kids, though. Subway Surfers apk can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. In the beginning of the game, you’ll have to run from the angry train inspector after breaking into the trainyard to graffiti some walls. You’ll have to escape him and his dog, but there are plenty of trains coming and going in the yard and you’ll have to be careful not to run into them. If you hit a train, then it’s game over. One has to wonder how such an infinitely large train yard could possibly exist in our limited world, but then, this isn’t a game about metaphysics, so let’s just leave that bit out for now.

The more coins you collect, the more you can edit your character, giving them aesthetic upgrades, as well as unlocking cool items like the hoverboard, which allows you to move faster and more nimbly.

Best Features of Subway Surfers

Now that you know a bit more about Subway Surfers APK for Android, let’s get the binoculars out and have a proper close up look at this rare bird of prey. In other words, let’s have a look at the best features.

Bright Graphics

The graphics of Subway Surfers are really one of the best things about the game. They’re not overly complex – pretty simple, in fact – and this makes playing it instantly feel fun and laid back. It’s a great stress reliever and, when played in moderation, it might even increase your productivity. Don’t hold us to that – we take no responsibility if you get in trouble at work for playing Subway Surfers on the grounds of being more productive…

Simple gameplay

There’s not much a real challenge when playing this game, which makes it ideal for a bit of casual time-killing. If you’re into simple and laid back Android games, then try this one out. The simple act of running forever is pretty addictive. In some ways you have to question whether you’re actually from a train inspector, or whether you’re really running from demons manufactured in your own fragile imagination. The simplest things in the world are often the most complex.


No need to worry about your child running around a digitized world with a machete and killing innocents at random. With Subway Surfers apk, the gameplay is totally kid friendly – so just give them this to play and you won’t have to worry about all those violent tendencies in other games warping their tiny little minds.


Everyone loves a free lunch, right? This game is totally free to play and enjoy all day long. While the game is free, the developers have to make money somehow, so expect to see some ads here and there. This is a fair trade-off, all things considered. There are also some micro-transactions present in the game, but these basically just allow you to unlock aesthetic items quicker. It’s not necessary to pay to play the game.

Areas For Improvement

While the game is great and has almost 30 million positive reviews on the Google Play Store, it has to be said that there are some areas where the game could be improved. Chiefly, there could be more variation in difficulty modes. The game is actually quite easy when compared to other endless runner titles like Temple Run 2.

On top of this, the microtransactions in the game don’t really unlock any beneficial items. They mainly just unlock new clothes and boards. This is one area where the game could be made more interesting.

Download Subway Surfers APK for Android Free

If you’re looking to get in on the endless fun of this game, then simply press the download button at the top of this page. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press install to get it on your Android. Enjoy!