Looking to watch movies, TV shows and more on your Android phone or tablet? Stremio is a video and media player app that lets you install addons to watch content from a variety of sources. With Stremio, you can stream free movies, or rent them from various official sources. You can connect your Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Twitch TV and more to the app, as well as get subtitles for most movies and stream some for free in the Discover Free section.

Those familiar with Kodi apk will notice similarities between the two apps – they’re both media hubs that allow you to install various addons to watch content from multiple sources, all in one place.

The main difference is that Stremio is much easier to use than Kodi, which was renowned for being difficult to use without a video tutorial. Once you’ve got Stremio up and running, you can enjoy thousands of movies, and you can listen to music and even watch YouTube videos.

The app also takes you to the third-party addons to sign in, so you never need to give any usernames or passwords to Stremio when logging in to these other services. This is a great way to ensure maximum security when using the app.

What is Stremio APK?

Stremio is a media player for Android, Windows, and other platforms that collects various sources for streaming movies and TV shows and allows you to browse them all from one place. This makes keeping track of everything you’re watching much easier than if you had to navigate between various apps.

All of Stremios add-ons are run through the web, so none of them have to be downloaded onto your device – this is great as it means that there’s no chance of you downloading malware through a shady addon software.

Stremio also lets you view all the TV shows you’re watching in a calendar so that you can see exactly when the next episode airs. You can also see all the movies and shows you’re currently watching and carry on watching them from where you left off.

Stremio vs Kodi

Stremio offers a lot less add-ons than Kodi and for the most part, they’re all legal and above board. If you have a Netflix or Amazon TV account, for example, then you can get the respective addons and watch them on here. Alternatively, you can pay to rent movies from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more through Stremio.

There are also add-ons that allow you to watch movies for free, although there is a chance that you’d be infringing on copyright by doing this. Stremio takes a similar approach to other media hub apps by stating that they bear no legal responsibility for cases of copyright infringement and that the third-party add-ons are the ones who must deal with any legal repercussions of such activity.

Both apps are free to download and both of them allow you to watch movies and TV shows for free from a number of third-party sources, as well as guarantee the legality of your actions by paying for movies from reputable sources or using official free add-ons like Sony Crackle.

Overall, Stremio is more above-board than Kodi and it’s also a lot easier to use. Whereas Kodi requires a lot of technical stuff to install an addon, Stremio makes the whole process very easy. It’s a formidable competitor to Kodi and will likely overrun the now largely outdated and frowned upon service.

Best Features of Stremio APK

In order to make the most out of Stremio APK, make sure to look into these awesome features that make the app stand out from the competition.


You can find new movies and shows to watch easily through Stremio’s easy to navigate interface. Users are encouraged to search for new things to watch and the app will make suggestions for you based on your viewing history.


If you’re watching too many TV shows to keep up with the schedule of when the latest episodes are released, then the calendar feature is here to help you. You can have Stremio keep track of when the next episode of your favorite shows is released. It’ll give you a notification when it’s about to come on and will look for a stream for you to watch too.


Rather than relying on third-party add-ons like Kodi does, Stremio allows you to stream from iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Hulu and much more. This means that you can have tons of great content and feel safe in the knowledge that it’s all totally legal and above board.


They’re there if you want them and often offer free movies and TV shows. They tend to work smoothly, although there is no guarantee that you’re not breaching copyright laws when you use them. If you want to play it safe then we recommend that you avoid using these unofficial add-ons or that you use a VPN when you do use them.


Here you can see all the shows and movies you’re watching or that you’ve saved. You can carry on watching stuff that you left before and keep track of your favorites.

Using a VPN with Stremio APK

Assuming you’re planning on using Stremio to use third-party add-ons that offer free movies and TV shows, potentially breaking copyright laws, you should certainly be using a VPN at the same time. Getting a VPN on Android is simple, there are various free options, although this is worth doing a lot of homework as some of them horde your data and give it away to third parties, and some of them take control of your computer to mine bitcoin without you even realizing.

We recommend you use a paid service that has a solid reputation from legitimate sources. Examples include ExpressVPN, OpenVPN, and Avast Secureline VPN.

Is Stremio Legal and Safe?

In short, yes, but only if you stick to the official add-ons like YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, etc. If you’re using third-party add-ons then there’s a chance you’re violating copyright laws – so you should use a VPN in this case. In terms of safety, you’re pretty much guaranteed secure because none of the addons from Stremio install on your device, meaning they can’t carry viruses over to you.

How to Download Stremio APK for Android Free

To get this awesome media streaming app on Android free, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get it for free.

Once it’s installed you can make an account or just get straight to streaming. Enjoy!