Looking for an adventure/strategy game to play in the New Year? Star Trek Fleet Command for Android is the one for you – even if you’re not a fan of the series. This is a huge game that allows you to build your way up to power in a vast universe populated by strange planets, warring factions, awesome starships and plenty of huge online space battles. Star Trek might not be the most favored thing for many people, but this game has to be appreciated for its stunning design and immersive gameplay all the same.

The game’s graphics are rendered in high detail and the universe looks impressive. In short, you’ll be pretty blown away at first sight. You’ll start out a small fish in the galaxy and have to work your way up to upgrade the star station that you command. Build upgrades to your star station and launch fleets from it to explore the galaxy and either make alliances with the Federation, Klingon, or Romulan forces or go to war with them.

You can find famous characters from the TV series in the game and use them to command ships in your fleet to upgrade their abilities. On top of that, you can have ships like the Enterprise, the Klingon Bird of Prey and more. Jump into the multiplayer mode to work with or against millions of other players in this vast game and enjoy massive and epic battles between star fleets.

How to Play Star Trek Fleet Command on Android

At the beginning of the game, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of directions to take the gameplay – don’t worry, you’ll soon figure out where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you shouldn’t be messing with.

When you’re exploring, you’ll encounter lots of other players (human players online) also making their way around the galaxy. It’s worth noting that ships can’t engage other ships until they reach level 10, so you should consider this when you’re flying around. Once your ships reach level 10, they’re fair game for anyone to destroy – it’s worth remembering this so that you don’t leave one of them out mining on its own unprotected and then wonder why it’s been disabled by some random Chinese kid.

Obviously, it’s worth considering whether it’s worth jumping into battle, even once your ships have leveled up enough to do so. A lot of players out there will be significantly more powerful than you in the early days and they could easily disable your ship. To have a proper battle-ready ship you’ll need to assign a decent officer like Spock, Nero, Kerla, or another equally as effective character to command it in the bridge.

As you progress in the game, upgrading your ships and your starbase, you’ll start to gain more powerful ships and you’ll gradually start to notice that you’re becoming a bigger fish in the galactic ocean. This is a very rewarding feeling and will help you stay addicted to the Star Trek Fleet Command game for Android for months to come!

Tips for Playing Star Trek Fleet Command

Your home is the starbase, and it’s important to keep upgrading this to ensure that it can fend off attacks from other players. Make sure to keep going out and mining resources, completing missions and exploring the galaxy, but do remember to come back every now and then to build up your starbase.

If you really want to stand a chance in Star Trek Fleet Command for Android, you’ll need to forge lasting alliances with other players. This is one of the coolest features of the game and allows you to gradually build your alliance by completing requests from other online members, completing daily alliance missions and contributing resources to it. Once it grows bigger, you’ll be able to recruit new members and grow it bigger. You might even be able to become the leader of the alliance! This is an awesome way to get more out of the game and means you can take part in massive intergalactic battles.

One more thing to ensure that you’re doing is to complete the goals assigned every day. By doing these, you can earn points to buy new items with, which will, in turn, make you even stronger.

Best Features

Now that you have more of an idea about the gameplay in Star Trek Fleet Command for Android, let’s look into some of the other features that make it an awesome game.


The graphics in the game are great – another stunning victory for mobile games developers. They easily rival a console game and make the whole Star Trek Fleet Command universe more awesome to explore and play in.


The game is set in the Kelvin Timeline, and you can take part in the simmering war between the Federation, Klingon, or Romulan forces to gain control of the alpha and beta quadrants.


Join millions of other players from all around the world in epic battles and stories. Make alliances and help each other out, complete daily alliance missions and watch the cause grow into a full fledged power. Fight with other players and annoy them, or see what they’re up to and help them out.


The massive amount of daily tasks will keep you entertained for months on end. You’ll never really be stuck for something to do when playing this awesome game – you can complete daily alliance missions or discover the daily goals that will take you around the galaxy to explore new reaches.

How to Download Star Trek Fleet Command on Android

To get Star Trek Fleet Command on Android, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get into the massively multiplayer online action. The game is free to download, although there are in-app purchases. That being said, Star Trek Fleet Command for Android is one of the more reasonable games when it comes to micro-transactions – you can enjoy all the features of this game for free if you want and you’ll only have to spend real cash if you really want to speed things up a little. Enjoy Trekkers!