Spotify is the king of music streaming apps and the most popular mass media streaming service in the world. It was launched in 2008 by Swedish company Spotify Technology. The app’s library contains more than 30 million songs and podcasts and is constantly growing.

The freemium music app is used by 180 million people around the world and is available in 65 countries. You could say that Spotify shot a gaping hole in the record industry by wiping out the need to purchase CD’s or digital albums almost overnight. Quite simply, there’s no bigger music database in the world that is as easy to use as Spotify.

How does it work?

Spotify Music APK operates as a freemium service. You can listen to all 30 million songs for free, but have to listen to a 30-second ad every three songs or so. On top of this, the free version doesn’t have as high-quality sound as Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium is US$9.99 per month and comes with high-quality audio, no ads and the ability to save and download playlists to listen to even when you’ve not got connection.

As a student, you can receive a Spotify discount with a student account. To claim this, you have to be over 18 years of age and enrolled in a college or university. This entitles you to a 50% discount for the duration of your studies. There is also the much loved 3 month Spotify Premium deal, where the first three months only cost you $0.99 per month. All the more reason to go premium!

That being said, one truly great thing about the app is that the free version is actually pretty good too. You have to listen to adverts here and there, but that’s sort of just like listening to the radio. In other words, download it free and see what you think, if you’re entire music library ends up being streamed through it, then upgrade to the premium apk version to enjoy the full benefits.


Spotify Music is packed with tons of cool features, here are some of our favourites:


It’s rare that you can’t find the song you want on Spotify. With 30 million tunes spread over every genre, you could conjure up. Adding your music to Spotify is fairly straightforward, and most musicians recognise the benefit of doing so.


Making playlists is easy on Spotify, just tap on a song and press ‘add to playlist’, then a list of your playlists will appear, you just have to select which one you want it to go in.


The ability to make collaborative playlists on Spotify is one of our favourite features. Music is such a powerful thing, and being able to build a playlist with your friends on the other side of the world feels great. You can also share songs direct to social media, and send them in the in-app messenger.

Music for you:

Spotify uses a very effective method to find music you’ll love. Every Monday you receive a new Discover Weekly playlist full of songs based off of what you’ve been listening to recently. The playlist is renewed each week, although you can save them if you like them. You also get a ‘Daily Mix’ which consists of six playlists, each a different genre made just for your taste.

Listen offline:

This is a premium feature. You can download music onto your device and listen to it later. The number of songs you can save is now 10,000. This is great when you’re traveling in places that don’t have connectivity – for example, the subway.

Great audio:

Songs sound great on Spotify – even in the free version. The premium version unlocks significantly higher audio quality so you can catch every last beat of your favourite songs exactly how you always wanted to.

Artist info:

You can visit the page of any artist on Spotify to read more about them, as well as to see all their releases. The page includes music, a bio, tour dates, monthly listeners and where they are and photos. Spotify also suggests related artists so you can easily find more great music.

Listen in private:

Got some guilty pleasure? We sure do. Other users can see what you’re listening to on Spotify if they want to. You can enter Private Session from the Account tab to listen to Justin Bieber without anyone knowing.


You can also add songs to your queue, which means they’ll be played after the current song. This is a great thing to use at parties and can save arguments from breaking out on a road trip. Everyone gets their turn.


Spotify is available on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, tablets and more. You can also open the app on more than one device at a time, and it will show you what’s playing on the other device. You just have to press ‘Listen on this device’ and it’ll switch instantly.

Ease of use

Finally, Spotify is extremely easy to use. The interface is smooth and rarely, if ever, experiences glitches. It can be controlled from your lock screen, or from your headphones so you can listen with ease while on-the-go.


While Spotify is great and easy to use, there are some features which people, including some prominent musicians, don’t like so much. Nothing is perfect, and there has been some criticism of Spotify, so let’s take a look at the downsides:


Spotify famously got into a confrontation with several musicians, including Taylor Swift and the Beatles. Many have accused them of not compensating artists fairly, and giving them way too small a cut on each listen from one of their songs.


Unless you have the premium version – which in our opinion is totally worth it – you’ll have to put up with your music being interrupted by advertisements every three or so songs. That’s kind of annoying, but if you like the app so much, then maybe it’s time to open your wallet.

Limited global availability

Spotify isn’t available in every country in the world, just 65 to be specific. This can be worked around with a VPN, read on for more details.

Using Spotify anywhere

Not only is Spotify not available to set up in many countries, especially developing ones, but users with pre-existing subscription can’t sign into the app in these countries as well. This is annoying when you find yourself abroad for some time, or if you live in a country where Spotify isn’t available. But fear not, there’s a way around this, and it’s fairly straightforward.

First of all, download a VPN – we recommend TunnelBear. You won’t need to keep the VPN active while using the app, rather you’ll just need it to sign in.

Once you’ve downloaded TunnelBear, set your location to a country where Spotify is available such as the U.S. or the U.K. Now that this is done, you can download the app from the link at the bottom of this page. When it’s done, open it and install, accepting the terms in the process. If you have an account already, then just go to the Spotify website on browser and sign in, then sign in on the app.

If you don’t have one yet, then follow the same process: Go to the website, sign up, then open the app and sign in. You’ll stay signed in for around one month, at which point you’ll be signed out again, just repeat the simple process with the VPN to sign back in for another month.

How to install Spotify

Simply press the button at the bottom of this article to download and install Spotify. Once the app is open, you can sign-up and get streaming your favourite music. The latest version has made several improvements including fixing bugs and upgrading audio quality.

It’s very easy to install on any device.

How do I get Spotify Premium apk?

You will be frequently asked while using the app if you want to try premium, there will be a banner at the top of the screen. Just tap it and fill out your details. You’ll be billed monthly.


Overall, Spotify is a fantastic app. The massive library of music and podcasts combined with the ease of use and fun features make it much more enjoyable than the competition. It also has the added bonus of being free and legal!

There are many other music apps on the website that are worth your download, for example, Soundcloud.