When it comes to music streaming apps, there are only a few giants who really dominate the scene. Soundcloud is certainly one of them, an audio distribution website based in Germany boasting a huge catalog of music from signed to unsigned artists. This article will explore some of the awesome features Soundcloud has to offer with the music lover in mind, as well as how to download free SoundCloud apk to start discovering new artists today.

As a music lover – which I assume you are due to your landing on this review – you probably are constantly searching for fresh tracks and artists to add to your repertoire to keep your music library fresh and stimulating. Soundcloud is the perfect app for content discovery due to the high amount of underground artists and emerging talent using the site as a platform to share their work. If Spotify could be compared to Netflix, SoundCloud could be considered YouTube of music, with anyone having free reign to upload content and reach the masses. Just as YouTubers create followings through content, Soundcloud artists do the same. And in turn, just as Netflix streams licensed productions, Spotify shares music owned by record labels and publishers.

While Spotify has a user base of over 75 million, it’s minimal compared to Soundcloud’s whopping 175 million. Soundcloud, as a result, cares less about monetization, with artists looking to build followings through their music. Compared to Spotify’s library of 40 million songs, SoundCloud advertises in excess of 125 million, but at least 110 million of those are free, user uploaded songs.

Some of the top grossing artists in the world started on SoundCloud and were discovered this way. Names like Fetty Wap, Diplo and Skrillex all share the same origins, which is a testament to the opportunities that Soundcloud can present artists with. For this reason, SoundCloud has a huge database of music that simply can’t be found anywhere else on the net – unlike Spotify – making it the preferred platform for many listeners.

Let’s look at some of the key features of the Soundcloud app.

SoundCloud key features

Huge catalog

As stated previously, due to the underground nature of the platform and freedom of upload, the music library is huge, from known tracks to hits that will be popular tomorrow.

Discover artists

Soundcloud is notorious for hosting an array of talent and providing the platform for discovery of new artists. Look at it more as a social music platform with users able to collect, share and comment on their favorite tracks.

SoundCloud suggestions

Part of the discovery process is songs suggestions, which Soundcloud take very seriously, providing you songs, artists and radio stations to discover music in related genres of interest.


Create collections of your favorite music and sort them by “Liked Tracks”, “Playlists & Albums” and “Stations”.

Recently played

All recently played tracks are presented in an easy to navigate list to replay your favorite jams.

Follow other users

Follow your favorite artists or friends to listen to their personally curated music lists and share the music discovery experience together.


The ability to comment on tracks is something Spotify sorely missed out on, but you can bet Soundcloud are all over it. Comment on your favorite song and your remark will be annotated under it at the moment in the track you made the comment.

Social sharing

Songs and artists can be easily shared across multiple social platforms including Instagram stories.

Direct message

Message your friends and followers directly to their inbox to discuss that sick drop in the latest track you discovered.

Free album upload

As an artist, SoundCloud lets you upload 3 full albums free of charge. After this, you’ll need to get a PRO account to upload more.

SoundCloud Pro

With a SoundCloud Pro plans you get access to ad-free streaming as well as advanced stats and analytic tools for artists to better track their progress. Pro plans also let you listen offline to take your music on the go.


Stay in the loop with SoundCloud’s blog that discusses all things music related.


Tune in to podcasts on your favorite topics with this powerful content medium. If you host a podcast yourself, SoundCloud is a platform you don’t want to neglect for getting exposure to your content.


No app is without faults, and while there aren’t many, SoundCloud is no exception. The main point of frustration for users with SoundCloud free plan is ad placements, although it’s to be expected with any free music streaming service.

How to download Soundcloud

We’re so glad you asked. To download SoundCloud free to your Android device, hit the green “Download” button at the top of this review to get the ball rolling. You will need to make sure your Android is permitted to “Allow Unknown Sources” for downloads which basically gives your phone the green light to download apps from other sources than Google Play. After this, simply open the app and create an account using Google, FaceBook or email to start enjoying a refreshing music discovery experience. Another minor fault is that it limits your podcast uploads by time, whereas most other platforms limit it by file size. This can potentially lead to running out of time unless you’re subscribed to one of their Pro plans.

Is it worthwhile?

In short, yes. Soundcloud is a fantastic music streaming app for anyone. But it really shines brightest when users are looking to discover new emerging artists or looking to put their own content out there into the world for a shot at stardom. We’re adamant that no matter the nature of your listening habits, SoundCloud has the features you need. A basic SoundCloud account is free after all.


Hopefully, this review has armed you with the knowledge to take a step towards a superior music discovery experience by grabbing your SoundCloud apk free download. Endless hours of streaming awaits. And who knows, as a musician, it might just be the big break you were searching for.