SnapTube is a fantastic application designed for Android that allows you to download music and videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion and many more. The free to use app converts videos from the web into MP3 audio files and high-resolution video downloads. It’s a must-have for anyone who is fed up with not being able to access content while offline. What song will you download first?

It comes in the form of two apps: SnapTube Music lets you download the audio from any video file, and allows you to choose your preferred quality – although it cannot exceed that of the original video.

SnapTube Video lets you download any video files from supported platforms, and also allows you to choose the quality and size meaning you can tailor your downloads to suit the available data on your device. Video downloads can go up to 4K HD quality when using SnapTube Premium.

The app has been downloaded more than 400 million times and supports a wide number of video and music platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vemo, Instagram and so on.

SnapTube has lots of cool features that make it more than just a music and video converter, let’s have a look at them.

Features of SnapTube

Simple to use

SnapTube is extremely simple to use. Once you’ve installed it you just have to search for a video, press download and choose the audio and/or video quality that you want. Once it’s done you can view it in the downloads tab on the app, as well as in your files.

Clean Interface

The design of the app is based on YouTube meaning that most people will already feel familiar with it. This is also great as the design fits the purpose of SnapTube very well, creating a satisfying user experience.

Organise music and videos

It’s very easy to organise your music and video files when using SnapTube, and if you want, you can organise them yourself in the files folder of your device.

Supports various platforms

As mentioned already, SnapTube supports a large number of platforms meaning that there’s a ton of music and video content to choose from. Probably more than anyone could ever need!

Free to use

Another bonus of SnapTube is that it’s totally free to download and use, and while there is a premium version, the free one is good enough to satisfy most users.

SnapTube Online

If your platform doesn’t support the SnapTube app then you can still download music and video files directly from the SnapTube website, although this option misses out on many of the great features of the app.

Really cheap premium

SnapTube Premium, which is ad-free and allows users to download videos in 4K HD, can be purchased for a one-off payment of just US$1.99.

MP3 downloads

If you’re looking to download music from SnapTube then you’re in luck as all files come in MP3 format, meaning they’re highly compatible and can be easily uploaded onto an iPhone or USB.

Quick downloads

It only takes a few seconds to download most MP3 files with SnapTube. Of course, videos take longer, although the speed is still impressive.


You can share their videos and MP3 files once they’re downloaded, so don’t forget to share the love.


SnapTube takes user security very seriously. That being said, you should always have an anti-virus software operational if using a PC, just to be sure.


SnapTube has been downloaded more than 400 million times and has generally always received positive feedback. On top of this, the company is very open about its operations, openly publishing details about projects and their revenue on their website.

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Downsides of Snaptube

While SnapTube has many great features, the app version is only available on Android, and to use it on other platforms requires an emulator software. It cannot be used on iOS. One more downside is that the free version of the app does have ads, but this is to be expected in any free app of this nature.

It’s important to remember that you can be penalised for misusing copyrighted material – SnapTube allows users to download content but does not possess the rights for any of it and it’s up to you to ensure that you’re not illegally downloading any music or videos. That being said, it should be noted that installing and using SnapTube responsibly is absolutely legal and safe.

The benefits of SnapTube certainly outweigh the negatives, read on to learn how to install and make the most of it, regardless of what platform you’re using.

How to download and install

The SnapTube app is compatible with Android and can be used via an emulator on a PC or Mac. The online version can also be used on iOS, and most other platforms, although the app is not currently supported on the iOS platform.

To install SnapTube apk on Android press the download link at the end of this article, make sure that you allow downloads from unknown sources by going to Settings > Security > allow Unknown Sources.

Once it’s finished installing go to Downloads and open it. That’s it, now you can begin storing high-quality videos and MP3 music.

To use the app on a PC or Mac you’ll first need to install an Android emulator software like BlueStacks. Search it in Google, install, and then download SnapTube and open it via the emulator software. You can now use it on your PC or Mac.

For iOS you’ll have to stick with the online version, and while this won’t allow you to organise your files, it still allows you to download high-quality videos and music onto your iPhone or iPad.

In case you want to experience more video downloaders like Snaptube, Tubemate is one of the best choices for you.

How to use SnapTube

Using SnapTube is very straightforward, if you’ve ever used YouTube then you’ll be at an advantage already, and we’re assuming you’ve got that far.

Once the app is open, type the song or video that you want to find into the search bar, select from the list of available videos, then press the download button. You’ll then be presented with a selection of quality options – simply choose the quality you’d prefer, bearing in mind that the higher the quality the more memory the file will ultimately take up.

Then go to the downloads tab, you should see the file there. It can now be stored in the app and in your files to be viewed later. When you want to see it again, just open the app (you don’t need internet connection) and open it up again. Simple as that.


SnapTube is easy-to-use with an endless library of content to search. If you’re looking for a software to download music and video files from the web with good security then this is without any doubt the best choice. The cheap premium feature makes it even more appealing for those who are serious about using it.