Do you have a passion for singing? You’re not alone. Singing is an incredible form of expression, however, the majority of us shy away from it, lacking in confidence and fearing judgment from our peers. But you’re different, aren’t you? That’s why you’re here. One doesn’t just stumble onto our humble website accidentally. You came in search of a karaoke app, one the likes of which has never been seen before. And the wise sage Google brought you here. Well, you won’t leave disappointed. And you certainly won’t leave empty-handed. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the history of Karaoke and how it burst onto the mobile scene in the form of Smule app. Grab your free Smule sing apk today.

Humans have been telling stories in the form of song for an estimated 7 million years. There was a time when bongos and windpipes were the predominant backing tracks for such renditions. However, modern-day Karaoke itself has only been around since the 70s, featuring mostly in hotels and bars. While this remains the trend in the western world, parts of East Asia came up with the idea for private karaoke rooms in the 80s, and this remains the venue of choice to date.

Now, we’re seeing a huge push in mobile app development as portable devices are becoming the medium of choice for most day to day activities. This has led to the development of Karaoke apps that allow users/by night rockstars to take to the stage at home, to a friends place and even on camping trips (provided you brought a portable speaker). What a time to be alive. Let’s run through some of the features that Smule – the #1 singing app has to offer.


  • The huge library of songs in Smule will keep you entertained for hours on end. Sing anytime, anywhere with millions of songs.
  • Sing LIVE or record and fine-tune your performance. Freedom of expression has never been this customizable.
  • Go it solo or sing duet songs, acapella, dance, play along, or just sit back take it all in as your friends hit the stage.
  • You can sound even better than the pros by sharpening your vocals with legitimate studio effects.
  • Pitch correction (similar to auto-tune) for the added benefit of tuning while you sing.
  • Create a music video by first recording your vocals then add your video that you recorded to it.
  • Adding video filters can make your recording look super professional. Choose from Vintage effect, Selfie, B&W, Sepia, and much more.
  • Use stunning visual effects such as smoke and fireflies to make your recording stand out significantly above the competition.
  • Share your songs and videos easily with the rest of the world. There are 50M+ global users to be discovered by.
  • Upload your songs to the official Smule Songbook to let other singers/users perform them.
  • Facebook integration helps you connect to find and sing your favorite karaoke with mates on Smule, as well as converse with fellow singers.
  • Sing Karaoke duets with big-name artists like Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas, James Arthur, Charlie Puth and more.
  • Hit the leaderboards and smash your singing score like a true karaoke professional.
  • Fully customizable profile pages allow you to pin your favorite karaoke.
  • New songs are added daily, helping you find your favorite songs and karaoke tracks. Choose from a wide and vast selection of genres including Rock, Rap, K-Pop, RnB and more.

Smule is free and allows you to join a global community of singers and music lovers, connecting you to the world through the medium of song. It’s also free to use as any good karaoke app should be.

Some songs you can expect to see

Pop hits & karaoke ballads

  • Anything by Ed Sheeran
  • Play That Song – Train
  • Most nonsense from Shawn Mendes
  • Some famous and popular tracks by James Arthur
  • Any generic sounding songs by The Chainsmokers
  • 7 Years by Lukas Graham

New classics & karaoke essentials

  • Killing Me Softly by The Fugees – an RnB classic
  • I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
  • Eye of the Tiger (from Rocky) by Survivor
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Installing Smule free APK

Installing Smule free APK to your device is about as easy as it gets. Simply hit that large green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this article to begin. Just make sure your Android device is authorized to accept downloads from unknown sources other than Google Play. This gives your device the green light to go and begin the installation process. When finished, open the APK and click install. After this, there’s only one thing left to do. Open up Smule and get singing!

To get singing right on your Android phone, you are also suggested to refer to Wesing Karaoke. It is sure that you will get a chance to gain fascinating experience.

The bottom line

If anything, this app can teach you how to let go and have fun. How often do we really lose our inhibitions and put ourselves out? Smule has a bright and vibrant community that support each other and welcome anyone wants to sing and while the quality of the material may vary from time to time, the catalog of songs is no doubt impressive. Apps like Smule trigger interest in singing among youth, encouraging open expression which is ultimately a step in the right direction for society.

Smule sing karaoke turns the internet into a virtual karaoke bar. Since the invention of apps like these, the karaoke industry in bars and venues has decreased slightly, but this seems like an inevitability as technology advances and karaoke becomes more convenient and accessible.

So what on earth are you waiting for? These power ballads aren’t gonna sing themselves. Download Smule right now and show the world what you’re made of, but most importantly, have fun in the process. Because no matter if you sound like Celine Dion or a bag of dying cats, Smule has an array of effects to help you find your voice. You know, one that doesn’t sound like 1000 fallen angels being incinerated in hellfire.