Sling Drift
by makalena

Sling Drift


Game description

Sling Drift is a mobile car racing game powered by tastypill. It is such a simple game constituting a simple background graphics and easy control system. The car’s speed is moderate and has a swift turning ability thereby enabling a player to quickly make a turn around the countless road curves in the game.

The difficulty of this game made it more interesting. First, Sling Drift is a tough game as it is impossible to master the routes. Most of the road curves are very sharp and the players have only a short view of the road, hence, the turning of this game highly requires a player’s alertness.

Secondly, anytime your car crashes, Sling Drift will take you back to the beginning of the track. This is to say that if you are already at level 3 when your car crashed, you will have to start from the beginning of level 1.

Starting afresh all the time keeps a player attached to this game, it gingers a player to be more careful.

If you want to survive the sharply curved roads, always stay in the middle of the road as you the possibility of crashing at the sides of the road is higher when you are at the edge of the road. Crashing is frequent if you are not at alert; if you don’t turn at the right time, you crash and if you don’t release your hand at the right time while turning, your car will crash to the other side of the road.

Hence you must be vigilant and ready to turn as soon as you enter the road curve and also to be quick in releasing your thumb anytime the car is facing the center of the road.

Staying at the edge of the road is really dangerous and can easily lead to car crashes. It is highly important that a player takes a preventive measure by staying in the middle of the road. It is a good thing as the car automatically positions itself in the middle of the road at the end of every turn.


Sling Drift

Game features

A good graphics: Sling Drift has a beautiful and well-designed graphics; it has a green field centered by a dark curvy road. The field can change color sometimes from green to yellowish brown and also the road at some point of play changes color from black to white.

The crash and turning effects are amazing; when you make a turn, your tire makes a thick black trace on the road. When your car crash too, flames will start emerging from your car to signify that your car is burning.


How to play Sling Drift

You can also choose different colors of a particular car and can also purchase other models of cars with specific features when you have acquired enough diamonds.

Sounds: The sound effect is simple but elementary! There is no background music in this game; what you have is only the sound of your tires when you make a turn and a crash sound when your car crashes.

Game Reward: This is an amazing feature of the Sling Drift. Its reward for your performance is Diamonds. At the end of every level, you earn diamond; the number of diamonds increases as your level increases.

Level 1 pays 24 Diamonds

Level 2 pays 56 Diamonds

These rewards continue to increase as you ascend higher levels in this game.

Nevertheless, Sling Drift has its Diamond rewards at the end of every level; hence it doesn’t reward you if you crash before reaching the end of the level.

  • In level 1, you meet your reward after the 11th curve
  • In level 2, you meet your reward after the 26th curve

And it keeps increasing as you ascend higher levels.

The good thing is that all your Diamonds stay as long as you haven’t spent them. You can use this diamonds to purchase upgraded cars of your choice to enhance your performance.

Despite the hardship in earning diamonds through accomplishing of levels, Sling Drift has a lot of bonus rewards that skyrockets a player’s earnings. This bonus reward pays diamonds in hundreds thereby boosting a player’s earnings.


Sling Drift game

Break down of the bonus features:

  • When you score 5 points in a single round, you earn 100 diamonds
  • If you score a total of 25 points, you earn 100 diamonds
  • When you perform 3 consecutive perfect turns, you earn 100 diamonds
  • If you enter fever mode 3 times in total, you earn 100 diamonds
  • When you collect 10 Gems, you earn 100 diamonds
  • When you perform perfect turns 10 times in total, you earn 110 diamonds
  • When you score a total of 50 points, you earn 110 diamonds
  • If you score 25 points in a single round, you earn 120 diamonds
  • If you perform 5 consecutive perfect turns, you earn 110 diamonds
  • If you score exactly 15 points, you earn 120 diamonds.

These bonus rewards are fifty in number, presenting players with opportunities to earn more as they enjoy this game.


Sling Drift is an amazing game. My target since yesterday has been to accomplish level 3 but I keep crashing before getting to level 3 or exactly at level 3.

The good thing is; the more you crash, the more you want to play. I’m still on it, trying to accomplish level 3. Sling Drift is an excellent work from tasypill.