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The Showbox App is a must have because of the many exciting features that come with it. This app affords you superior entertainment by producing the clearest audio and video quality! It gives you unbridled access to a world of primetime fun and leisure with its priority access to streaming and download sites. The premium Showbox Apk has been run on all Android operating systems and has been made to provide you with fluid and seamless experience. Do ensure that you have the latest version installed in order to enjoy all the many amazing features and tune-ups from the Showbox Apk team!

This piece focuses on the fantastic features and qualities of the; it offers easy-to-follow instructions on how you can successfully download and install this app. You will also find quite useful, the section that discusses the possible glitches that you could encounter in the use of this app, don’t worry! We complement it by giving you convenient, hands-on procedures you can follow to fix up any of such concerns. You should know that Showbox doesn’t just let you stream your desired online content in High Definition, It goes the extra distance to give you the added option to either save onsite or download into your device so that you can view it later at no cost at all! You are at liberty to join our millions of users today, get yourself some Showbox action!


Showbox app

What is Showbox app?

Showbox is a primetime entertainment application that grants you unlimited and unfettered access to first-class entertainment content in high quality. Showbox is essentially an Android-based app, which has been made to operate smoothly with any Android device, our new upgrade, the Showbox 5.10 APK [Updated July 2018] comes with added features that amplify the thrilling experience of premium leisure entertainment! The Showbox app is excellent because it is absolutely free, you stream your desired TV series and movies without any hidden cost.  Feel free to upgrade to our latest upgrade!

What are Showbox app’s features?

The easily downloadable Showbox app comes with some fantastic features! Of course, you would need to upgrade to our latest release from the Showbox team to enjoy some of its game-changing capacities. This new upgrade of the Showbox app comes with the following cool features:

Sleek User Interface

The design of the Showbox app is made to offer you fast and smooth navigation between functions and sets. You can easily make your way about the app, applying customization settings as you see fit without any issue. Some reviewers have described is a picturesque combination of cool themes really appealing, you are definitely in for a treat.

High Definition Graphics

The graphical representations in the Showbox app are profoundly detailed though they are light. You will come to appreciate the aesthetic allure of the fonts and button designs that are proof of the immense creativity and attention that went into the design of each piece.

No Need to Sign Up or Log In

Yes, that’s right! The Showbox app gives you fluid access to all the entertainment you need without barring you with the sign-up and logs in pages as do most apps. This is undoubtedly one of the cool features of this app; you can simply just grab your phone and go on to enjoy premium fun content without any hitch. This is a great feature for people who would like to maintain their anonymity!

Create your own List

With the cool List Formation feature of the Showbox app, you can edit and create your list of movies, TV shows and music that you love. It provides excellent management for movies that you have liked or would like to see later.


Showbox app features

Zero Ads!

Ever had those times when in the middle of a nice movie, a company ad pops up? Yeah, we know how annoying that can be, that’s why on the Showbox app there are absolutely zero ads. This way you can enjoy your favorite TV show without any interruptions.

Showbox Latest APK Specifications

File type.apk
File Size39.1 MB
Required Android Version4.0 or above
Average Download Time10 Seconds
Video qualityHD 720 Pixels
FeaturesSleek Design, Unlimited streaming of genuine and high-quality movies
Mods availableYes

How to Download & Install Showbox app for Mobile

This fantastic app is perfect your android device, Downloading this app can be done very conveniently. The Showbox App is currently not listed on Google PlayStore. However, you can at this moment download g latest version of the Showbox App into your mobile device. The following are the simple steps required to download this cool app!

Download the App

To download this app from the given link, you would simply need to click on the link; your download will commence almost immediately. However, you would first of all need to turn on “Unknown Sources” on your mobile android device setting. This is so that there will be no firewall hindering its download.

Turn on “Unknown Sources”

  • Simply navigate to the settings side of your phone
  • Proceed to Security.
  • Click to turn on “Unknown Sources.”

These steps summarize the procedures you are to employ to get your phone to accept the Showbox app. It is, however, important to note that these steps may differ slightly, depending on the kind of phone you use and its operating system software.

Install Showbox

Here, all you need to do is locate the downloaded file on your android device, and then open it in order to be able to initiate the installation process.

Note that to install the Showbox App will take a few minutes, so allow it some time for it to conform to your Android device. Once done, you will see a button appear for you to open, it also will notify you that the installation procedure was a success.

Once you arrive at this point, you are all set to embark on your fun trip of maximum entertainment; you can start streaming live music, movies, TV shows and your favorite TV series on your Android device right away!


Showbox app download

Likely Problems & How to resolve them

There are simple actions that you can engage in order to resolve any glitches that you experience with the Showbox App. Any hitches you encounter from installation issues to the cases where the app freezes, while you are watching a TV show, can be addressed. The following notes offer a guide to getting by with your app in the smoothest of ways when these issues surface.

Problems with Installation

In a case where you have successfully followed the procedures above to download the app and are having a hard time installing as the installation procedure continues to fail. There may be a few reasons why the installation file is not running on your mobile device.

The settings of your Device – Your device may be hindering the installation of this file due to the fact that it is not gotten from a recognized source, like Google PlayStore. You would need to locate the “Unknown Sources” bar on your settings (follow the guide above) and toggle it to reveal the installation manager, set it to permit the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Technical Parameters – Ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements to run the Showbox App for the version you are trying to install. The most recent version is compatible with all Android 4.0 devices and above. In the case where your installer doesn’t run this app, then try going for an older version of Showbox apk or cleaning up the internal memory of your device before installing.

Showbox version outdated – There is a high chance that you have downloaded an outdated version of the Showbox app if you download it from an unreliable source, you must ensure that you download from the official website of Showbox.

Showbox has refused to run

In a case where the app has refused to launch or closes suddenly when in use, or if “Showbox App not working” keeps popping up on your display, then you only need to follow the following procedure to resolve it.

Ensure that the Wi-Fi of your Android device is turned off.

Clear the Cache or the Data of the app by accessing the Showbox application from the App Manager located in the Settings section of your device.

Turn on the Wi-Fi of your device again and run Showbox.

Server not available

When this dialogue keeps displaying on the screen of your Android device, you will need to update your Showbox App. Keep abreast with the recent updates by visiting the Showbox official website regularly and don’t forget to ensure you have the most recent version downloaded.

The Showbox app is not just another app for viewing movies or TV shows, No, there are a lot of those. The Showbox app is an innovative package of entertainment that puts you first! Every feature and Add-on that the app has is made to amplify the satisfaction you get for every second you spend watching your favorite show or listening to that new music. Join our ever increasing family of Showbox app users today and start streaming!