Shadow Fight 2
by makalena

Shadow Fight 2


Shadow Fight 2 is a highly stylish and addictive fighting game that you can play for free right now.  If you like adrenaline pumping fighting games, then you should definitely download the Shadow Fight 2 apk. The game tells us the story of an unbeatable warrior who spends his days searching the land for a worthy opponent. When he is unable to find one, he breaks the ancient rules and opens up a terrifying portal to the underworld. By opening the Gates of Shadows, this fearsome warrior gets stripped of his humanity and becomes a shadow himself. Now, he roams the lands endlessly, defeating the menacing shadows that he accidentally let loose.

For fans of games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Shadow Fight 2 will feel just like home. The game is a traditional 2D fighter with simplistic controls that prioritize strategy over button mashing. You face off against your opponent and square up by executing a variety of attacks using the kick and punch button. As you gain more experience, you can learn new moves and expand your arsenal. Although you can win some fights by mashing buttons, you won’t get very far off brute force alone.  This means you’ll have to put in some practice and perfect your form. If you think you have what it takes, all you have to do is download the Shadow Fight 2 apk.



Game Modes of Shadow Fight 2

The game contains several different modes of play, with each mode offers a slightly different fighting experience. The main focus of the game are the villain battles, which require you to defeat a number of bodyguards before facing off against your rival.  Each bodyguard is more powerful than the last, so you’ll most likely have to upgrade your equipment if you want to compete. Although the villain battles are the main focus of the game, you’ll spend most your time completing fights in other modes. This grows your character in power and gains you precious currency which you can spend on new items.

Besides the villain battles, you can also engage in tournament mode.  This plays out similarly to villain battles, seeing you fight a number of fighters with a break in between.  Tournament mode is a great way to try out some new items or avenues of attack, as the opponents in this mode are often a bit easier than others. When you find yourself too weak to compete in villain battles, it’s this mode that you’ll turn to.


Features of Shadow Fight 2

There’s also the survival mode, which is pretty self-explanatory.  In survival, you face off against a never-ending group of opponents.  Using just one health bar, you’ll see just how many opponents you can defeat before you lose all your health.  Survival is also a good place to experiment with different play styles, as losing doesn’t set you back very far.  Ultimately, survival mode is the ultimate test of your abilities. The first few enemies should prove to be no problem for even the most casual fighters, but before long, your opponents will grow incredibly tough.  However, if you have the skills to match, Survival mode is one of the best places to earn gold.

The final two modes are also the most unique; Duel and Underworld.  Duel opens up pretty early on, and unlike other modes, you cannot pick your equipment.  Instead, you’re offered a predetermined set of gear to take on your opponents with. This is a great mode to try out some weapons you might not have yet, just to get a feel for them.  Underworld is far more intricate and is the main online mode in the game. Underworld isn’t unlocked from the beginning, no, you’ll have to beat the first rival battle before you can even start the mode.  In Underworld, you and other players face off against huge bosses with massive health pools. You’ll have to play at the top of your game if you want to take down these hefty bosses, working in tandem with teammates.  There are eight bosses in all to take on, and if you want to defeat them all, you’ll have to be ready to commit a good chunk of time to the game.

Gameplay of Shadow Fight 2


Shadow Fight 2 gameplay

Every fight and mode is tied into an overall progression system.  When you start out, your shadow fighter is pretty bare bones. You’re only able to attack with standard punches and kicks, and your outfit provides little to no armor.  As you complete fights, you’ll gain experience points and currency. Experience points are tied into your overall level which dictates what gear and weapons you can buy with your currency.  Different weapons and pieces of armor require a specific experience level to equip, so leveling up is priority number one. You’ll also need a good supply of gold to keep purchasing new items and upgrading old ones.  You can spend real-world money to get more in-game currency, but the game is also fair enough without spending any extra cash. Any time I reached a new experience level, I usually had enough gold to buy one or two new items.  Keeping your gear up to snuff is the only way you’ll stand a fighting chance, so that should be priority number two.

Tip & tricks from pro gamers

Although Shadow Fight 2 is a pretty basic game to learn, here are some tips to give you a starting advantage.  Shadow Fight 2 is just as much about properly spacing yourself from your opponent as it is attacking them. By default, your shadow fighter has a good mix of low, mid, and high attacks. You’ll have to mix up what attacks you use to outsmart the enemy, which means you’ll often have to carefully pick your next attack on the fly. It’s not just fists and feet that you’ll have to worry about, as each fighter can also wield a weapon. You’ll have to take this into account when planning your attack, as certain weapons can inflict major damage with their far reach.

For example, you’ll want to keep your distance from sword wielders, and act more aggressive towards knife and claw users. Some enemies play more aggressive whereas others more defensive, and you’ll have to adjust your play style accordingly if you want to succeed. All in all, Shadow Fight 2 has a deceptively simple fighting system that is easy to learn but very hard to master.  Personally, I found the most success upgrading some level 3 gear early on, and equipping the sai weapons.  The sais allow you to poke your enemy from a far distance, as well as close gaps quickly. By pressing the punch button twice while pushing towards your opponent, you’ll execute a beginning poke followed by a jumping stab.  This is a great way to catch your opponent off guard and land some critical hits.


Shadow Fight 2 tips

Overall, Shadow Fight 2 is a great fighting game that is easy to learn but has plenty of depth to keep you interested.  In your first few hours with the game, you’ll always have something new to try out. New modes constantly unlock, you’ll quickly earn new gear, and generally have a great time.  This progression slows down towards level 4, but by the time you’ve gotten that far, you’re probably already hooked. Before long, you’ll be battling bosses in online raids, beating your enemies without taking a scratch, and generally acting like an unstoppable beast.  If you’re looking for a fun and accessible fighting game for free, then hurry to and download the Shadow Fight 2 apk for free!

Score: 3/5 stars