Shadow Fight 2 APK is the sequel to the wildly successful original Facebook fighting and RPG game with 40 million players. The action-packed and very smooth second installment of the series is available for Android and iOS and is free-to-play.

What is Shadow Fight 2?

The game sees you battle your way across the underworld, to shut the Gates of Shadows and stop evil from consuming the world. There are six world’s, each with its own challenging boss to overcome in Mortal Kombat style one-on-one fighting, the most powerful of which is Titan – the games main villain. Each world contains a tournament with 24 increasingly difficult contenders, as well as survival mode and eventually a boss, who will test your skills to their limit.

Shadow Fight 2 is designed using a new system of animation – as a result, each move looks incredibly real, the physics of it all are stunning and you’ll be eager to learn as many special combo moves as possible to get the most out of it.

But that’s not all Shadow Fight 2 has to offer, here are some of our favourite features of this satisfying action game:

Best features


As mentioned above, the animation and physics of the fighting is something entirely new in a game of its class, however, that’s not the only stylistic element of the game worthy of praise. Characters are silhouettes, which some might conclude was a way for the developers to save time, but we think otherwise. The silhouettes moving like something out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and are set against a beautifully designed backdrop of a peaceful bamboo forest or Japanese dojo in the snow. The balance of tranquility and violence is mesmerizing, and the stylish music on top of it all really tops off the experience.


Shadow Fight 2 isn’t some two-day love affair, there’s enough content to last weeks. Each of the six worlds contains dozens of battles, and the bosses become so difficult to match that it’s likely you’ll end up stuck on one for some time.
Weapons: There are hundreds of weapons available in Shadow Fight 2, and each one can be customized. While you can purchase weapons with in-game currency, it is also possible to dip into your bank in real time to buy additional weapons and upgrades. Different weapons will affect your attacks – for example, swords are slow to strike but cause a fair amount of damage, while dual daggers are fast and precise, dealing out less damage but at a much high frequency. Choose your weapons wisely.


There have been many-a-game designed for handheld devices that had so much potential, only to be thwarted by an inadequate control system. Shadow Fight 2 has a joystick in the bottom left of the screen and various attack buttons in the right. These simple controls are easy to use and allow for multiple special combo techniques to be unleashed on your opponent.

Custom gear

On top of upgrading weapons, you can purchase and upgrade suits of armour, as well as magic attacks from the shop which can tip the odds of a fight in a split second. Custom gear can be purchased both in-game and in real-time.
Perks: You can earn and buy perks to give them bonuses while fighting. There are two different types of perks – passive ones work constantly after being equipped, these will generally increase attack damage or something similar. Active perks are used once in a fight and give a stronger bonus but for a limited duration – these are useful when fighting bosses.

Shadow Fight 2 gameplay is rarely interrupted by any noticeable bugs – in fact, it’s a very well put together fighting game. Each move feels perfectly executed, and the overall result is both entertaining and soothing. That being said, there are some downsides to the game that could be addressed to improve the overall player experience. Here’s what we think:

Areas for improvement

Player vs Player

Unfortunately, there’s no local PVP where players can fight their friends and others. This would make the game more fleshed out and could be a means to earn more in-game currency to spend on updates in story mode. Given the history of fighter games, Shadow Fight 2 apk does feel lacking in something due to not being able to challenge your buddies.

Freemium model

While the game can be enjoyed free of charge, there are limitations on just how much indulgence you can take from it. You can take part in five three-round battles before having to wait for your shadow energy to restore. You can get around this by watching a 15-second ad, or by paying a small amount of money. This element to the game obviously places limitations on how much the game can be enjoyed in a single sitting, and is further exacerbated by the fact that you can only watch so many ads before you have no choice but to either pay or wait to continue.
Multiple devices: Unfortunately, you cannot play Shadow Fight 2 over separate devices, even on the same Apple or Google account. If you’re playing on your iPhone, then the game can only be played there, you won’t be able to continue it on your iPad. While this is a minor inconvenience, it’s still a problem that a lot of other games don’t have.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Nekki clearly listens to their customers, and the release of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is a direct reaction to complaints about having to wait for energy refills. This version of the game usually cost US$4.99 and has no ads and no energy, meaning you can play for as long as you want, uninterrupted. The special edition still has in-game purchases like chests of coins and gems for upgrading weapons, armour and magic. Overall, this version feels much more like a game that’s been tailored for you. We can accept and live with Nekki’s decision to offer in-game currency for real money, that’s fair enough, players can still earn these things through tournaments and so on.

How to download and install

To download Shadow Fight 2 is easy. Just press the button at the bottom of this article to download the file, then open it to install, and accept the terms. If you’re using a PC or Mac, then download BlueStacks Android emulator from the official website via Google, then download the game, right click once it’s finished and open with BlueStacks, then open the file via the software once it’s installed.

To download the Special Edition, follow the link in the article. You’ll have to pay US$4.99 for this.

Shadow Fight 2 Tips

While we can’t give you every tip, we thought we’d let you have this rough guide for Shadow Fight 2. Use these tips to up your game:

Don’t go all in

The game will turn on you if you just recklessly throw aggression and don’t consider defense.

Level up meter

Under the health bar is another meter that increases when you land effective combo attacks. Once this bar is full, you can activate ‘Hard Mode’, which will increase your damage by one tier. Next comes Brutal, then Aggressive, and finally, Fantastic. Each level up increases your damage. You drain the bar by not attacking, or by focusing on simple attacks.

Beat your opponent!

Unlike previous games in the genre, where you can win a round by finishing it with more health, Shadow Fight 2 requires you to fully destroy your opponents’ health and knock them out in the 99-second countdown. Failing this, your opponent will win the round.

Play survival

This puts you against as many opponents as you can beat before your health completely runs out. Great way to earn some coins.

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Shadow Fight 2 is a fantastic action game, perfectly designed for your phone or tablet. The style truly sets it apart from its counterparts, and the overall design of the game is mesmerising. While the freemium model and the ads will likely irritate many, the Special Edition version does circumnavigate this. Certainly, a game that you should have on your wish-list, so, why not download it right now and prepare to confront Titan!