How much time do you spend online? That’s a question that most people can’t give a clear answer to. The number of hours per week is probably higher than you think and all the while your data and personal information is being bounced around like a ping pong ball without any protection.

If you’re willing to spend so much time browsing the web, sending messages, downloading content onto your device whenever you watch a video or load a web page, and giving away permissions to every app you install, then you should really be more than willing to download a security app for your Android ensure that you’re doing all these things without any risk.

The amount of viruses, spyware, adware and hackers out there is disconcerting and it’s only becoming even more common. When using an Android, many people assume that they’re protected seeing as they’re not on a PC. This is a false sense of security that you should drop now and never pick up again. While some mobile devices – notably iOS – are secure, this cannot be said for Android.

Why is Android Less Secure?

Android is an open OS. Whereas iOS is a closed OS that isn’t easy to customize or play around with, Android allows users to make changes to their device as well as download apps that aren’t verified in the Google Play Store. This makes the platform more popular seeing as you can personalize it more, but it also makes it more vulnerable to attacks. The thing is, iOS is closed off and will pick up on anything that Apple didn’t approve or purposefully put into the OS with each update. Android works differently, it doesn’t penalize users for making changes to their phones.

These cracks in the walls mean that it’s easier for viruses to infect an Android and it’s easier for adware and spyware (which you should be very concerned about) to watch what you’re doing and collect your personal data.

So what are you going to do about this? Well, a good place to start would be to download a security app on your Android. In this article we’ll talk about Security Master – a convenient free app that comes with an antivirus, a VPN, and many other security and anti-theft features that will give you a safer online experience as well as protect the data on your phone from hackers and thieves.

What is Security Master for Android?

Security Master for Android is a security app (as the name suggests) that has more than 25,000,000 reviews on the Google Play Store with an average 4.5 star rating. The app was originally CM Security before it got a facelift and became its current form.

The app’s primary functions are to block viruses, provide secure browsing through a VPN, and give users’ anti-theft features so that in the event of a robbery your phone and the data on it are still secure. Alongside this, the app also enhances your privacy and preserves battery.

Best Features of Security Master for Android

Now you’ve got an idea of what the app does and why you should have it (or something similar) on your device, let’s take a look under the hood at some of the great secure features it provides.


The most obvious feature of Security Master is the antivirus that it provides. This scans everything on your device, from pre-installed to new apps to your browser and files stored on your Android. You can rely on this top-rated antivirus to find and destroy any malware that is infecting your phone or tablet.


On top of providing security, the app also roots through your files to find any junk (such as cached data and other useless, space-consuming rubbish) and deletes it. This clears up space on your device and makes it run faster.


As is a common feature in security apps nowadays, Security Master apk shuts down apps running in the background and switches on a battery saver to ensure that you get the most life out of your Android. This is a handy feature that you’ll notice and appreciate before long.


Certainly one of the more popular features of this app is the free VPN that allows you to have your data encrypted before it leaves your device to the servers it’s travelling towards and vice-versa. This makes it nigh-on impossible for hackers to get hold of your data while it’s in cyberspace. This is a common way to attack people and steal their personal information.

With a VPN, you can connect to a server in a different country so that your IP address cannot be tracked. This gives you massive anonymity online and means that you can access websites and watch videos that aren’t available in your country. For example, you could watch the US Netflix, even though it isn’t available in your country.


This feature allows you to set a PIN code to open any app on your device. If you don’t want someone to be able to access something such as a conversation or finance app, or perhaps a journal, then use this feature to make sure that no snooping eyes find their way to these apps.


Sound an alarm when someone steals your phone and take a selfie whenever it’s unlocked to identify a thief. This is a great way to find your phone when it’s been stolen as you can also get the location and you can see the face of the culprit.

How to Download Security Master for Android Free

While the app is free, it does come with occasional ads and in-app purchases. That being said, these aren’t invasive and won’t bother you too much. To get the app for free, simply press the download button at the top of this article and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” and the app will be on your Android. That’s it. Once it’s there you can activate the VPN and security features and begin browsing in privacy and security. This is a great app to have and we give it top marks for its ease of use and fantastic features. Enjoy!