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Rules of Survival (called RoS for short) is a multiplayer online battle royale game. Created by NetEase Games, it has racked up a massive player base in the eight months since its beta release, to date numbering more than 150 million according to the publisher. Like all other battle royale games, it involves a fight to the finish, meaning that either one player or one team is crowned the winner after all the other players or all the other teams are eliminated. Fast-paced and exciting, this is one battle royale game with a ton of replay value. When you play Rules of Survival, you can expect to immerse yourself in its world, one of the main draws of this battle royal game over all others. Figuring the game out, however, is integral to enjoying it even on a basic level. Read on to learn how to get into the game, how to get started, and how to mater it!


Rules of Survival

How to Download Rules of Survival

The mobile version of Rules of Survival is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Downloading it is simple and easy, and if you have ever downloaded any app to your mobile device before, you will have no problem downloading this one.

On Android, you will download Rules of Survival in the Google Play Store. Just like you would any other app, you will hit the “Download” button, allow the game to install, and then open the game from your app launch screen.

On iOS, you will download Rules of Survival in the App Store. Again, same as you would with any other app on your iOS device, you will hit the “Download” button, allow the game to install, and then open the game from your app launch screen.

Game Modes of Rules of Survival

There are five modes available for play in Rules of Survival: Solo, Duo, Squad, Fireteam, and the newest addition, Death Race. Each of these modes connects back to the battle royale genre in a unique way.

In Solo, you are completely on your own. Playing against every other player, you need to try to survive until the end in order to become the winner.

In Duo, you are paired with one other player. The two of you are pitted against all the other pairs of players, and the last pair to survive wins.

In Squad, you are grouped into a team of four players. Your goal as a team is to eliminate all the other players.

In Fireteam, you are grouped into a team of five players. Just as in Squad, your goal as a team is to eliminate all the other players.

In Death Race, you are a part of a four-player team, riding around in a vehicle and trying to eliminate the other teams, which are also riding around in vehicles.


Rules of Survival game

How to Play Rules of Survival

To start out in Rules of Survival, all players will land in a single location on the island, parachuting from above, items (weapons, armor, medical kits, vehicles) spread around the island. Collecting these items (which you can loot from other players post-kill) is critical to the game. The premise of the game is very simple: you want to kill everyone who isn’t you or who isn’t on your team. That’s it! Straightforward, this is a game that demands action, so if you want to win, start collecting and start killing!

The map will tell you where you need to go in order to avoid penalty damage, displaying green (good) and red (bad) circles that you will need to follow. Unlike in other battle royal games, however, the damage that you take remaining in the penalty area is not necessarily going to kill you. You need to devise a strategy in each round and decide on the fly whether or not you can handle taking the penalty damage.

Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiord are the two maps in the game. The former can host up to 120 players; the latter can host up to 300 players. Modes within the game include Gold Mode (earn gold), Diamond Mode (earn diamonds), and Blitzkrieg (starting out with a pistol, backpack, and armor, you are encouraged to seek out battle as soon as possible). Once each round finishes, a winner crowned, the game awards currency, rewarding the time that you survived, the number of players that you killed, and the levels of the players that you killed. Using these currencies, you can purchase character and weapon customization.


How to play Rules of Survival

How to Master Rules of Survival

Use the tips from Rules of Survival masters to become a master yourself and start notching wins on your belt like you never imagined you could!

  • At the beginning of the round, wait until the last possible moment to pull your parachute. Doing this, you will increase the speed of your descent to the ground and give yourself the best opportunity to find the items that will help you most.
  • Take your time. Unlike other battle royale games, there is something to be said for a “wait and see” approach, especially in the first two or three minutes of the game. Don’t rush into anything!
  • Get yourself a high-quality pair of headphones. There are major clues throughout each round communicated by sound alone. If you miss these clues, you are setting yourself at a disadvantage relative to the players who are using headphones. Listen for footsteps, and when you hear them, respond appropriately.
  • Wait for other players to flee the penalty damage circles that pop up and then pick them off when you see them. If you react quickly enough, you can set yourself up in a solid position to do this every time new circles pop up on the map.
  • Grenades in Rules of Survival are ultra-powerful, so be sure that you are using them. The best players in this game are often the ones who understand just how important grenades are.

How to master Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a deceptively simple game, one that you can get started in immediately but one that takes time to master. Use the tips above to slice your learning curve in a big way, and just keep on practicing! The skills that you develop in this game will translate well into other shooters, especially battle royale shooters, so turn your learning mind on and pay attention. Unlike other battle royale games, the shrinking map is not necessarily an all-or-nothing proposition: you can decide strategically how exactly you want to respond every time a new penalty area is set. This is unique, and it makes Rules of Survival a unique experience – one worth checking out!