Rules of Survival is an online multiplayer game that will test your resolve to its limits. Parachute down onto an island with 120 players in a third-person free-for-all or team-based deathmatch. The last man standing claims the prize. This is battle royale at its finest.

Since developer NetEase released the game on 15th November 2017, it has climbed the ranks to become the 5th most popular game in the world, ranked as the number one most downloaded game in 59 countries. At present, Rules of Survival has more than 200 million registered players.

The game starts with you jumping out of a plane onto an island armed with nothing but a parachute. Once you land, it’s kill or be killed. The game litters its massive maps with weapons, abandoned vehicles and other neat stuff for you to use. As the game goes on, the arena in which you can play gets smaller and smaller – meaning players must eventually get intimately close to one another in a dramatic endgame.

Rules of Survival apk draws inspiration from similar massive online battle royale titles and multiplayer games – most notably Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the developers of which accused NetEase of copyright infringement, but stopped short of filing legal action.

In this piece, we’ll cover the best features of the game, as well as how it stands against PUBG. Finally, we’ll run you through some tips to get the most out of your gaming. So, read on for your ultimate Rules of Survival guide.

Features of Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a free-to-play role-playing game, originally developed for mobile devices. As such, the game does have limitations, especially when compared to other titles like PUBG, which has the distinct advantage of being a paid game. Nevertheless, here are some of the best features of Rules of Survival:

Intense action

First and foremost, Rules of Survival is an intense mesh of action, blood and destruction. The game will satisfy anyone’s thirst for adrenaline, with its massive range of weapons, vehicles and different ways of causing carnage over the battlefield.


Rules of Survival features a massive range of weapons, including classics like the Thompson sub-machine gun, the AR15 and a rubber chicken. Want to blow a rocket through someone’s chest? Or perhaps you want to explode their head with a slug from a Desert Eagle? Well, you can. Rules of Survival wins maximum points for its available arsenal of death machines.


Rules of Survival lets you man abandoned vehicles and take them over various terrains, running over enemies along the way.


The long list of equipment isn’t just limited to bullet spraying rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. Rules of Survival allows you to customize your character to your fashion and style preferences. You can play as anyone, from a seriously kitted out soldier to a lost K-Pop star with floppy hair, and just about everything in-between. Some features do cost money, and this is where Rules of Survival makes up for its free-to-play business model.


This one doesn’t need much explanation. With other major titles in the battle royale genre generally making users pay for the privilege to kill random avatars they’ve never met, it’s refreshing to have a playable free alternative.

Various game modes

Players can choose between solo mode, where everyone just kills everything that moves; duo mode, where two people essentially go Bonnie and Clyde on lots of other Bonnies and Clydes; or squad mode, where players team up in fours and work together to wipe out all the other teams. That last one is perfect for employee morale building…

Attention to detail

Rules of Survival has gained a lot of respect for making graphical enhancements where they weren’t totally necessary. This attention to detail is a really nice touch and shows the dedication of the developers.
Chat board: The chat board is a nice feature, where players can add friends from around the world to their network, talk with them and play battles with them. Who knows how many solid friendships have started like this?
Leaderboard: This is where you can keep an eye on the impressive scores of the top players while wondering how any human could possibly win so many games.

Rules of Survival vs PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This is basically the big question: How does RoS shape up against its main rival PUBG? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Firstly, Rules of Survival is more or less universally considered to be superior on mobile and tablets. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, likewise, is without a doubt more accomplished on PC, Mac and other devices.

Rules of Survival Strengths:

Better aiming system

Blowing someone’s head off is a noticeably smoother and more pleasant experience in RoS. The aiming is easier, especially on mobile.

More lighthearted

RoS is overall more colourful than PUBG and has more comical features, such as running into a highly armed enemy squad to deal out death with a squeaky rubber chicken.
More players: Games in RoS pit 120 players against each other, as compared with PUBG’s 100. This makes for more lasting and intense combat, as well as a generally more archaic feel.

More maps

The game also features two island maps, while PUBG only features one. This keeps things fresh – in fact, it would be nice to see even more maps in a Rules of Survival update.


For the quality of the game, it’s actually quite impressive that Rules of Survival can be enjoyed entirely free.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Strengths

More fine tunes

PUBG doesn’t have nearly as many glitches and lags as RoS. This is no surprise as the developers make substantially more money from the sale of the game, which can then be re-invested into improving the gameplay.

Better noise-recognition

When someone fires off a shot in PUBG, their position is shown on your map exactly, whereas in RoS, you only see the direction of where the shot came from on your screen. Actually, this is more something of personal preference, but if you’re looking to get some easy kills in, then PUBG’s system is for you.

Loot system

PUBG allows you to automatically pick up mods to your weapon when you run over them. This saves time and reduces your risk of getting shot in the back of the head while picking up a scope for your rifle.

Better optimized for PC and consoles

Without a shadow of a doubt, PUBG is better to play on more powerful devices. The game was originally designed for these platforms and was only released on mobile much later.

You are a fan of games of the role-playing genre, then don’t miss the opportunity to explore more and more about PUBG Mobile.

Tips for playing Rules of Survival

Play on BlueStacks

The mobile version of RoS outweighs its PC counterpart, but for the best experience, use the Android emulator BlueStacks to play the mobile version on your computer.

Keep an eye on the Zone

This is the area in which you can play, it gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses, eventually putting players into a compressed arena of killing. Most players head towards the centre of the zone, so try to stay on the edges for a better chance.

Keep moving

Mobile players will have a slight auto-assist when aiming if you’re standing still, you’re not going to last long. Also, try to crouch a lot, it makes you harder to see and improves your aim.

Collect gear

Backpackers, medical kits, armour and other useful things are lying all over the floor. Keep your eyes open.
Avoid getting bombed: It goes without saying that when a notification pops up on your screen reading ‘You are in a bombing zone!’ you should probably hightail it out of there. If you’re hit by a bomb, it’s game over

How to install Rules of Survival APK

To install Rules of Survival on iPhone and Android devices, first, make sure you have around 2BG of space available on your device. Hit the download button at the end of this article, once the game has installed, open it and begin playing. It’s very easy to set up.

For PC and Mac, the same process applies. Just download the file, open, install and play. The minimum specs for playing Rules of Survival are:

  • CPU: Intel Core I3-4160.
  • OS: Windows 7.
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 4600.


Rules of Survival is an epic online multiplayer electronic game. If you’re looking for action, adventure and adrenaline, then this is certainly a game for you. One of the best things about this game is that you can play it on your mobile while you’re on the go. Gear up and get ready to do battle royale!