Roblox is an online and game creation system and one of the largest social gaming platforms today, with graphics that look like a hybrid between Lego and Minecraft. 64 million active users play monthly, creating stunning 3D worlds that are all user-generated. Playing creation and sandbox games has opened up a new style of gaming, allowing players to experience a universe that isn’t dictated by game developers. You see, Roblox isn’t just a single entity, game or concept. It’s an entire universe with dozens of titles, all made by other players just like yourself. In this article, we’ll be exploring how to download Roblox free APK, how to set it up and whether or not it’s actually worth it.

Roblox claims it’s the largest social platform for play. Players can create theme parks, become a pro car racer, a fashion star, superhero and much much more. Avatars are fully customizable with an unlimited variety of faces, clothing, and gear. There is conceivably no limit to what you can create in this gaming universe, which could be a double-edged sword as we explain later.

The cross-platform nature of the game means users can connect across many devices including smartphones, tablets, Xbox and even VR. Friends can connect and chat during gameplay in private messages and groups. While Roblox is free, in-app purchases are available with the games virtual currency called Robux. Spend this virtual coin on upgrades for your avatar and “Builders Club” memberships which will give you access to special privileges.

While there’s no doubt the game itself and the world’s that exist within it are vast and seemingly neverending. However, is this a good thing? Let’s find out.

Is it any good?

The main quarrel with Roblox seems to actually come from its unique selling point. Because the user-generated worlds are, well, user-generated, there seems to be quite a bit of inconsistency in quality due to novice developers. Gameplay can be glitchy and sound can be less than optimal. This ultimately stems from amateur developers, which has been reported leading to rendering problems, mild glitches, occasional on-screen flicker. As a result, gameplay can be a frustrating ordeal, however, this is to be expected when putting the game in the hands of the users.

But, the real beauty lies in the creative aspect of this game, encouraging the youth to get creative and build on their developer skills. The game is never-ending and constantly evolving, with players able to build simple obstacle courses to full-blown cities. Encouraging exploration and interaction among the youth can never be a bad thing, and we enjoy the fact that the site grows along with you.

Is it safe for kids?

This is a great question and one that shouldn’t be skipped over. Roblox can, in fact, get violent, with little moderation over who picks up the game and plays it. There have been reports of other users “raping” other characters, with a serious incident reported in 2018. The conclusion was that this problem seemed to be quite common, however, Roblox claims they have always moderated and filtered inappropriate content. The problem is, just like in real life, you can come across strangers and interact with them, which can be hard to avoid at times. Some worlds and user-generated games can also contain elements of horror that aren’t suitable for young children.

So, while Roblox is safe for the most part, it’s advised you supervise your kids while they play this game to make sure they don’t have any unsavory interactions. There’s a lot of sickos out there after all.


As with all APKs on our site, the download and installation process is a breeze. Hit the big green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this review to start your download automatically. Bear in mind, you will need to enable downloads from unknown sources to go ahead with this. This gives your phone the green light to download apps from other sources than Google Play. Once installed and setup, you’ll need to create your avatar. You’ll be given a small piece of real estate, in the beginning, to start you off.

As we said, the app is free to play but you may choose to invest in some sweet Robux to enhance your gaming experience – although it’s not necessary. This includes premium avatar upgrades, managing multiple locations, removing on-screen ads, customizing avatars, acquiring assorted building materials & tools, and attaining special abilities.

Alternatives to Roblox

Considering the question around the safety of this game, we’ve decided to recommend some alternatives to Roblox in the case that you don’t want to run the risk of your child encountering something nasty.


This game needs no introduction, being one of the most popular sandbox games ever that also allows unlimited creation of worlds. Minecraft is super safe for your kid also if you ensure they’re not accessing public servers. There are fighting and survival elements to the game when played in ‘Survival’ mode, but this generally revolves around battling monsters like giant spiders etc. Overall, Minecraft’s popularity is pretty much unrivaled with over 100 million registered users.


Another near-infinite sandbox creation game, Minetest boasts virtually all of the features Minecraft does, which is a good indicator of how comprehensive it is. It’s a free and open source software with no ads and is super easy to set up. Users can customize their world and it can even be used on low-end devices and machines. With availability in over 20 languages and under constant development by the community, Minetest is a serious contender when it comes to world creation games.


As an adult trying to look at this game objectively, it seems like a lot of fun. But it definitely appeals more to kids, and for good reason. Growing up, games like these lose their magic for adults, and what once would have had us transfixed for hours grows boring after a few minutes. Regardless, if you enjoy creating worlds and game development in general, you should download Roblox latest version and give it a crack. Happy building!