Rise up APK is an incredibly popular hyper-casual game for Android and iOS that is free to download with a premium version available. The game has simple touch controls and is appropriate for players of any age or skill level. Despite its simplicity, Rise Up can become frustratingly difficult as you progress further into the game.

How to Download Rise Up APK

You can download the free version by following the link at the top of this description. The game requires around 140MB of free space and at least Android 5.0 or iOS 8.0. Currently, Rise Up has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store with overall positive reviews and a 4-star rating.

In-app Products

The hyper-casual gaming trend creates an unfortunate situation for players that don’t wish to pay for the games…. Advertisements. Rise Up APK will play an ad every time the player restarts the game. To prevent this, select the “no ads” button at the side of the home screen for the opportunity to purchase the premium version for around $2 USD.

Players can also purchase different skins for their balloons and guards. These come in a variety of colours and patterns and can either be purchased with cash or by watching a certain number of ads. These in-app purchases range from $2-$3.50.

Rise Up APK Basics

The gist of the game is that a balloon is perpetually floating upwards in the centre of the screen. The players are responsible for preventing objects from striking and popping the balloon by controlling a circular “guard” or “protector”. The guard is indestructible and the weight or mass of the obstacles appear to be of no consequence but the difficulty comes in the volume and randomness of the objects in your path.

A single touch to the balloon will destroy it, forcing players to start from the very beginning each time this happens. This causes the game to be extremely addictive to those who enjoy a challenge, but at times may require you to practice your breathing exercises or take a break to calm yourself down.

How to Play Rise Up APK

Press play and you’re ready to go. All players need to do is touch the screen and move their finger to control the guard. You can choose to hit, push, block, or smash the obstacles out of their way depending on the speed you move your finger and the size and position of the objects.

Your score will increase the higher your balloon manages to safely reach and is unaffected by the number of objects you toss out of its way. The ultimate goal is to successfully escort your balloon through all (currently) 45 levels, a tall order for any mobile gamer.

Players will encounter a number of different shapes while ascending including blocks, triangles, lines, and more complex multi-faced objects. The concept is simple but the effect of gravity and physics on these obstacles force the user to be constantly aware and can require some experimentation to surpass.

Rise Up APK Key Features

Free to Play

The game is free to download but features random video and image advertisements. Players have an options to play ad-free by purchases the premium version of the game.

User-friendly Controls

Rise Up only requires one finger to play. The user just needs to maintain contact with the screen as they move the guard around to protect the balloon.

Minimal Design

The design of Rise Up APK is easy on the eyes. There is nothing offensive about the graphics and everything looks clean and smooth. The simplicity offers a relaxing experience for gamers.


The obstacles in your path change every time you play. This will prevent the game from feeling totally repetitious.

Challenge Mode

For players looking for some extra difficulty, Rise Up APK offers a challenge mode. In this mode, the obstacles and positioning are even more stressful than the original. A warning: players should only play this if they are prepared to throw their phone at the wall in anger.

Special Missions (Premium Only)

Rise Up APK Premium players have access to special missions that are frequently updated. Some examples of these would include a space or summer season mode.


There is a leader board that ranks top Rise Up players. The current top scores are in the billions so make sure you dedicate a lot of time to practice if you plan to see your name at that lofty altitude.


Rise Up APK could ostensibly be played forever if one had the necessary skills. The main game displays 45 levels initially but in fact, continues if the final level is reached. This is what has allowed players to achieve such massive high scores.

Downsides to Rise Up APK

Hyper-casual games are designed to be enjoyed in short bursts, and Rise Up is no different. The game is suitable for killing time when players are on the bus or on break from work. Sadly, the novelty can wear off quite quickly and because of the difficulty, and frustration can lead to players simply giving up and dismissing the game altogether.

The game also lacks any kind of immersion as there is no story or characters to attach yourself to. It also lacks charm when compared to similar physics-based arcade games.

Finally, there are no sound effects of any kind. Some players find that a simple soundtrack can help with concentration and add some more flavor to the game. The repetitive nature of the game and absence of any additional sensory input finds the game falling short for some players.

All in all, Rise Up APK is a great time killer and would be very attractive to players that crave an ever-increasing challenge. For free it is a novel experience that can be enjoyed by players of any age or skill level and possesses enough style and charm to remain relevant and perhaps replicated or improved upon with future hyper-casual games.