Are you a little too exciting for the release of season 8 of Game of Thrones? Well, if you want to calm your anticipation in the meantime, play Reigns Game of Thrones on Android to set upon your own course in the Game of Thrones world. This latest installment in the Reins series is the most fully packed out one so far and allows you to make key decisions in matters both trivial and consequential. How will you rule? Find out by downloading Reigns Game of Thrones now on Android.

As far as strategy games go, this one is a real treat, especially for fans of the Game of Thrones series. Your mission is to rule Westeros by swiping left or right for important decisions and outmaneuvering your political opponents. It’s like Tinder for ruling an empire…

What’s all this about, then?

The game is considered a “swipe ‘em up” one, where players are continually presented with questions and scenarios which they can choose to either oblige or decline. Doing so will affect different factors such as military strength, public favor, and more. As you progress through the game, your decisions you made earlier will begin to reap consequences, so it’s imperative that you think each one through thoroughly. This is a great game for anyone who likes strategic thinking and ruling a virtual empire.

You’ll start the game as Daenerys Targaryan and then you can unlock more characters as the game progresses. You can then choose to make your own path that breaks away from the Game of Thrones storyline. For example, why not just marry Daenerys to Jamie Lannister?

The game is somewhat surprising seeing as it’s rare that a titan like HBO would give the rights to Game of Thrones to a relatively unknown games developer like Nerial (UK based). The results really speak for themselves though. The simple swipe left or right gameplay sounds kind of easy, but the complex situations that unfold as a result of the combined total of your decisions could plunge your kingdom into chaos, leading to your violent overthrow and death. So, best not to take those swipes too lightly, right?

Depending on your decisions, you can play through the lives of different characters in the game as they go about trying to hold on to the Iron Throne by any means necessary. In doing so you’ll have to make decisions that appease the military, the public, the religious elite and the Iron Bank.

So, are you ready to swipe your way to ultimate power? Download Reigns Game of Thrones now to find out!

Best Features of Reigns Game of Thrones

Now that you understand a little bit more about the game, let’s get into some of the more interesting features that it offers.


You’re free to choose the character you want to rule Westeros and decide how their fate unfolds. Make political alliances, wed them to whoever you want and make them the strongest leader in the history of the troubled kingdom. See them through the winter and they’ll be cemented in their rule.


The fact that the game is licensed by HBO means that they can base the premise of the storyline in the actual Game of Thrones series. This gives the game a uniqueness that fans of the series will love while not being rigid and allowing you to still ultimately choose your own fate for the kingdom that you’re ruling.


The game’s interface is simple and the gameplay is extremely easy to get the hang of. The genius here is that it’s super accessible, yet the actual decisions you make and the effect they can have on you later depending on other decisions make the underlying gameplay very complex as the story unfolds. You might end up in pot of wildfire if you fail to please a certain group of people or don’t cover your back from your ambitious opponents.


Fans of free stuff will have shed a tear, you’ll have to pay around $3.99 to play this game – although, when you consider the great gameplay and the fact that it’s officially licensed by HBO, this isn’t actually much to pay. Also, once it’s yours, it’s yours forever – there are no in-app purchases or ads, so you can enjoy the full game without interruption giving you total focus on what needs to be done to rule Westeros (which is a task that will take some concentration).

Tips and Tricks for Reigns Game of Thrones

If you want to play this game like a pro from day one, then here are some top tricks to help you survive the long winter….

Ø To play as Tyrion (as you obviously want to) you just have to get Daenerys killed. He’ll appear in the character selection after that.

Ø Similarly, to play as Cersi, you just have to oversee her trail as Tyrion – then you’ll unlock the Mad Queen card, allowing you to play as her.

Ø Basically, to get the different characters, you just have to play as new characters and you’ll gradually unlock them all.

Ø Make sure you don’t run out of money. While this is only one of four of the main pillars that needs to be appeased throughout the game, running out of money makes it impossible not to piss off the army, the public and the religious orders in the game which makes for a slow reign.

Ø Prioritize the main tasks, but also try to unlock each character’s special abilities as this will make them much, much stronger on the throne and will ultimately help them to manage the four pillars.

How to Download and Install Reigns Game of Thrones on Android

To get this awesome game on your Android, simply press the download button at the top of this article and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can buy the game for around $3.99. This is a shame, seeing as many games are free, but once you’re playing the game you won’t regret spending the price of a sandwich on it. It’s totally worth it, especially if you’ve got the fever for the upcoming series of Game of Thrones!