Realm Royale
by makalena

Realm Royale


Realm Royale is a spin-off from the world of Paladins, the third-person shooter which compared to Overwatch a lot. That’s not really fair to do, of course, they’re quite different games. Developer Hi-Rez Studios has changed the world of Paladins even more now with the addition of Realm Royale to the family.
This game was originally called “Paladins: Battlegrounds” which gives you some idea of what this game is. It’s a battle royale game and a free-to-play one at that. There is no release date right now but you can download and play the Early Access version for free on Steam.


Realm Royale game

How to Play Realm Royale

Pick your class

Unlike other battle royale games, there’s a class system here. Players have 5 different classes to select from at the start of the match: Assassin, Hunter, Warrior, Mage and Engineer. Naturally, each one has a different playstyle and a unique passive ability to give you a boost as you go through the match. So be sure to test out each one and see which one feels right for you.

Stick the landing

Don’t worry though if you’re concerned about having trouble getting into the game. It follows the same standards as the other battle royal games right now. Like other recent games of this genre, you start the match in an air vehicle that you have to jump from to land on the gameplay area below. This time, there’s no parachute though so you have to be very precise on where to land. Don’t worry about that, you’ll get the hang of it after a while.


Realm Royale

Grab the loot

There’s loot to collect of course so you actually have some weapons, armor and abilities, all of which are very useful when attempting to survive in a fight to the death. However, you aren’t completely defenseless when you fall out of the sky. However, you do have a dagger to start with. So if needed at the start of the game, you might be able to get a kill or two when in trouble.

Craft to victory

Unlike most other ones though, there’s a crafting system. So it’s a good idea to collect loot you don’t want because then you can disenchant it and use it in crafting to make something awesome and powerful to destroy the other players. Items can only be crafted at special locations called the “Forge” in cities, however, so it can be very risky.
Remember to mount your mount!

The maps in Realm Royale are pretty big and the fantasy setting means there’s no cars or vehicles. How do you move fast enough to escape enemy players or the dangerous Fog? Just jump on your mount and away you go!


How to play Realm Royale

Tips & Tricks to master Realm Royale

There are different types of loot boxes and chests

You’ll work this out as you play but here’s a nice little tidbit of information for the loot chests and boxes you can find: their design tells you what type of contents is inside. A box holds potions while a chest can hold guns, armor and abilities. There’s also a special third type of chest that only drops weapons which has more of an appearance like a metal box than an actual chest. Use this to your advance when searching for a specific type of item!

Of course, you can also get Golden Chests! They will sometimes show up on the map and will contain a random Legendary weapon in it which is currently the only way to get one without needing to craft it yourself. Going for these chests can be very dangerous as everyone in the area will most likely be going for it also.


Realm Royale tips and tricks

Collect loot to make shards

Crafting items are the Forge does require a good amount of shards which are created when disenchanting items you loot. You can hold up to 200 shards at once which is perfect for those Legendary items. There is a catch, however. When you craft an item, it’s locked for 10 seconds and cannot be picked up or disenchanted until the timer has passed. You don’t need to wait there but another player can take your item before you if they’re fast enough. As you can take someone else’s hard-earned Legendary item, the Forge tends to be a very active location in cities so make sure you proceed with a lot of caution. Or it could be a quick death for you.

An additional note for the Forge: You cannot craft Legendary weapons until you have a Chicken Trophy. These are obtained by looting an eliminated chicken. What does that mean? Well, when you’re downed you are turned into a chicken. While in this mode you can move and jump still but not pick up items, attack or heal. If you survive 30 seconds as a chicken then you will be resurrected as your normal player model. You can be turned into a chicken three times before you’re eliminated for good. So make good use of this time and remember, being a chicken doesn’t mean you’ve automatically lost.

Keep an eye on your armor status

One last important thing. Most battle royale games don’t make much use of this system but you must be aware of it in Realm Royale. There’s an armor health system where your armour becomes damaged over time. If you take damage to your armor or health then the only way to get it back is to use potions. The green potions are for your health and the yellow one is for your armour so it can only be used if you’re wearing damaged armor.

Always Remember: Realm Royale is a different game to both PUBG and Fortnite. If you need a comparison, it’s kind of a hybrid of both games. Yet it still has its own, spin on it so it feels fresh.