When it comes to free video editing apps, Quik is truly one of the best bang-for-your-buck editors out there. And by that I mean it’s completely free. If you’re aware of GoPro and the quality of the action cameras they make, you’ll have great confidence in knowing Quik was created by the same people for the purpose of sprucing up your GoPro footage with all sorts of neat effects. However, the app gained so much popularity it is used for video footage taken from smartphones as well as the quality continually improves with new models.

You see, video footage can be pretty bland on its own, even if it’s in ultra HD. Cutting to and from scenes, fading in and out, adding music and effects all add drama, context, and meaning to our clips. It can take your video from a lifeless, awkward recording to an award-worthy short film. It allows creators to express themselves through the most visually stimulating form of media out there. We understand that there are way too many video editing apps out there that it can make the cranium spin. Therefore, we’re here to show you why downloading Quik apk is worth your time by running through some of the awesome features of this app. By the end, you’re sure to add this software to your repertoire of awesome apps.

Features of Quik

Choose your theme

We personally believe this is the coolest feature of Quik that lets users swiftly make stunning edits by uploading footage and choosing from Quiks preselected themes. These themes will automatically splice and transition your clips according to the beat of the music, which can be selected from the app or uploaded from your device. They each have unique graphics fonts for all video styles.

Add photos & videos

Add up to 75 photos and video clips from your devices Gallery, Dropbox, Google Photos, GoPro Plus and more. The app also gets data from your GoPro footage (smiles, faces, voices, jumps etc) and analyzes them to create great moments. Alternatively, you can use the Highlights feature to select your own moments.

Customize video

If you don’t want to use Quik’s themes, customize your video yourself to tailor it exactly to your liking. Reorder, trim and rotate photos and clips. Use text overlays, title slides, and emojis. You can use the Smart Cuts feature to let the app choose the best moments from each clip and fuse them together or, speed up and slow down footage. Add GPS stickers to show how fast you were going in action shots and put clips in cinema, square or portrait mode for added effect and easy sharing on social media. Set durations for photos and titles and let Quik adjust the transitions automatically.

Choose your sountrack

Quik has a library of 100 songs free for use in your edits or, use one from your own collection. Begin the soundtrack at any point in the song and let Quik make the transitions automatically according to the beat. The app supports MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, WAV and more.

Save & share

Save and share your videos easily to Instagram, Facebook and more or use private Quik links to let your friends access your edit without uploading to social media. Save your projects as drafts if they’re unfinished to come back to them later. Videos can be saved in HD 1080p, 720p and in silky smooth 60fps for a professional cinematic feel.

Videos for you

Relive the day over again with Flashbacks 24hour in ready to watch videos created from your last 24 hours of footage.


Quik works with GoPro App to make awesome videos automatically with footage shot in the last 72 hours thanks to Quikstories.

Installing Quik to your device

Installing Quik to your Android is uber easy. All you have to do the green download link at the top of this review to start your Quik app download. To do this, you must make sure you have downloads from third party sources enabled on your Android device. You can access this function from the Settings section of your device. After downloading and opening the app, Quik will display the home screen – simply press the ‘+’ button to add your footage from your Android device and get editing.

Is Quik worthwhile?

After testing several video editors, we soon learned Quik is one of the best out there. While it may not be the most comprehensive, it is the easiest to use with its unique selling point being truly ‘quick’ in creating awesome edits in a matter of clicks. GoPro pulled no punches in creating a premium app to perfectly complement your GoPro or phone footage and take your adventure clips to the next level. Quiks ability to take your footage, extract the best moments and merge them together with gnarly transitions and effects takes away the stress and long hours needed to create such edits yourself.

Final note

With smartphone camera tech constantly improving, we are seeing 4K footage becoming the norm. The best solution for turning stunning HD clips into pieces of cinematic magic is to download a solid video editing app. If you’re convinced that Quik is worth a stab, download Quik for Android today to experience your footage never seen before.

Making your media stand out from the crowd is harder than ever, with so much quality content out there. This is especially important if you’re a social media influencer. Video content needs to be engaging, entertaining while asserting a professional edge over the rest. The video that is able to pick its head out from the crowd and garner attention is the one that wins. Quik is one of the best ways to achieve this in a short period of time with minimal effort. The control of the product from start to finish is something you don’t find in many other apps. In fact, it’s so cool, you might even be hesitant to tell your friends about it, keeping the secret to mind-blowing video edits to yourself.