We’re all familiar with the weird and wonderful world of Anime – the Japanese form of animation that provides creative plots, stunning visuals, and epic soundtracks. We’re not all familiar with Anime based games, however, so this article aims to serve you by introducing you to an incredible app to get familiar.

Anime movies and series are gaining popularity year by year and despite lack of funding for major Japanese animation companies, the internet introduced a new medium for spreading content, contributing to its rising success in recent times. Companies are able to distribute high-quality series.

Anime is unique in its own right and has gained a mass following of diehard fans across the world. The characters alone are idolized by many ‘weaboos’ out there, resulting in the explosion of Cosplay, in which real humans will dress up as their most beloved Anime heroes or villains at large events. Plots in Anime are about as creative as they come, and while they may not always make sense, usually they can teach us a thing or two about life while keeping us engaged with endless twists and story arcs.

When it comes to games, the same slew of bland storylines and repetitive gameplay can become boring and tedious. Inject some spice into your life today with QooApp and read on to find out why it’s taking the industry by storm.

What is QooApp?

So what’s the next step, aside from producers smashing out endless amounts of new shows and movies? The creation of games of course. In particular, games that are reminiscent of Anime in characters, plots and animation styles. QooApp apk Android is a cool piece of kit that lets you access and download Asian games that are largely inspired by your favorite Anime productions. Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto are just some of the shows in which these games draw inspiration from. QooApp specializes in Anime, Comics, and Games culture and were funded in March 2018 by Alibaba, which is a testament to their popularity. With over 20 million users by 2018, it’s safe to say they’re a dominant force in Anime games productions.

You see, as an Android user, I’m sure you’re aware of one of the greatest advantages you have, which is the ability to download apps and games from sources other than Google Play. It’s a privilege that iOS user simply don’t have, and probably don’t want – wake up sheeple! All it takes is a simple tweak of our devices settings and the ever-expanding world of third-party apps becomes our oyster.

So if you are a lover of all things Anime, you’re at an even greater advantage. Stretching beyond the realm of games, QooApp also offers a wide range of Manga comics that can be explored by category and is updated on a regular basis by the developers.

Getting started

Firstly, as this app isn’t available on the Play Store you’ll need to download the apk file here. Hit the green Download button and make sure you have enabled downloads from unknown sources on your phone. Access this from the settings section of your device if you haven’t done so already. When your download is complete, open the APK file and press install. Minimum operating system requirement is Android 4.0.3.

Using the QooApp is easy, and fairly intuitive. Different tabs can be accessed from the interface, with the first one containing a list of games sorted by popularity, the second containing games that are soon to be released and the third displaying different events. Also, note that you don’t need to create an account to use this app. However, registering as a user does hold some advantages such as creating favorite lists, apps log and more.

You can download games by hitting the download button associated with the game. The files are APK, so again, enable downloads from unknown sources to access these Anime adventures. It’s also worth noting that the vast majority of the games in QooApp are in either Japanese, Chinese or Korean. They do have some in English but will take a bit of scouring to come across.

Some of the categories include Editor’s Choice, Best games of 2018, New, Daily & Weekly Trends, Cat & Dog Games, Manga, and Pre-registry games. With such a selection, there’s something to suit everyone.

Some recommended games

Ares Virus – Ares Virus is a 2D RPG survival game. It’s doomsday in the city where a deadly virus threatens your survival. Zombies run rampant and to survive, you must have your wits about you. Slay monsters and complete missions to ensure you live another day.

My Child Lebensborn – Set in WW2, you adopt a child named Lebensborn in a cold and hostile environment. A disturbing tale set in the aftermath of the war, My Child Lebensborn brings to light real issues that were faced as you influence your child’s views, morals, and opinions based on the decisions you make.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion – This is the first mobile RPG of the Assassin’s Creed Universe with cute adopted graphics and gameplay. Form a brotherhood of unstoppable assassins and unite against oppression. Complete missions, infiltrate and train your assassins to move up the ranks. You can also earn rewards and unlock new assassins by taking part in exclusive events.


If you’re not taking advantage of your Android’s ability to access games and apps from a variety of providers that don’t operate on Google Play Store, maybe you should be. If you’re bored of the same slew of bog-standard games, try getting into the world of Anime where exciting adventures await you. We guarantee QooApp will keep you stimulated for hours on end, whether it’s through games or the latest Manga.

QooApp also doubles as a sort of social media, with users able to rate games and interact with each other in the comments section of game-related posts. This allows you to be part of a community that extends beyond playing games. In general, the communities surrounding Anime are positive and welcoming, with many people making friends for life. So what are you waiting for? Download QooApp Android today and experience a world of magic and adventure.