It’s imperative to have a solid browser on your Android device. The amount of time you spend surfing for stuff online dictates that you might as well have a fast, secure and trustworthy web browser app. While Google Chrome and Firefox are the most renowned web browsers, Puffin has recently started to turn heads with its innovative design and cloud-based browsing. In this article we’ll go over the web browser, its features and functions, and why you should have it on your device.

Modern web users have high expectations when it comes to choosing a web browser. It needs to be fast, reliable, secure and preferably customizable. It also helps to support media features and games. This is something that the Puffin developers – CouldMosa, Inc – have taken into account.

How to Judge a Web Browser

It’s important to define terms before entering an argument and while we’re not trying to argue Puffin Browser’s case, we feel that it’s good to know exactly what the most important criteria are when making a judgement call on a web browser.


Your data is being bounced around, so it’s important that your browser is secure. This means that and browser that encrypts your data is preferable to one that doesn’t, and it also means that built-in antivirus is a major plus, too. On top of that, it’s important to recognize who made the browser and what country and company they’re operations are rooted in. For example, some browsers are based in countries that require tech companies to hand over information about their users, which causes a massive breach in your privacy.


Obviously, this is going to be one of, if not the primary concern of most users. It’s important that your chosen web browser can load pages quickly – after all, this is where most people are going to actually “see” the browser in action.

Blocks Ads

This is an increasingly popular feature of a web browser. The internet is filled with ads, most content creators now rely on them to make a living, and most apps use them to get extra revenue – especially the free ones. From YouTube videos to banner ads to pop-ups, it’s nigh on impossible to escape those pesky things. But if your browser has a built-in ad blocker, or even just allows support for addons, then this is a massive plus. The ability to block trackers is also popular and this can enhance both your security and your privacy.

Supports Media

If you can’t watch stuff or play games on your browser then it’s likely that a lot of users will be turned off using it. Those that support media players are usually scoring more points.


Some users really want to make their browser their own – the ability to customize the interface is a great little ‘cherry on top’ feature that some browsers offer.

What is Puffin Browser?

The browser app was originally for iOS only, although it is now also available on PC and Android. It’s a little different from an ordinary browser, as rather than using your phone’s RAM to power loading web pages, it uses the cloud. This makes loading resource heavy web pages much faster than on a normal browser. This gives the browser a massive advantage over its rivals – seeing as most of them will strain your device to work which actually slows down the loading of web pages.


The data sent and received by Puffin is encrypted before being bounced around so you can guarantee a secure connection – even when you use an unsecure public WiFi. This is another huge advantage of the browser, as most other’s cannot expect to use public WiFi without being extremely vulnerable to any attack from hackers. That being said, some webpages may respond differently when loaded in Puffin Browser, as they may assume that the connection is coming from a proxy server. This is because your web traffic is encrypted and the browsers servers are in various locations – sort of like how a VPN works (although, note that this browser does NOT protect you in the same way that a VPN would).

Supports Flash

The browser comes with the latest version of Flash Player built in to it, so you can view content and play flash games without interruption. Most Android browsers have removed their support for Flash Player, and even Macromedia themselves will drop flash in 2020 seeing as it is now considered not to be secure enough to continue using.

Compresses Data

The Puffin Browser app for Android also compresses data before it reaches your device, meaning that you can save up to 90% of bandwidth use – which, if you’re using a paid data package, could save you a fair amount of money in the long run.

Downsides of Puffin Web Browser

While the browser features lots of cool little tweaks, it also doesn’t allow for much user customization which is a major downside for anyone used to using Firefox or UC Browser. It also bases its servers in the United States, meaning that anyone outside the country may not be able to access all of the content on the web through the browser. This is obviously another huge downside seeing as you’d expect your browser app to actually allow you to browse the web fully.

Another down point is the lag often experienced when scrolling – while pages load super fast, you would expect this to translate over to navigating through them, although, this sometimes isn’t the case.

Download Puffin Browser for Android

To get Puffin Browser for Android free, just press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just have to press “install” and it’ll be put on to your phone. Hurrah!

Once you’ve got the browser you can experience the super-fast loading speeds that it offers as well as access flash games and most media content via the built-in Flash Player. If you want to get the pro version, which includes an even better Flash Player, then you just have to pay $1.50 per year. Enjoy!