by makalena



PUBG (short for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) is a wildly popular online multiplayer game in the battle royale genre. Based originally on mods created for other games and drawing influence heavily from the 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royale, PUBG has blossomed over the last year into a generation-defining game experience. For those who have not yet taken the leap into PUBG and all the fun and excitement that it has to offer, this article will explain to you how you can do so (download PUBG free!), why you should do so, what you need to know once you start playing, and what you need to do to excel within the game.

How to Download PUBG

PUBG is available on both Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, the platforms on which it has been played in its full form since December 2017. As of March 2018, however, you can also take PUBG on the go, downloading the game to your Android- or iOS-compatible devices, such as a smartphone or a tablet. The options are yours, the game is the same regardless of the platform you download it on, and play is compatible across all the platforms. Unlike previous iterations of online multiplayer battle royale games, which were constrained to one platform in full form or even constrained to one platform altogether, PUBG is totally open, so whatever your platform of choice is among the four on which it is available, you can download it and get playing right away.

On Microsoft Windows, you will download PUBG by going into Steam, where the game is actually the most downloaded of all time. Follow the instructions on Steam to get started!

For Xbox One, you can purchase either a physical copy or a digital copy, downloading the game from the Microsoft Store if you prefer the latter.

On Android, you will download PUBG in the Google Play Store. Just like you would any other app, you will hit the “Download” button, allow the game to install, and then open the game from your app launch screen.

On iOS, you will download PUBG in the App Store. Again, same as you would with any other app on your iOS device, you will hit the “Download” button, allow the game to install, and then open the game from your app launch screen.

Game Features of PUBG

Brendan Greene (a.k.a. PlayerUnknown, the creator of PUBG) created this game with an eye toward avoiding repetition. He had witnessed firsthand the tendency for multiplayer shooters to become repetitive very quickly, and it was his intention to make something less predictable and more engaging. Beyond the basic premise of PUBG, which is that the map shrinks in size to force a higher degree of action, there is also an in-game currency awarded to players based on their success in the game, success determined by such metrics as how long the player survived, how many kills the player racked up, and how much damage the player dealt. With this in-game currency, you can buy crates, which then open to reveal “skin” items for weapon and character customization.

In an exciting twist, PUBG released an event mode in March 2018, for which teams could be expanded and weapons and armors could be spread out throughout the game more randomly. Players in PUBG have the option to play in either first person or third person, again a stark contrast to many multiplayer shooters, which forced one perspective or the other. Looting players for their gear after they die and scouring the map for items and equipment, there is always plenty to do in a round of PUBG, which generally lasts less than a half hour.

How to Play PUBG

Once you are deployed on the game map along with as many as 100 other players, you are in a fight to the death. If you are on a team, then everyone but your teammates is hunting you, and if you are solo, then literally every other player is hunting you. You will have no gear when you first parachute to the ground, so you need to start looking for vehicles, weapons, and armor immediately. Do you take a risk and head into the more dangerous areas, which typically offer better equipment? This is a question you will need to ask yourself with every new match. Once you are armed, your mission is to hunt every other player (or every other player who is not on your team). The map will shrink periodically, typically after a few minutes, and if you fail to enter the safe zone after you are warned to do so within a time limit, you will die. Areas on the map are also subject to aerial bombings, which you need to avoid just as you need to avoid the map areas that are eliminated.

How to Master PUBG

As with any shooter or game that is based on skill, the best way to master PUBG is to play it frequently. The more you get out there, the more you jump into battle and the more you play out rounds to their completion, the more you will get a feel for the way that PUBG works. You can read up all you want on PUBG strategies and techniques – and this type of research can be informative and helpful – but when push comes to shove, the only way to really master PUBG is to play it. Take the time to understand the nuances of the game and all its uniqueness and flavor. It is these nuances and this uniqueness and this flavor that have made PUBG such a runaway hit.

Highly probable to become the next big eSports game, PUBG is a game that rewards hard work. While there are elements of chance (such as in the parts of the map that shrink and the access you have to weapons based on deployment), your skill level comes into play here much more than it does in most other games. Keep playing, keep learning, keep improving, and sooner rather than later, you will see your win rate and your kill count in PUBG start to rise! Of course, there are specific steps that you can take as well to really up your game. These three in particular are highly cited among noteworthy PUBG professionals. Try them out for yourself!

  • You can climb onto a roof directly from a balcony with the crouch-jump: just open the door first, crouch-jump onto it, and then crouch-jump again to give yourself excellent sniping position.
  • Want to shoot the M16 like a rapid-fire automatic weapon? Just use its burst fire mode first and time your clicks to up the speed.
  • Get more health out of your bandages! Start using them on the third tick of health going up in order to optimize your efficiency.

PUBG is an immensely rich game and one that in spite of its already-stunning popularity level is bound to become even more popular over the next year. The instructions above will help you to get started in no time. Jump in and enjoy it for all it’s worth!