Pokemon Quest is the latest adventure game from the hit franchise to grip the attention of millions of people around the world. Developed by Game Freak, and published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, this latest mobile game app has your favourite Pokemon taking on cube form as you set out on a quest to explore a vast world and catch as many companions as you can along the way. Gotta catch ‘em all!

What is the Pokemon Quest APK and app?

The game sees you, a Pokemon master, travel to Tumblecube Island in order to uncover the ancient loot hidden there. Upon landing on the island your first mission is to befriend a Pokemon – we chose Pikachu, obviously…

The aim of the game is to explore the island and capture Pokemon, which can be lured to you by cooking up some delicious recipes. Actually, this is perhaps the most important part of the game, although it might seem mundane in comparison to thunder-bolting Pokemon into oblivion. As you explore, you collect precious ingredients, which you then use to make food in the pot in your base-camp: Different recipes attract different kinds of Pokemon, and once they stumble into your camp, you can befriend them.

Once you’ve made some buddies, you can begin to build a team that will venture around Tumblecube Island together, doing battle, gathering loot, and defeating powerful bosses.

As you progress through the game, you’ll have to level up your team in order to battle the best Pokemon and evolve your existing ones. Evolution is similar to previous games in the series – you level up through gaining XP while on expeditions and through doing battle. Different Pokemon evolve at different levels, and some are easier to level up than others.

It’s worth noting that while the app is free to play, there is a bonus pack where you get more tickets to spend and ingredients to cook with – it costs US$30, and probably isn’t worth the bother.

Best features

The mobile game is a truly great throwback to the classic action-adventure gaming genre and keeps the Pokemon element in a very pure form. Watching the adorable little cube Pokemon explore and fight is moreish – it’s certainly a great companion to play on your break while travelling or between other tasks. Here are some of our favourite features:


While some elements of the game take some time to get your head around, the overall interface and feel of the game is simple – almost innocent. It’s a real pleasure to play.

Precious stones

There are precious stones scattered around the island in Quest, and you find them by doing battle while on exhibitions. When used correctly, stones can greatly increase the HP and ATK points of your Pokemon. We’ll cover the best way to do this in ‘tips’.


The graphics almost look like Minecraft game. Everything is constructed out of blocks in a totally different way to any previous game in the series. It’s a refreshing approach and gives an air of simplicity to the whole experience.

Boss fights

As the game was originally out on Nintendo Switch, it’s no wonder that there are bosses to confront. No old school game would be worth its salt without them. Bosses can be challenging and often require you to level up your team before engaging them – if you want them to survive, that is.


Some will like this, others won’t. The way to befriend Pokemon is to learn the best recipes and wait for them to come into your base-camp and chow down on a delicious dinner. Different meals attract different classes of Pokemon, and there are already countless websites sprouting up offering recipes – we can’t give you them all on here, but move on to ‘tips’ if you want an example.

Ease of Use

While the game was first released on Nintendo Switch, it was certainly meant for a touchscreen. Using all the commands is much smoother on a phone than with a remote. Another bonus of this is it was previously released on Nintendo Switch, meaning it has already received a number of updates to iron out any glitches.


While the game is simple and fun, it does lack in some areas, notably while watching Pokemon battle one another – they will automatically engage enemies when out on exhibitions, and you can only control the moves that they perform. This does leave the game missing a little spark, and oftentimes you’ll find yourself just putting the auto setting on and checking your Facebook while your Pokemon do the legwork.

On top of this, while in auto mode, they often perform pointless attacks that have no relevance to the situation they’re in. Some more advanced AI would have been a welcome addition.

One more thing is that the game doesn’t really give much away with regards to recipes to use, or how to effectively use the stones you capture. With any luck, there will be an update in the works to smooth these issues out.

Tips and recipes

Winning the game will be a hell of a long ordeal if you don’t first equip yourself with some basic understanding of how the game works. Here are some tips to help you in the beginning:

Don’t forget to leave the oven on

Always make sure you’ve got something cooking in your pot when you go out on expeditions – it’s the most important element of the game. Also, don’t be shy about using ingredients and spending your tickets on recharging your battery. The better quality ingredients you use, the better quality Pokemon you attract.

Recipe tip – Brain food a la cube

Use lots of sweet items and some hard items to make this – it will attract psychic Pokemon.

First catch

Aim to catch grass and fire type Pokemon first as this will give you a leg up in the early stages of the game.

One punch

It’s best to only equip your Pokemon with only one move. You’ll inevitably start leaving battles on auto-mode, and giving them just one move will ensure they’re always using that one and not some other pointless or ineffective one.


You can use scatter to make your Pokemon run away during a fight, make sure you use this when fighting powerful adversaries – it’s the best way to avoid taking damage from their attacks. But be careful when playing in auto-mode; they don’t always feel the need to get out of the way by themselves.

Bingo bonuses

These are earned over time and can dramatically increase your Pokemon’s ATK and HP. Use them wisely, in combination with stones, and you can turn an unsuspecting Magikarp into a murder-machine.


Make sure you have one support Pokemon in your team. This is the one whose only move is to increase their defence or attack. When secondary stones are used effectively, they can share their ability several times over to the rest of the team, increasing everyone’s stats dramatically.


Remember to deploy statues in your camp after defeating a boss – they give you a massive experience upgrade.


Once you have more weak stones than you know what to do with, simply recycle them into ingredients to cook with.

How to play

To play the game, simply click the download button at the bottom of this article and wait for it to install. Once it’s installed, open it up and away you go. The game will give you tips on the evolution process and making recipes as you go along. It’s very user-friendly. Simples!


Overall this is an ideal game to play throughout the day, in between tasks, on the train or bus, or while reading. The simple interface, gameplay and block graphics give a whole new dimension never before seen in the series. So what are you waiting for, get your broth boiling and start luring in some Pokemon!